Fresno PD owned. pulled me over again. I begged for a ticket this time and could not get one

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Garrett Fogerlie : LOL, he couldn't find any code and wouldn't admit he was mistaken. You were polite the entire time, which makes it that much better!

NIX 5 Cents : Some say he’s still scrolling his phone today

Anna Allen : you handled that like a boss. You nailed his ass! It really is a good indication of how out of control govt power is when something this petty (and many other things also) get you in contact with the law. All this when the banksters are getting away with murder and thugery on a global scale...

IRISH MAN : Joke time A driver is pulled over by a policeman. The policeman approaches the drivers door. "Is there a problem Officer?"The policeman says, "Sir, you were speeding. Can I see your licence please?" The driver responds, "I"d give it to you but I don"t have one.""You don"t have one?" The man responds, "I lost it four times for drink driving."The policeman is shocked. "I see. Can I see your vehicle registration papers please?" "I"m sorry, I can"t do that." The policeman says, "Why not?" "I stole this car."The officer says, "Stole it?"The man says, "Yes, and I killed the owner."At this point the officer is getting irate. "You what?""She"s in the boot if you want to see."The Officer looks at the man and slowly backs away to his car and calls for back up. Within minutes, five police cars show up, surrounding the car. A senior officer slowly approaches the car, clasping his half-drawn gun. The senior officer says, "Sir, could you step out of your vehicle please!"The man steps out of his vehicle. "Is there a problem sir?""One of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and murdered the owner.""Murdered the owner?" The officer responds, "Yes, could you please open the boot of your car please?" The man opens the boot, revealing nothing but an empty boot. The officer says, "Is this your car sir?"The man says "Yes" and hands over the registration papers. The officer, understandably, is quite stunned. "One of my officers claims that you do not have a driving licence."The man digs in his pocket revealing a wallet and hands it to the officer. The officer opens the wallet and examines the licence. He looks quite puzzled. "Thank you sir, one of my officers told me you didn"t have a licence, stole this car, and murdered the owner." The man replies, "I bet you the lying bastard told you I was speeding, too!"

Pypeup : Homeboy was checking his Instagram feed, not looking for no code😂🤡

Kattila The Hun Freedom Fighter : This was GOLD. You owned him and had him doing the walk of shame back to his car😂😂..hats off to you, sir, for the way you handled this stop..👍👊💥

ukLeeham720 : California Vehicle Code - ARTICLE 15. Light Restrictions and Mounting [25950 - 25952] - "(a) The emitted light from all lamps and the reflected light from all reflectors, visible from in front of a vehicle, shall be white or yellow"

AKorigami : Where he really violated his rights is asking "Where are you heading to?"

packers12to80 : Damn u smashed off in front of them at that light lmao, no wonder u got pulled over.

R Nickerson : And cops wonder why we don't respect them

Turppa21 : How petty can the traffic laws get to extort money from people? This is insanity.

Chris Jarram : "Are you a traffic cop?" "I was, I'm assigned to a different team now...".. LMAO I wonder why. Stands there desperately trying to read up on the law using a PHONE... what a total embarrassment.

Alpha Svn : Man , this is the best interaction I’ve seen with a cop. It was you that left him off with a warning. Kudos my friend

rocknroller1999 : He sure is worried about the "performance" of your headlights.. And cops wounder why people don't trust or respect them when they are dooing shit like this.

Chaim Schechter : Another huge ignorant lying cop. As clueless & lawless as they come. Has no idea what he's talking about, but speaks with full confidence.

coxjones : also goddamn you are cool in this clip, hats off dude!

Junkman2000 : Dude, I was a cop in Cali back in the 80's. The way you handled this incident was BOSS! If you would have shown up with a ticket and this video, the judge would probably had some words for this cop. Especially since you presented the statute that CLEARLY shows that you were in the right. THE COP REALIZED THIS WHEN HE LOOKED IT UP! It wasn't that he couldn't find it because he used the statute listed on your document to find it! You were 100% correct and in the right. And you were TOTALLY BOSS with your demeanor. I cannot stress enough how well you played your cards. The begging for the citation... YOU CLIPPED HIS WINGS! Way to go my man. People could learn a lot from this video. There is no way in hell that any cop knows EVERY statute that they can cite you for. Cops only know the statues that they write the most so when something like this comes along, they have to look that shit up. By busting a copy of it out yourself, you completely defeated his ability to fuck with you. THAT'S why he didn't cite you because you were COMPLETELY within the law as per the California vehicle code. Again, your demeanor was the icing on the cake. I was pulled over so many times before my cop days that sometimes, I would just pull over and wait for the cop that just busted that U-turn behind me to pull in behind me. A few times, they blew past me and stopped at the next intersection while trying to figure out which way I went. I would love that because I would pull up next to their car and ask, "Are you guys looking for me?" You talk about hilarious, some of them were somewhat embarrassed. When you pull a stunt like that, the cops figure that you must be legit if you have to chase them down in order for them to fuck with you! Lol! Good job man, made my night. :)

Kitty Hawk : Training will not alter these interactions with the public. When money starts coming out of their 'own" pockets, and not the public's, we will start seeing a change.

RAFAEL ALCAZAR : Fresno PD is a joke period

Me : That’s why I hate the socialist comi state of California

Sniper 719 : He stopped him and googled for law!!

Mo Sabra : Man your composure and lack of emotion had me dying. This is art my friend, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

stvncraig : This cop is oblivious. Good work. I'm sure the world will sleep better at night knowing he is out there making an effort to enforce vehicle light emmiting device ordinances.

