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gordon ram ram : Cody’s deflated suit is makiNG ME A LILLLLLLLLTTLE IRRITATED

Collin Abroadcast : I've seriously listened to this 30 times now. This could be the song that actuality gets you signed by a label legitimately

Carmen Pabón : Billie eilish outfits

farrah who : damn spock really did That when he produced this

Christina Nikol : That was too short

Saad Belachemi : 'This verse is wack because I don't play with fire' is the hardest verse in 2018

john kolokotronis : So when does the hour long full track come out?

miss 305dale : The flow in that written consent part is so good noel snapped bruh

Troy Laureyns : More like Cody Flo

breep : someone plz make a gif of 1:13

DylanDoesTV : noel always got the first verse

Nadeeya Halim : ok but Cody actually sounds real good in this damn,, we came a long way

Shluk : actually bangs ngl

Jānis : Spock really out did himself with this beat

amburnes : you guys are the new thelonelyisland

Karma : 🗣 “Sugar gayyy”

Maya Chamseddine : If this is not the by product of rising and grinding

Bro All : Probably Cody's best flow of all the songs they've done 👌🏼👌🏼

Gigi Sa : wow i love brockhampton

Maia Unchangco : “So this is sex Ed in 2018”- my dad

YAGURLPRIN : Why is Cody’s ballsack body suit deflated ??

Les : Jesus Christ someone needs to sign noel

EDM RIPPER : the beat is fiiiiire

Mads Sdam : Dude you guys actually make good music hahah I love it. It’s actually so catchy. Like every single one of your songs is listenable and tbh I don’t even listen to rap that much. I feel like you enjoy doing this and I’m happy for u. If you want to make unironic songs I say go for it.

Abby Barron : Codys flow kind of impressed me, I didnt expect it



and then, eat. : *I’ve been listening to this nonstop help*

jason bowman : This needs a chorus and it's legendary

Kyle Petko : This song needs a part 2 way too short lol

tiffanyferg : ANOTHER BANGER

Brandon A. : "This verse is whack, cause I don't play with fire" 🔥🔥🔥

Sissi M : *thought it was an STDisease*

Gabrielle Scobie : Just wish it was longer...

Warthogkch : SPOCK SNAPPED

gordon ram ram : why is this better then anything out there right now

Staneagle 79 : That’s cringe: ksi, Logan Paul press conference

The High Guy : "This verse whack 'cus I don't play with fire".....BARS

Gracie g : bars? BARS

Megan McEvoy : Bruh really snapped to be honest

Pyro Minic : this beat is actually so fire

Dancergirl 101 : why can cody actually rap lol

Gabriela Garcia : Why is this song an actual bop😭

Reem A' : “this verse whack cause i don’t play with fire” that. was. good.

emerica21321 : Noel's verse killed it

Daniel Crothers : this is hard af, cody and noel both killed it

Daphné Rose Palmer : Will the real slim shady pls stand up

Ishaan Bansal : I actually want to be safe now. Good message

chiz : n’t