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Al Clarke : You have got to be shitting me!

Jimmy : One girl, no cup.

Jo McBobbinson : maybe she's coming home from Chipotle everytime thinking she can make it home. but she never does make it home

YouStupidBunny : When they figure out her name, someone post up her address so the whole neighborhood can crap on her doorstep.

Trevor Plant : This shit's got to stop.

Gene Hendrix : She is just marking her territory, if they wouldn't clean it up she wouldn't have to come back every week..

TheMabes69 : Something's up here folks...She either knows this woman from her past (doesn't recognize her) or her hubby was dipping the 'ol dipstick where it didn't belong. Just me there is more to this story and it will get even better, lol. I'm calling this REVENGE DUMPING--literally and figuratively.

Frankie Cash : She better cut this shit out

Hunnids No Ones : What a shitty situation

Kristi Marie : So nasty. If she has runner's diarrhea then she needs to wear a diaper.

Blaker the Great Laker : The lady actually gives a shit and this is how people repay her?

NaCl Gaming : These comments got me crying. Hahahaha

Wade Howlett : Wasn't there a Bob's Burgers episode about this? The mad pooper?

Jake888 : Craptacular

Kel GS : Nothing to worry about, Just the next step in the evolution of the SJW leftist mind set.

Matt onidrobmi : What a shitty situation.

Leslie Cantor : Can't imagine someone actually doing this. There are port a potty's everywhere and public bathrooms in restaurants. She should be wearing a Depends. This is deliberate.

Chris D. : I think it's really hot!!

M VIS : Get a high speed 4k camera and post her high def picture on Facebook.

r mac : She's really a dog in disguise!

A Critter : I  advocate a simple basic West Virginia solution..... Get yourself a 12 gauge shotgun.  Fill it up with Rock Salt and Bacon Rind.   And the next time this skank takes a dump on your lawn---aim it at the bulls eye where the Good Lord split her and I SWEAR she'll NEVER do it again!   And she'll also jog a little more faster!!

peaceful person : In India this is considered normal.

jim snyders : Shit Happens,hahahahahahahah!!!

Terri May : Maybe she been raised by wild dogs.

Ghoulies : She must have the runs.

Nathan Sykes : I was out jogging yesterday And stood in poo I sat down on a bench to clean my shoe When along came another jogger and stood in the same poo I told him I just did that He then began shouting at me and throwing poo at ME

Mike Tank Brown ll : They should've beat the shit out of her. People are nasty.

Blackfalk : she's a bad ass (literally)

aquarius : She must have thought she was in India!!!

ChantonsLamour : Surprised the kids were traumatized and crying you'd think they'd find it funny seeing as how kids are into poop and other gross things, and if it was a boy he should've been fascinated seeing a female's private parts I know I would've been turned on if I was him. Also surprised they haven't caught her yet she does this once a week in multiple people's yards and public places they even have pictures of her they should wait for her to show up and keep her there until police arrive, and if she's done this so many times even in front of kids she clearly gets off on it the police shouldn't hope she stops before they charge her if it was a man they'd regularly patrol the area and wouldn't hesitate to charge him with indecent exposure.

11robert11 : Did that say she was a jogger or a logger

Nikka Piterman :  "speculate that her actions are premeditated" uhh yeah

Eric Z : Maybe she marking her territory 😏😏😏😏

Abay Bektursun : Inter-dimensional cable TV at its best

LowFlyingBlueButterFlyWhale : Napkins! Haha.

Mr. Xavier : Humanity has lost it's shit...smh.

scubdog2000 : Pooping outside rocks!!!!

JD2CYLINDERNUT : Dedicated runner.

MilTacticsandStuff : So if you shoot someone taking a **** in your front yard is it legal?

Marutgana Rudraksha : Definitely a liberal.

J Bolo : something smells funny about this story

Brandon Johnson : Typical white woman

MrOne2watch : you cant say she don't give a shit !

John Eli : maybe she's from India

CKYer101 : God white people so grimey

Jaelyn Edwards : white people....

Timothy Stevens : It's art - she's starting her own movement.

Mauser : Give the two news people an award for going through this with a straight face!!! I couldn't stop laughing :D

Elijah Whitehead : She's or probably tired of shitty pet owners that don't clean up after there dogs

Magnus Löfgren : Me, Tina, am mad pooper.