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Shazzbozz McRocketstrike : 10 years later and this video is still one of my all time favorites. LOL

Tribes11 : I'm glad this was before the Call of Dutyzation of FPS...

bakerXderek : BOOM HEADSHOT !

VanGogh34 : March 2006 - good times, good times...:)

yupify : Ah, yes, the golden age of the Internet...

TheOneFreeman98 : "Anytime I get a gun in my hand it just automatically points at somebody's head" there should be a t-shirt that says that.

TRAPZILLA 666 : This dude is like original Brucie Kibbutz from GTA 4.

Zorkz : i can dance all day

dudeonthasopha : For the record these came out a year or two before youtube came out.

Alex Mckillmore : God damn this brings back memories

Shane Singleton : Everyone runs faster with a knife! Pfffttt!!!!!

nononanon : I bet Brucie from GTA4 was based on FPS Doug

TeamRetox : I wonder how FPS Doug is doing nowadays :o

Black Lightning : can't believe this came out so long ago ;_;

CDman : So this is Vikk's favorite YouTube video. cool:)

Darko : i use to think this was real when i was younger lol

ellis0896 : Well I guess Phantomlord copied Doug.

Andre Gant : Long live FPS Doug.

Mr Sark : Classic.

Julius Del Rosario : classic vid never gets old.

Murphy82nd : Every gamer knows a friend like this (or is this guy).

boolin' on em : He reminds me of the bald crazy dude from GTA IV, i think his name was Bruce or something

SaiRyan1 : hows it going?  Pretty bad actually RIGHT ON YEAH!

DeadNoob : i swear brucie from GTA 4 is a copy of this guy.

Mason Davis : this my pc, it owns..... IT OOOOOOOOOOOOHWWNS

Killysunt : First youtube video I ever saw lol.

Guitarfollower22 : Before YouTube became a cesspool of a website...

Jia L. : 11 year old memes are still good.

Bloodlust : I remember downloading their episodes with Xfire, freaking amazing.

REDKILLER : 9 years ago....I've wasted 9 years playing CS

mt2oo8 : Oh man the throwback!!! I haven't watched this in like 5 years!!

John Smith : This is arguably one of the most influential videos on the internet. 2.4 million views.

Sexy : 10 year aniversary

Carbon Fiber : This is the average PC gamer. And that's not an insult, I feel pride in Doug.

lahadc : he reminds me of the bullshark testosterone guy from gta 4

A1phawolf : WALK?! LOL I got some wheels!!

Epic Movie Scenes : " it owns " haven't heard that saying since like 2005 man lol

Sarah Connor : i knew a guy who was exactly like this. he would rage and break his keyboard and blame ALL of his deaths on LAG.

Blasterider45 : This is my pc it owns, IT OWNS!!!

Eric Giang : Ladies and gentlemen FPS Doug = the ORIGINAL Brucie Kibbutz

IamShowhey : i still play css :)

Toph Beifong : "What are you talking about? Everyone runs faster with a knife." :D

Brandon AJ : Almost a decade old, and still one of the best videos ever! LOL

Ablaut : oh man, this is still so golden

KrazyKeef : So many memes from one video.

GAGFEST2000 : All these years and I still have no idea why so many old youtube videos had that DivX logo on them.

jakenbaked87 : feed me brought me here

Pastore : is this guy still alive? i wish i could play csgo with him

Michelle Sek : Watching this shit since 7th grade. 9 years later still dead lmao

What X : Like if you were born to play FPS like doug.