Fresno PD owned. pulled me over again. I begged for a ticket this time and could not get one

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Garrett Fogerlie : LOL, he couldn't find any code and wouldn't admit he was mistaken. You were polite the entire time, which makes it that much better!

Kattila The Hun Freedom Fighter : This was GOLD. You owned him and had him doing the walk of shame back to his car😂😂..hats off to you, sir, for the way you handled this stop..👍👊💥

David Timewarp : And meanwhile a real criminal is ruining someones life somewhere and getting away with it because there are so many police around like this

Aamer Kastoff : I have never met a cop who would admit they were wrong even when you show the the video, audio, and have millions telling them they are wrong. And that is just one of the major reasons people hate cops.

Big sexy : I absolutely love watching people school these clueless cops ! Lol 😂

coxjones : also goddamn you are cool in this clip, hats off dude!

TimeCode Mechanics : I was going to like this video then saw I had already liked it months ago.

jamaicamn : Officers that are reading comments, for this example, its ok to be wrong and agree with the community. No one is perfect except for the man above! This officer did not want to admit his wrong doings, no matter how many proofs the driver showed. unbelievable.

Matthew S : This cop is not so “bright”

Supreme El : He could not even be a man and apologize! Power trippin!

Turppa21 : How petty can the traffic laws get to extort money from people? This is insanity.

Dave Garza : "Alters the performance of the vehicle..."

Anna Allen : you handled that like a boss. You nailed his ass! It really is a good indication of how out of control govt power is when something this petty (and many other things also) get you in contact with the law. All this when the banksters are getting away with murder and thugery on a global scale...

Gerry C : So Google knows the traffic laws better than the cop? LoL

Frank Stein : You can't quote the law, you don't know the law, you can't find the law., you ignore the law that is shown to you.................

blastman8888 : Why not file a complaint at the police department that they need to educate their officers about the law

Vital Chance : 3:42 .... cop says "however" . Noo there is not a "however".. (he clearly read it to you, why do you no understand)? This is where the cop loses all credibility and is not to be respected; He is fraud, a fuck, and too freaking fidgety as he displays his egotistical acts.

Yazole : Seems when you are in the right, they look to get a reaction instead so they can act upon that reaction.

Bruce's Tractor Services : It's not just Fresno.. It's all of Cali... I'm from sacramento.. If you get pulled over again.. remind them that your recording it. Get name and badge numbers too.

Nick A : Plot twist: The whole time the cop was just swiping right on tinder.

Xavier Garcia : Man this cop must've been bored. Did so much to try to make a point... just sad man. And was still wrong.

Junkman2000 : Dude, I was a cop in Cali back in the 80's. The way you handled this incident was BOSS! If you would have shown up with a ticket and this video, the judge would probably had some words for this cop. Especially since you presented the statute that CLEARLY shows that you were in the right. THE COP REALIZED THIS WHEN HE LOOKED IT UP! It wasn't that he couldn't find it because he used the statute listed on your document to find it! You were 100% correct and in the right. And you were TOTALLY BOSS with you demeanor. I cannot stress enough how well you played your cards. The begging for the citation... YOU CLIPPED HIS WINGS! Way to go my man. People could learn a lot from this video. There is no way in hell that any cop knows EVERY statute that they can cite you for. Cops only know the statues that they write the most so when something like this comes along, they have to look that shit up. By busting a copy of it out yourself, you completely defeated his ability to fuck with you. THAT'S why he didn't cite you because you were COMPLETELY within the law as per the California vehicle code. Again, your demeanor was the icing on the cake. I was pulled over so many times before my cop days that sometimes, I would just pull over and wait for the cop that just busted that U-turnj behind me to pull in behind me. A few times, they blew past me and stopped at the next intersection while trying to figure out which way I went. I would love that because I would pull up next to their car and ask, "Are you guys looking for me?" You talk about hilarious, some of them were somewhat embarrassed. When you pull a stunt like that, the cops figure that you must be legit if you have to chase them down in order for them to fuck with you! Lol! Good job man, made my night. :)

Willie White : He's in their computer system, they will continue stopping him until they can get him on something.

Me : That’s why I hate the socialist comi state of California

Sniper 719 : He stopped him and googled for law!!

RAFAEL ALCAZAR : Fresno PD is a joke period

EileenJ : I don’t even know what to say about this idiot incompetent cop. You handled yourself well. Good for you. *Sigh*

Jaii gogetit : Stopping = detaining

RC Connection : Does this pig honestly have nothing better to do? Unfortunately this happening nation wide. They are taught in the academies to take advantage of the average citizen who they know doesn't know their rights. EDUCATE YOURSELVES and stand up to these jack offs with badges.

Victor Rene : This video was about how long it takes this cop to swallow his pride and accept ownage..

packers12to80 : Damn u smashed off in front of them at that light lmao, no wonder u got pulled over.

Tyler's Lens : Homeboy was checking his Instagram feed, not looking for no code😂🤡

NIX 5 Cents : Some say he’s still scrolling his phone today

Richard Smith : lmao lol lol you made that cop look so so stupid!!!! lmao lmao lmao

Andrew O : Dudes playing Candy Crush standing at his door lol

Jeremiah Giannelli : Legend has it that the officer is still searching for the law...

len raf : America, there's a bunch of Patriots like this guy still around. Gives me chills to see him stand his ground. Trying to close the budget gap on the backs of the innocents, and they wonder where the snowflakes get their ammo from, morons in blue. Great Job Brother.

Hei Hei : Wait is the cop saying its the driver's responsibility to go to the dealer and make sure THEY'RE complying with the law?

Snagg Dadon : lmaooo stupidest pig ever lmaooo you handled yourself awesome!!

Doug Johnson : Cop was about to break his damn phone trying to find a code or violation to get this guy on but couldn't, which is the only reason he gave him the "verbal warning".

Smiley Santana : Crooked as it gets, sad!

Gabriel Schleder : Good stuff.

Alpha Svn : Man , this is the best interaction I’ve seen with a cop. It was you that left him off with a warning. Kudos my friend

Dominick ATX : One of my dad’s friends got pulled over multiple times for having “blue headlights” back in the early 2000s. They were stock HIDs. 🙄

Teresa Maldonado : I'm so impressed with how calm and respectful you were. You are an example of how to handle these situations. Very rational and impressive.

Cristos Palabras : "However" how many times does this officer say that? It doesn't HINDER the performance of the front lighting. It actually makes it better by having yellow lights.

Art Learn : Mestizo is trying to outsmart an Armenian. lol Not gonna work!

Blah : 9:22 You really should have made him revoke that warning before you left. He was SO Submissive at that point, you could have made him jump through hoops!!

spartanmikek : This video speaks to what ive repeated many times. Ive been wrong, when i am i have no problem accepting responsibility, apologizing, and learning from the mistake. Time after time police officers absolutely refuse to do this. I firmly believe it's the old theory that a huge majority of police are the kids who grew up unpopular, and were picked on. They have severe self confidence problems. If the police problem is ever going to change they need to revamp the entire system. First, and foremost, the hiring system used needs to be burned to the ground.

Katurah Britto : They refuse to apologize even when they KNOW they’ve made a mistake. It’s ok to make mistakes but at least own up to it.