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This game is like duck game, but instead of ducks it is an entirely different game. dunk store https://dunkeyscastle.com with fluppy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAXqaEPEgZsgMkijuMLTPgw

Comments from Youtube

Duncan McRae : "If you get me now, you're cheating." "Are you the army colonel again?" *Hides behind pillar* "No."

Raxxo : "It's always the monopoly guy" 2018 edition

Very Cool : The names bond... j а м е в о и d

Aman Sidhu : Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear online for all players

Beary Boy : Fluppy is like that one guy that always picks rock and after he lost tells you that there is no way a rock would lose against paper in reality

Massimo Ginella : Banana bread bAnana bread baNana bread banAna bread banaNa bread bananA bread banana Bread banana bRead banana brEad banana breAd banana breaD This took too long to make...

ADAM FOLLINGTON : Okay, agent 6. I need you to bug the ambassador, swap the statues cause they don't look nice, put something in a book and stuff, and flirt with one of the guests you've been with for like an hour. Oh yeah, and there's some nice looking pillars you can hide behind if some guy shines a laser at your forehead. And good luck. You'll need it.

Ryder Green : It’s always the monopoly guy.

BillFromIT : The name's Bread. Banana Bread

Slo It Down : I dunno if it's my Sherlock Holmes intuition or what but something tells me that Military guy is suspicious.

Fortuys77 : It's always the Monop-I mean Military guy.

itanimule : It’s always the monopoly guy.


Vaginoski : this game really makes you feel like the military guy

Jarl Balgruuf : I bet it's the military guy

Dan Apples : Always kill the Monopoly man

• Karma • : The bond’s Name. James Name. “Uh...what?” B-Bond’s name’s the James. “Are you alright?” Bames Jond’s having a stronk, call a Bondulance.

Terminal Cancer : One of the funnier Dunkey vids to come out recently. Fluppy hiding behind the pillar and spamming banana bread, priceless. Dunk’s laugh is just super infectious.

Altairr : I just now realized you put the army colonels face on the old lady

Veridian : Looks like Dunkey has a *Knack* for finding spies

Ubayd : *I'm not the Military guy*

Numon Mommandi : He committed to that lie so hard lmao

Skully Bob : It’s always the monopoly guy

Thunder : fluppy saw jerma’s video on spy party and thought he could make a new monopoly guy joke

OwlyGerbil : I like how there's Goldeneye 007 music in the background. Listen carefully.

dayum son : New Sims 5 gameplay looks pretty gud

reyno : I feel like I saw this game in early access like 5 years ago....is it just now actually coming out?

MethBanshee : its always the monolopy guy

The Derp Chaos : R.I.P. military guy

DescendingBear : I think your friend is a dumb.

naysayer2x : Need more vids with fluppy please

Tyler Heckler : This game reminds me of "The Ship" on steam.

Lightninghunter985 : Its always the -monopoly guy- military guy.

Ronit Nayak : Respect to fluppy for playing the military guy

Sid : This is my favourite video on YouTube.

WhatTheGyx : LOL! More of this dunkey, it's so funny!

PanVids : this is a new *pillar man* meme

Nocturne : Your video is short but it's so entertaining

TrueAnarchy : Had me laughing all the way through

Adil Boukind : This game really makes you feel like a military guy

Master gamer : The final boss is knack the undefeated master legend bookworm adventure deluxe 100% master

Wedge 0020 : Spyparty 2: revenge of the military guy

Alex Månsson - FUNK 9C : Sims 4 but it’s a sniper and a spy involved.

Deitý // : pls more of this game xDD

Umar XYZ : Do more vids on this!!

Bun Bun : *B A N A N A B R E A D*

Tobi dios : bro i didn’t expect to laugh as much i did

UnPhayzable : Military Guy's machinations lay undetected for years

LooLooL : Your videos always make me laugh so hard and cry lmao