Wingwalking Isn't What It Used To Be, And That's A Good Thing

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Tom Scott : If you're wondering why I say that "standing up in the wind" is one of the most strenuous things I've done: turns out my g-tolerance standing is even lower than when I'm sitting down. Things got a bit... fuzzy for me during one of the 2.5g pulls.

Mikkal Halminen : Wingstanding*

DwarvenHydra : 2:20 When you’re about to go wingwalking, and you see a bunch of birds with picket signs.

Rian Young : Why does the pilot wear a helmet, but Tom was perfectly fine without one..?

Ender Shard : I think I want to do that

Hugo Karlsson : OOOOONE TAKE!

The Ultimate Reductionist : This is what United does to paying passengers who get bumped from their seat.

whiterottenrabbit : 1:41: "60 centimeters", but 0:49: "80 - 160 mph". What the hell, why aren't you Brits using the metric system consistently? **facepalm**

nem tudom : Katie is such a beaut.

Kevy Elyod : This is where Ryanair is headed.

McSoi : Another informative, entertaining video. Thank you Mr. Scott.

Vineet Udeshi : New video from Tom: Hello, this is Tom Scott.... Live from the International Space Station.

123 456 : I have got to do this!

Ante : I love how his cheeck flab in the wind

Daxtro : do a Barrell roll

King of the Anals and the Fist Men : "If this plane has a problem, there's nothing I can do about it! _Woohoo!"_

Jocy Wolff : Why no video footage of the professional?

Mike Honcho : Wingwalking is such a ridiculously stupid spectacle that should be outlawed. I have zero sympathy for those who die attempting it.

Franci : T-pose

강준교 : Is it safe??

gasdive : I've experienced bird strike while riding a motorcycle at about 120 mph (on a race track). I can highly recommend avoiding bird strike....

Abbreviated Reviews : Five months ago you were making an international standard cup of tea and now you're strapped to the top of an airplane. By next year I figure you'll be in space.

michelle wallen : Interesting that Aerosuperbatics straps you onto the wing before you go up-- The one I just did, I climbed up onto the wing once we were ~3500 feet in the air.  Definitely a thrill either way, but much more of a mental and physical challenge having to climb out there!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

noswonky : You're the king of the world!

ileikstuff : Imagine if Tom Scott's final words were "and that is something you might not have known"

Capt777harris : I keep wanting to hear "Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal!"

Dekimate : Even the birds go on strike? Europe sure is weird…

Jean Jean : how awesome 😃😃

Pook365 : I belive the technical term for what's happening to Tom's face in the wind is "Jeremy Clarkson face"

George Jacob : I wing-walked on that plane and at that airfield today! It was great fun!

PMW3 : do a barrel roll!

Nos Goroth : Okay, this needs a bench episode. Also maybe the plane needs a bench on top so that you can do windsitting.

Heck Frick : Just Cause 3 but it's realistic.

JoyTheGeek : You are insane. I'm jealous. I did get to experience something similar when riding in a b17 tho so

Steve Wallgren : Proof yet again that Tom Scott has literally got the best damn job in the world.

udo dirkschneider : Gotta lose about 4 stone before I can do this :(

Mousa Halaseh : I'm very impressed that you could even speak while you're up there!

Richard Preston : So hard to take him seriously with his cheeks flapping like that

Eivind Due : Are you ever going to do more videos on computerphile?

callMe Meow : Just watching this made my palms sweaty

Joseph Zins : That's probably the kind of stuff I would like to do for a living besides being on wild rides all day when they're available!

Fly Every Day : As a pilot, I have no inclination to leave the cockpit.

Peter Gao : How interesting that british uses mile per hour and centimeter at the same time

ChristoTracey1 : Things we want to see: Tom Scott goes hang gliding! 😀

Anders Lynderup Erichsen : Please ad an info box with measurements relating to the metric system :) That'd be great, thanks

Aaron Bennett : More of a "Tom does cool stuff" than "Things you might not know"... Perhaps you need a new video playlist. (this could readmore negative than intended... Its supposed to be an idea rather than criticism! )

robert linke : your ability to just deliver lines to camera is Amazing! you can really focus, and hold it together, even when you are in such well ,extreme envirements!

Jack Metcalf, Jr : As a young boy my Father witnessed a wing-walker fall to his death right in front of the entire crowd.

Matthew Eargle - AirborneSurfer : I'd have to say that I'd probably go for wing walking before I went for a skydive. I know too many people that died during the latter, but none that died in the former 🤔

p1rgit : i am really sorry but cannot restrain meself...have to get it out of my system: Mad Cap'n Tom at his maddest :D (hope they do not read this, being comment some no.555 or so, i recall Tom does not esp love talking about abovementioned pirate thing. sorry.) :)