The Truth About Daddy of Five

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Larry Wolf : No jokes here today. I watched enough of his videos to get the idea and reported him. The kid deserves a cool dad who wears Big Dog and showers in AXE, not that abusive man-child with pubes on his face. Here's to hoping YouTube takes my advice and calls CPS in his area.

Visinga : Damn! I can't wait to become a dad and emotionally abuse my kid for views. Definitely worth the upcoming years of therapy support. Awesome video once again man.

ProphTart : This is terrifying. You can tell immediately that the kid is emotionally scarred, he's already on edge and prepared for a fight as soon as his dad enters the room. "Oh yeah, I gave him a new tablet so it's fine"... except he's back to the exact state he started in, with a tablet he has no connection to and a pile of emotional trauma.

Matthew Damon : Does anyone feel sick from this? This is so wrong.

Drew West Press : Good job, you helped raise awareness of this and now this guy's channel is being hit with demonetizations and some of his videos are being taken down.

lukehere : this guy needs to be reported child protective services

Mousehead Studios : This has me so upset. Cody's nose was either bleeding from hitting the bookcase or from the sheer stress of the situation, maybe even both. After looking at several videos, if Cody doesn't suffer some early health issues from all of the stress he's been up to, I'll be shocked. All the kids seems scared of their parents, especially their dad. This isn't funny. The only people who would find it funny are immature individuals. Even a child would see that what is happening in these videos is wrong.

Pizzaman Gargatuloth : Ahhh flashbacks to my good ol days. Poor kid. No person deserves this, child or adult.

Wolf Kiwi : Blood is probably from when he got body checked into the shelf

Miah Schmahl : This stuff reminds me of how my grandma used to treat me. I would react excatly like Cody. I'd lock myself in a room because I just had to get away or curl up in bed while I was screamed at. Now at 23 I struggle deeply with anxiety, depression and ptsd. I'm terrified of my grandmother. I feel so bad for this little boy, he doesn't deserve to go through this. No one deserves to go through this.

That Guy : *Cody's gonna shoot up a school some day.* Then he's gonna say, _"It's just a prank!"_

Matt Johnson : Thank you for being one of the first people to bring this to light. These videos are totally abhorrent.

Swooping Bears : Holy shit that rape voice at 1:22

Maxx B : Good news, he took all his videos down on the 20th April. Also child protective services are now aware of the videos.

Ecllipse : He is BREAKING his son.....

lisa hayes : Love your work on this, you were all over it before deFranco. this whole thing is heartbreaking. Those bullies are feeling what's it's like now

neterhet : "It must be weird having this guy as a neighbor" Imagine if he was your Brother-In-law....

Joe Stretton : Daddy of Five - I beat Cody with a belt all day PRANK ☠

Sptth Sptth : Thank you for bring attention to this situation

Kumaren : daddyofive is literal human garbage

Bad Humor : Just a reminder for people that there is no proof this is fake, unless the kid is a perfect ocsar-worthy actor (look at how red his face is) and they have extremely realistic blood, we have no reason to assume it's fake. Also look at how violently the dad shoves the kid, even if it is fake that's still to rough.

Christopher Tom : DaddyOFive is a sick man

fleventyfive : excellent camera quality big chief :)

Guanglai Kangyi, Age 15 : The worse is that there are people saying the kid deserves it for being "spoiled."

Alex Hall : FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you go out to see more of this dude's videos for evidence, dislike, flag, and turn on your adblocker.

fucktard shitrag : 3:43 cody has a bloody nose... if thats not child abuse idk what is.

LeftOfToday : It's not just the father... It's also the mother. I feel like she has all the control and eggs this on the most, even if she appears less.

Nikki Plesha : Oh my god. okay...most of what I think and feel has been said by many other people, so I don't need to go there again. all I will say is this :thank you for making this video and bringing attention to this. all he is doing is abusing his children for attention, this has to stop.

n0m3zz1ng : Another great vid my man, keep killin it

chuckles829 : Finally someone that think Daddyosfive is a little flarper

camden davis : quality content

Ms Thraxan : If you think "Oh but it was just one time" you don't understand what it is like. That abuse is insidious and worse even than physical abuse. I used to get that from my parents, my father would physically beat me and they would laugh. Say it was all a joke but in that time my heart hurt so bad, the stress, the fear was all the time. In the end my parents abuse got so bad that they broke me down. I have cptsd from the experience (C is for complex). I went through a time where in my childhood I would be so stressed and hurting so bad but within 30min I would forget about it, it became a distant memory. I now know it is called psychogenic amnesia, I would disassociate from it. It happened so often and the only way to survive was to forget it. Once I got away and it all suddenly hit me I was near catatonic for 3-6 months. I started reliving all the stuff I had forgotten. That one brief glimpse we saw into that family's life is enough for me to say that is an abusive household. Mental abuse is so so much worse than physically, I would much rather the physical that when they started on my mind. Saying so and so didn't happen, saying I did things that I didn't. I still to this day doubt myself, I doubt my mental stability because they took that away from me. It is better now but that foundation the majority of people have, they never even think "maybe I did imagine that" instead they have the surety of "i damn well know what I/You did". That kid is the scapegoat to narcissistic parents.

Doctor Science Wizard : What takes it out of the realm of pranking and puts it squarely into the realm of emotional and mental abuse is that Cody seems to be the focal-point of a good majority of it. Yeah, they're shitty to their other kids too and it's not right, but the brunt of it seems so focused on Cody in specific that it's hard not to perceive it as bullying and abuse.

Ecllipse : My heart is broken from this video alone. I just want to save this kid from these HORRID parents. HORRID HORRID Parents. :( I am so heart broken for Cody.

Just a Youtuber : This guy is the next H3

Severe Oofington : Dude... don't report him... This is evidence. If you delete it, night night evidence

John Magus : Damn dude, i'm late to this fiasco. I can barely watch this shit. Thank you for making this video man, you've earned a sub.

AtillyTheHun : I feel like so many people have reported this guy's channel. Thanks so much for exposing this garbage person.

Pochi : 1,800th sub!

Call Me Matthew : Man, I totally agree with you! Why would someone have a kid to do stuff like that? New sub!

Matthew Damon : Dude this is so messed up

Stav Dover : This video needs more attention. This is a serious issue and these kids are in serious danger.

Jessica Jeanson : I bet they're all really nice to Cody sometimes and shower him with gifts just so they can come smash them later Jesus christ poor child.

Beatrice C : I'm glad PhillipDeFranco brought attention to this issue :)

EvilDeadEd 666 : I don't comment on videos much, but this is disgusting, as a father I could never treat my son in this matter.

A.J Chipman : it is funny dushbag

xdqd : I reported his video

That Narcissist : "This kid deserves an Oscar" Totally did not steal that one from the H3H3 subreddit. (But your vid was amazing, regardless)

George Jefferson : Lol You trying so hard to be Idubbbz.

Alexza Santiago : Daddy of five love his kids u are talking thing that is not true u don't even know daddy of five