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MattCS : his crocs got holes in them so his swag can breathe

john kolokotronis : So when does the hour long full track come out?

ayden tuleussarinova : cody's flow in this song is 10/10 noel killed it *b a r s*

erin h : sometimes I’m like.....Cody went to Duke.

Shluk : actually bangs ngl

Queen Vee : *hey guys this is Cody and noel from boy defined*

Abby Barron : Codys flow kind of impressed me, I didnt expect it

Sissi M : *thought it was an STDisease*

Bro All : Probably Cody's best flow of all the songs they've done 👌🏼👌🏼

Gracie g : bars? BARS

Berklee Ryann : They should start playing this in schools. right after the pledge maybe?

Dancergirl 101 : why can cody actually rap lol

Margaret Ballard : imagine your sex ed teacher playing this in class lmao

Reem A' : “this verse whack cause i don’t play with fire” that. was. good.

Paddy O'Door : I like the way when he says "thats fucking dangerous" he takes his hands of the steering wheel

Veridian : This new season of Breaking Bad looks great

Andromeda.rose : Noel really snapped at the contract part

Arguably the Worst : Gotta be honest, I can actually enjoy this unironically

Daniel Crothers : this is hard af, cody and noel both killed it

Rex HardRod : Who was that cute lesbian in the beginning?

Saad Belachemi : 'This verse is wack because I don't play with fire' is the hardest verse in 2018

Lyric Lee Nakagawa : Their flow is so sick😂 clever rhymes too, I died with the mask off but helmet on part

WoW O_O : Kanye West and Lil Pump wish..

and then, eat. : *I’ve been listening to this nonstop help*

Megan McEvoy : Bruh really snapped to be honest

Aarons : Thank god Cody is finally realizing he can’t continue living the dangerous life of a 27 year old man when it could potentially break his frail 85 year old bones

g lani : Why is Noel so good tho?

Brandon A. : "This verse is whack, cause I don't play with fire" 🔥🔥🔥

ha chid : Cody did it before Kanye

Jesus Christ : Why does Cody actually sound good in this song 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

ryan carson : ok but can we talk about that scene where Cody was running on the skate ramp

Claire Biscuts : 'this why i havnt been laid in a while' smoothest flow eva boi

emerica21321 : Noel's verse killed it

Lexy O : this song lowkey slaps won’t even lie

Warthogkch : SPOCK SNAPPED


sativa venom : you and noel are the only youtubers. everyone else is just trying

Tron With a Staple Gun : Floel Miller

Ishaan Bansal : I actually want to be safe now. Good message

Eva Wagg : why is no one admiring noels skateboarding skills

Sly : tiny meat gang be droppin some mf bangers bruh frfr

some person you dont know : i'm responsible for like 90% of these views, i actually can't stop listening to this

AlyM W : Did Kanye West & Lil Pump get some inspo here?

ah kkaebsong : *Favorite Rappers Now:* *1.* Russ *2.* Jake Paul *3.* Tiny Meat Gang

CLUE : this flow has no right to be as good as it is

gordon ram ram : why is this better then anything out there right now

bakedbeansdotcom : This has no business being this hard

Connor Goodwill : when Noel said "to be honest im a virgin" I FELT THAT

Loser Brigade : Can we just play this in school instead of taking sex ed lmao