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Andre "Black Nerd" : I love Gremlins! Such an awesome fan film to one of my favorite movies! And you shot this in LA? Sign me up for the sequel! Ha ha! Great work!

Josh A : Dude this is amazing!!!! Soundtrack, cinematography, acting, writing, this is insane. Production value alone has just earned you a subscriber

elvisthechef : This is a great concept for a Gremlins television series . Netflix you listening?

S.L.B : Best detail. ''WING'' That was the name of the old chinese man who own and took care of Gizmo, Mr. Wing.

JaxBlade : THIS WAS AWESOME! So Well Done! I'd love to see more from this!

Leon Barton : Warner Brothers here's an original idea, care to use it. Give this director a shot on a Sequel/Reboot of the franchise!

Tony F : Okay, normally I would NOT say this but, you NEED to make this into a web series.

The Count : My only complaint is that the Gremlins weren't slimy looking. That's such a minor thing though. You guys obviously did a great job, this is better than what a studio could do. I would definitely pay money to see a full length feature

GarfieldTheCatWhoLikesLasagna : May not be official, but it's the closest we'll get to a gremlins 3. This is so amazing. Thank you for putting time and effort into this!

zonilo1 : I think it's a interesting concept for a Gremins 3 where Mogwais are common knowledge and are now kept as pets... Although I wish you could have improved the Mogwai and Gremlin puppets though.

lasarith2 : Just had to wait 27 years for the next Gremlins instalment.😃

UnknownOne : OMG! So fucking good! Thanks so much for making a Fan Film that feels nothing like a fan film! Would love to see a 90 minutes version of it!

drcadillac : This is better than 99% of the garbage Hollywood studios spit out. Congrats, it's amazing filmmaking!

Kevin : One of the most impressive fan films I've seen in a long time right next to the Friday the 13th film, "Never Hike Alone".

Drbeetlejuice : We all need to get WB to see this and make this guy the official director for 3 before they do it with Michael Bay and its ruined

Awesome Seth : This amazing! This is the gremlins sequel I always wanted!

Kevin Sørensen : This is amazing! The only thing I didn't like about it was the cheesy "Let's kill 'em" otherwise fucking fantastic

DefaultDaveUK : For memory of a lifetime... recall, recall, recalll..... Oh sorry, wrong film!

Redshirt Films : I love this! Perfectly captures the mischief. The Christmas tree shuffle was spot on. :D

Cujo Killjooh : Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters, Boglins...we're due for a demonic pet mash up!!

Tristan Sickles : Gremlins is one my favorite movies and my favorite christmas movie. Everything was incredible, you have gained a fan!

BunBun91 : I am down with the reboot being similar to this...maybe making it a “found footage” as a long time fan of both films I gotta say I love this take on the franchise

Angelo James Mordini : Wasn’t Wing the name of the Chinese guy in the first movie?

osbely : I would watch a whole movie if they keep the same director.

Adam Jackett : I was instantly hooked on the idea of genetically modified mogwais so they could be safe pets for everyone. And I love the idea of some of them not taking to the modification so we can still get gremlins. Excellent concept!!! I want to see more.

Bob Loblaw : I seriously hope you're approached to take this premise all the way. Awesome job!

Luis Recenserar : This is by far most good looking shortmovie of the year, the cinemotography, acting, light, score. It´s brilliant! Great work to everyone involved!

Brian B : This is all kinds of awesome. From start to finish you can see the care and appreciation for the franchise carried over into this short film. The writing, acting, music and special effects are all well done. Ryan Patrick, thank you for an providing us with a thoroughly entertaining film. 👌

Daniel Rodríguez : It would be a nice pilot for a new series

TopComicX : That is incredible, I like how some scenes are a tribute to the first film and some of them have music that sounds like they came from the 80s. I made a video called Small Soliders vs Gremlins, Your welcome to take a look.

Jacob & Emma : Holy shit this is so pro, eyes stayed on the screen entire time, thanks for the ride

MrGreenToS : Who did the cover for Christmas (Baby please come home)? I love this cover

Justin Melecio : I got stranger things vibes. This should be a realfeature film

Mr. GRD : I am so happy that there's no CGI! :)

The Ghost Dog : veeeeerrry unhappy this isn't viral.

snakefang1123 : This really needs to be Gremlins 3. Or maybe you guys can pitch it as a pilot for a possible Gremlins show?

Hexkwondo : I'm buying a mogwai as we speak! But seriously, this was well done and should totally be pitched as a feature film. Just don't lose the magic of the original film.

andy johns : I wish this was official you deserve a job at universal or something I mean this sequel does make since I love it the animatronics/puppetry the script the every thing is amazing I hope some one up there at Hollywood hires you to make a third film

Ryan O'Dell : DUDE, the lead actress NAILS it! Best short this year. #BRINGBACKGREMLINS

Brennan Wyatt : Oh my god this is freaking top notch film making here folks!

Tyler E : Soundtrack is off...but a solid effort with a premise that could easily become feature length.

Félix Piédallu : The best Gremlins sequel <3

Horror Boy1913 : This has so much potential!!

Dennis Renneberg Andersen : This is so amazing, love the whole concept it's really original and it has a vibe and feel that's so true to the original film, haven't seen a fan film this good since the Critters fan film a couple of years ago, hope you make more.

FilmJunkiie : Gremlins is my favorite thing ever! This was absolutely amazing, bravo, amazing work! I subscribed and liked! You have a new fan sir

Phantom Eye Luis : Bravo amazing just like the movie A+ keep it up 100% one day you guys could make best movies in theaters

victory Leo : Amazing work

Carl Pedersen : Very good. I'm not a big fan of fan films, but this is one of the good ones

Cotygeek : I'm normally not big on fan films, but you absolutely nailed this. I'm seriously blown away. Fantastic job with the cinematography.

Glen Mitton : WE NEED FULL LENGTH FIM!!!!!!!