Wingwalking Isn't What It Used To Be, And That's A Good Thing

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Tom Scott : If you're wondering why I say that "standing up in the wind" is one of the most strenuous things I've done: turns out my g-tolerance standing is even lower than when I'm sitting down. Things got a bit... fuzzy for me during one of the 2.5g pulls.

Taikamuna : There is no place in the world where Tom wouldn't film a video

Simon Patterson : I'd say you're lucky to be able to do this, but you've worked so incredibly hard to get to the point of having these opportunities that luck probably hardly plays a part at all now.

Terroto Rotbart : Well you know what they say: when you're too cheap to book seats...

Jack Sibley : Next week: Tom Scott calmly delivers a monologue while docking with a space station.

Vivienne Gucwa : Tom: Yeah, I don't really enjoy rollercoasters. Also Tom: (this video)

Nate and Noah Try Life : Tom I respect the audio correction work that must’ve gone into this.

s6th : Remember when Tom panicked on that robot arm, citing "I hate rollercoasters"? He's certainly changed.

Sierra : Dank Tom T-posing at all the plebs on the ground.

Reilly : There's something hilarious about Tom's face flapping in the wind while he talks.

Callum : 2:19 skin.exe stopped working.

『SYnTH』 : Watch Now: Tom Scott ON AIR!

yonderTheGreat : Of all the things you've gotten to do as a result of where life has taken you... Well, this is still one of the most unusual, without a doubt.

Monotof1 : I want park bench follow-up on this

Fly Every Day : As a pilot, I have no inclination to leave the cockpit.

Jocy Wolff : Why no video footage of the professional?

SarcasticDragon Gaming : That pose is proof that Tom is basically Jesus.

Abbreviated Reviews : Five months ago you were making an international standard cup of tea and now you're strapped to the top of an airplane. By next year I figure you'll be in space.

Mohd Haffiszul Mohd Said : This is how I feel every time I'm taking low-cost airline.

Abhijith Ravikumar : Add that to the list of things that could get me killed that i want to do

Dekimate : Even the birds go on strike? Europe sure is weird…

Exile 1 : Tom would have made a great Blue Peter presenter.

Nos Goroth : Okay, this needs a bench episode. Also maybe the plane needs a bench on top so that you can do windsitting.

Maxx B : That looks like a whole lot of fun with a healthy does of nope. Great video.

ToLWaM : Drop a t for my boy T-Posing 😎

notanimposter : That Katie Hobbs is cool as heck! Yeah we pull up to 4g no big deal

[] : Thumbnail award of the year. Also, thumbnail is such a strange word.

Fox Ridge : Listening to them calmly explain the concept of modern wingwalking while Tom screams in the background is funny to me for some reason.

SirBanana : Tom Scott is my religion.

DrewPeacock69 TrippyDrew69 : On a scale of "1" to "I need to change my underwear", how scary was this?

robert linke : your ability to just deliver lines to camera is Amazing! you can really focus, and hold it together, even when you are in such well ,extreme envirements!

_Bob McCoy : *Why can't you Wingwalk in GTA V*

Henry Yuill : OH BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY

Nathan Ash : We need a Park bench on this one...

Toboter XP : Dammit, now you owe us a park bench, more than ever. Also how did you do those cool shots? Lots of cameras or lots of running from Matt?

Mousa Halaseh : I'm very impressed that you could even speak while you're up there!

The Ultimate Reductionist : This is what United does to paying passengers who get bumped from their seat.

Mute : Good lord. That is terrifying! You're very brave, Tom.

Sean C : Wow Tom that is above and beyond anything I would expect to see you do, hope you get many views for this video.

Freedom Of Speech : >Next video >"I'm on a NASA rocket, heading into low earth orbit, but as you can see, I'm strapped to the outside." >Puts on space helmet >Rocket launches >Proceeds to talk about a NASAs new satellite while manually dissasembling it in space. >Video ends with GoPro footage of Tom's re-entry with only a parachute.

Lisa Bowers : *"Wooo-hoo-hoo!"* - Tom Scott 2018

QuantumBullet : You are 1 crazy boi!

Justin O'Brien : What a cheap airline... they asked Tom to get out and push!

Gideon Bellamy : I'm reminded of Richard Hammond shitting himself on the last episode of top gear. Memories.

Mitsubishi F-2 : I can't help but think Tom just stumbles into these places and people are instantly "Want to try this?"

Sierra : What if people lose consciousness up in the air ?

Vineet Udeshi : New video from Tom: Hello, this is Tom Scott.... Live from the International Space Station.

Darkstorm500 : Imagine if you fell off something like that

SuicideBunny6 : Not too much G-force, or Tom will pass out again! :D

Mikkal Halminen : Wingstanding*