Alvaro Baeza : Please give the citation....! Nope I have no case... lol....

Dominick ATX : One of my dad’s friends got pulled over multiple times for having “blue headlights” back in the early 2000s. They were stock HIDs. 🙄

Nick A : Plot twist: The whole time the cop was just swiping right on tinder.

R E : What a pos cop. Shows him the court paperwork, and yet he still tries to ticket him again lol.

Ronald Kelly : I was once stopped by a cop who didn't understand Arizona motor vehicle equipment law. He stopped me, because one of two lights illumination my license plate was inoperative. Although it was obvious that one light was malfunctioning, it was also obvious that the entire plate was sufficiently illuminated by the other light. He wanted to give me a ticket. I asked, "for what violation?" He said, "you have a broken illumination light for your license plate." I asked, "and how does the law specify I must illuminate my plate? He said, "it has to have a working light shining upon it." I asked, "A light?" He said, "yes." I asked, "when you say 'a light' do you mean that it has to have one light illuminating the plate? A single working light? He said, "yes." I asked, "How many lights does my car have?" He said, "Two, but one is broken." I said, "Ah, yes, you are correct, but how is that relevant? You said that my car has to have a working light shining upon my license plate. A working light. One single working light. I hate to have to point out the obvious, but my car has a light, one single working light, illuminating my plate. So, let me ask again: where's the violation? He clenched his jaw for about 10 seconds, then said, "You're free to go." I said, "I know. I intend to do just that." He said, "I hope you have a nice night." I said, while closing my door, "Don't you really hate it when someone says that, and you know they're lying?" I close my door, and say, "I hope you have a nice night!"

Jeffrey Stark : I have to say, out of all these police videos on here, that you handled yourself the best. These people that start cussing out the officers before they find out if the officers are gonna be assholes are a joke. Yes they make mistakes, yes some of them are on power trips and some abuse their job... But some are awesome people that risk their lives just to help others. You sir, are a good man.

Clayton V : Freaking Cops like that are giving good ones bad names. Won't admit he is wrong. Hes just a criminal working for the local government stealing money from the people they are supposed to be protecting

Yooper Couple : I figured this was going to be another rude, anti-cop trouble maker just looking for something to complain about. Nope. This guy was in the right and the officer was clearly in the wrong. Further proof that there are definitely bad apples in every profession. The owner of the Porsche was very courteous and polite, professional even. I love to see videos where the good guy wins, even when the good guy isn't the cop. Awesome video!

Rob Chan : officer got owned so hard he couldn't walk

Blah : 9:22 You really should have made him revoke that warning before you left. He was SO Submissive at that point, you could have made him jump through hoops!!

Snagg Dadon : lmaooo stupidest pig ever lmaooo you handled yourself awesome!!

Andrew O : Dudes playing Candy Crush standing at his door lol

Outlaw News Now : This cop is an idiot

Jeremiah Giannelli : Legend has it that the officer is still searching for the law...

Jaggy : I love what you did but omg dont step out of line ever cause that guy and every other cop knows you now and is dying for payback.. Americas cops are scary as hell. Many of them don't seem to know their own laws.

Anthony G : I felt your pain until the end when you turned off the camera. It is a violation of law to manipulate/use a cell phone camera whilst driving. were on target.

Victor Rene : This video was about how long it takes this cop to swallow his pride and accept ownage..

christian chatman : All new cars sold in the USA are required to have white headlamps. So it’s hard to believe that he bought it with yellow headlamps. Unless he bought it from a used dealership. But Regardless, it’s not illegal to change it yourself and drive with them.

king_chill : That cop is un-educated - facts.

Tiffany Anne : Be glad it wasn’t Carey weigant. He is a disgrace to fresno pd and is the opposite of a public servant. If he can drum up anything.. including claiming to fear his life over a 95 lb young girl who wasn’t even driving, nor had her keys, and was standing in the front yard at her friends house. He tried to impound her car and ignored her actual medical crisis. We have some good police officer so and some shadier than the dark side of the moon. Avoid weigant at all costs. Record it all. Got my girl a dash cam and a doctor letter for any future run ins with militant and disruptive power trippers. He’s a hammer and all he sees are nails. Non cops are his enemies. Just a heads up. Beware.

Jae KiDd : Lebleu looked it up couldn't find anything just like you're looking it up and can't find anything so good for you you flipping idiot

Katurah Britto : They refuse to apologize even when they KNOW they’ve made a mistake. It’s ok to make mistakes but at least own up to it.

len raf : America, there's a bunch of Patriots like this guy still around. Gives me chills to see him stand his ground. Trying to close the budget gap on the backs of the innocents, and they wonder where the snowflakes get their ammo from, morons in blue. Great Job Brother.

Buck Fisher : You have a record of the illegal detainment in your video. Open a complaint against the whole department with Internal Affairs, or go to the State Prosecutor?

Neil E.Anlin : Thank you for posting this and taking the time to stand up for helps all of us to have a better perception on what is right and what is wrong. Mad kudos!!!!👊👊💪💪🖒👍

spartanmikek : This video speaks to what ive repeated many times. Ive been wrong, when i am i have no problem accepting responsibility, apologizing, and learning from the mistake. Time after time police officers absolutely refuse to do this. I firmly believe it's the old theory that a huge majority of police are the kids who grew up unpopular, and were picked on. They have severe self confidence problems. If the police problem is ever going to change they need to revamp the entire system. First, and foremost, the hiring system used needs to be burned to the ground.

Vancouver Cowboys : Ah ya the wattage. Ya the voltage.