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J Wdog : Shit, if I saw someone shitting on my property, I don't care how much shit she thinks she is, she needs to keep her shit to herself.

stoned serpent : DESIGNATED E S I G N A T E D

SkyLark Phillips : He is NOT a woman. This is a transwoman. And, some sources say that he has brain trauma, and the sex reassignment surgery might be causing him some problems. He is not a woman. He is just a nasty man who needs to jog to a store to get some adult diapers, or go see a doctor to try to fix his problem.

sam smith : I would have a hose ready and let it rip if she stepped on my lawn. It's, well, crap.

Aaron Brennan : I know who this is!

E R : That’s no woman! It’s a man BABY!

mskiUSMC : Maybe the family is from jersey... and Jewish.

Always ShiftN Guerrero : 💩 maybe she's getting back to the neighbors that have dogs that are 💩in her yard.

Earl Dion : Mental Illness run a muck. One report said the person was a transsexual and since sex change went mentally unstable. It is no excuse. Some body should shoot it and blowout the knee caps. At that point the police can go by and baker-act the mook. enough said

я Hajji 분쇄하는 Bárbara : Just heard that it's a tranny that got some botched surgery and can't control it's ass sphincter. EeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeew!

Parkinglot Batman : THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH. FIBER.

Mark Dweyr : Maybe she should marry Anthony Weener. Then they could have kinky sex in prison.

two dogs : she should be labeled as a sex offender like a man would.

RodCornholio : _As I jog through a hood become bitter_ _I try my best to be much more fitter_ _You see I can't be called or say "quitter"_ _But now it seems my life's a big shitter_ _I must confess a shame; my butt's blooper_ _I leave a pile of dung that they snooper_ _For me to stop my crap would be super_ _Beware I am of your adept troopers_ _For they, like you, call me, "The Mad Pooper"_

John Smith : I bet she's really a guy

Bro Brah : Close encounters of the turd kind.

Alex K : Spray her with a hose or pepper spray.

Jake De La Cuesta : Hey! I live at Briargate and Union!

Pepe Sylvia : No surprise she has a short hair cut

79dogface : Now they are claiming she has "mental" issues. NO DOUBT. Get some diapers and pick your shit up nasty bitch.


ponchott : I can bet u my left nut that poo woman is a crooked Hilary supporter.. 100%

Dennis Katz : They should turn this into a movie and call it Turdinator.

euclon1 : I did a search and noticed that most of the people caught shitting in public are women. ....Fairer sex my fucking ass! ....goddamn nasty fucking bitches.

Louise Huber : whats most disturbing is that this shit is trending!

rakim : Welp you have your Guns, Americans Use them now, get off my feckin lawn

D 101 D !! : Shouldn't be too hard to follow her to her home ! then the neighbourhood could shit on her all casually like!!!!

xoxXOXO l : I'd kick her face

Justin Fencsak : She was originally from ridgefield nj

Ersie : Maybe she's afraid of toilets. i saw a case on another lady that did the same thing and she couldn't stop. i couldn't believe that back then but now i'm seeing that it must be a real fear smh

Daniel Allen : Fuck it, take are shit

John Barrett : Indian’s do this all the time

Nick Garr : These are really shit jokes Ha get it

LeeAnne Landon : It's been happening for 4 fucking years I just saw a video from 2013 and we're in 2017 lol

dyllthephill99 : were in a simulation, this player just having some fun

IAMDAVEAMI : oi now people are into people pooping and taping it WTF!!!!! BOMB THE US!!!! THE END ::))

Denise Thasder : What a crappy thing to do

ShivSupreme _79 : When you think you can run home from Chipotle thinking you can make it but you don't

Luis Eduardo Braschi : "to get her to cut the... Well, you know..." That was edgy. hahaha

FoneArc : Oh man. I'd love to know this woman's identity. I'd create a website and plaster this nasty woman's name, face, and news story all over it.

Andrew Bonzer : If a man flopped his dick out to piss the jail but a woman bears her arsehole a shits and it’s maybe kinda warn her before she faces chargers

Tektonic : I'd be mad too if some bitch dropped plunkets in my yard.

Jason Foulks : I want to see the video

pinkfreud62 : What a nasty cunt! Especially if there are bathrooms near by. If she has a bowel problem, she needs to wear Depends! Seriously, wtf is wrong with this bitch?

Yana S : She's a freak must be a turn on

The Hh : The amount of puns! 😂

Minister Random : Honestly, there are things more important and newsworthy than this shit........... oh wait

Blank Zane : No one ever has to deal with this shit

Christina Evans : I guess she had the shit ran out of her

abutts02 : I hope when she goes to jail, that her cellmate and the warden both take lots of shits on her face.