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rielitty : *_SPECIALITY: BLENDING INTO THE CROWD_* _hides behind pillar_

Alex Månsson - FUNK 9C : Sims 4 but it’s a sniper and a spy involved.

Ronit Nayak : Respect to fluppy for playing the military guy

Raxxo : "It's always the monopoly guy" 2018 edition

DammitSinged : _B a n a n a_ _r_ _e_ _a_ _d_

Jarl Balgruuf : I bet it's the military guy

Renegade : These Sterma references please me

Florz : But what Dunkey didnt know, was that there was a Bookworm spy, hiding in the books.

Daily Dose Of Internet : dunk

Wren : It’s always I repeat *ALWAYS* The Monopoly Guy

UnPhayzable : Military Guy's machinations lay undetected for years

I V : This is basically jerma's "It's always the monopoly guy" joke

Piffinatour : Don't be stupid. It's **ALWAYS** the Monopoly Guy

Ben Link : Waiting for the Jerma and Dunkey cross over

Ryder Green : It’s always the monopoly guy.

The Derp Chaos : R.I.P. military guy

CheezIt97 : Its always the Monopoly Guy

Bigga_ : Its always the Monopoly man

Ryan Eftink : Military guy is the new monopoly guy/Morgan Freeman.

Rpodnee : This is like Jerma's Spy party video where one of them always picks the monocle and tophat man.

Veridian : Looks like Dunkey has a *Knack* for finding spies

Eugene Cha : This reminds me of Jerma and Star

freeman : its always morgan freeman

LazyTurtle : This is literally the Jerma video form 4 years ago XD

Dog In Yard : You mean it’s not always the Monopoly Guy?

CreepsMcPasta : It's always the Monopoly guy

itanimule : It’s always the monopoly guy.

TheLeathal0ne : *it's always the Monopoly Guy*

Deuterium Foods : Rename the video "It's always the military guy"

Nathan Colombari : It's always the Monop-I mean Military guy.

Beary Boy : Fluppy is like that one guy that always picks rock and after he lost tells you that there is no way a rock would lose against paper in reality

Justin Y. : Knack 2 Adventures Deluxe

Coolboi 69 : Yeah gimme that sly music

Dan Apples : Always kill the Monopoly man

Strange Purple Object : It’s always the military guy

Yelsac Blam : its always the military guy

Seagle : Spah round here

ansaree97 : *I'm not the Military guy*

YA : Looks suspiciously like that GTA V mission...

Slo It Down : I dunno if it's my Sherlock Holmes intuition or what but something tells me that Military guy is suspicious.

Master gamer : The final boss is knack the undefeated master legend bookworm adventure deluxe 100% master

Divarousel : I feel sorry for fluppy what a gentleman

Thunder : fluppy saw jerma’s video on spy party and thought he could make a new monopoly guy joke

Matt Smith : It was the butler all along! *Wait*

Mijuki : We are blessed with so many dunkey videos in the last time

Siyah GÜNEŞ : that looks like a good game you know whats better portal2:2 party

Feli Jones : Dude I've never heard him laugh so much lmaooo

MyDukDoesPvP : Localize mother 3

pusee princess : Be in porn movie

DJSummers : It's always the [Insert description of person here] Guy.