Creation of the Method - Labradors Strike Back (Part 3)
How two dogs created a method to free their toy from a 3D labyrinth set to cinematic music

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Our Labradors return to rescue their toy from the strange labyrinth device. This is Part 3 of the Creation of the Method trilogy Part 1 Link: Part 2 Link:


Do You Even Read, Bro? : You are about to blow up. My dog wanted me to tell you.

Pups Gesicht : I was cheering them on so hard :)

Stone : By far my all time favorite you tube channel

Chelsea Conlin : Very nice algorithms, Delta! :D

RedSaint83 : It's almost like they just want to get the "tug of war" part of the device. Well done. Also dang, that new test looks scary!

Sea Pig : 5:07 Delta: "WTF?"

C W : Interesting video! Have you considered other kinds of the same idea? Other shapes like getting the ring around a corkscrew shape or playing more in the third dimension to the sides could increase the challenge even further.