Fresno PD owned. pulled me over again. I begged for a ticket this time and could not get one

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Turppa21 : How petty can the traffic laws get to extort money from people? This is insanity.

coxjones : also goddamn you are cool in this clip, hats off dude!

Sniper 719 : He stopped him and googled for law!!

Troll Munchies : Perfect

Kattila The Hun Freedom Fighter : This was GOLD. You owned him and had him doing the walk of shame back to his car😂😂..hats off to you, sir, for the way you handled this stop..👍👊💥

Craig Rock : That was KICK ASS!!

agenthelios1 : So if he decided to call a backup unit and then drag you out of the car and beat you what do you think would have happened to your footage?

TimeCode Mechanics : I was going to like this video then saw I had already liked it months ago.

E30 M3 : The lower the Kelvin scale- 2800k and lower, the more the light is emitted in distance, especially in rain and fog. Hence, yellow fog lights. So, he didnt lower the performance, he increased it. Europe got it right.

Clayton Holmes : 😂... he’s reading what you read to him!🤣

Katurah Britto : They refuse to apologize even when they KNOW they’ve made a mistake. It’s ok to make mistakes but at least own up to it.

Jimbo A : That Public Servant, was BUTTHURT, because you beat him at the light and driving a nicer car than his, 1988 Subaru.

Connor Kenway : I can honestly say that wasn't clickbait

Logan Nichols : That's funny. I've never heard of this law. Must be a new one. Glad he just got a warning for well... I'm still confused... Warning. For.... ?????

David Timewarp : And meanwhile a real criminal is ruining someones life somewhere and getting away with it because there are so many police around like this

25 to Laugh : 3:50 playing Candy Crush for sure lol

div inity : Are you allowed to stop someone and THEN search for a law they may have broken?

Harrison Williams : This driver handled the situation very intelligently

Lex Ellis : Wait a minute...Fresno PD...aren't these the same dudes who killed John Lang?!

Supreme El : He could not even be a man and apologize! Power trippin!

Happy days Lol : What a POS, I’m getting a GoPro just for this reason..

Jolt : Kudos on being so calm.

Lust : *J O H N L A N G*

Matthew S : This cop is not so “bright”

terry guyton : I still think cops got way more footage of us being dumb than we have of them ... but admit when you screwed up, your held to a higher standard right , earn it

Heywood : Another cop who has too much free time on his hands.

Garrett Fogerlie : LOL, he couldn't find any code and wouldn't admit he was mistaken. You were polite the entire time, which makes it that much better!

jamaicamn : Officers that are reading comments, for this example, its ok to be wrong and agree with the community. No one is perfect except for the man above! This officer did not want to admit his wrong doings, no matter how many proofs the driver showed. unbelievable.

Will Pelton : My formal education is in electronics, I loved it when that cop started talking about voltage and wattage what an idiot. I was waiting for him to mention something about lumens and candlepower next.

Josh Thomas : Well done. Great video brother.

Bruce's Tractor Services : It's not just Fresno.. It's all of Cali... I'm from sacramento.. If you get pulled over again.. remind them that your recording it. Get name and badge numbers too.

RC Connection : Does this pig honestly have nothing better to do? Unfortunately this happening nation wide. They are taught in the academies to take advantage of the average citizen who they know doesn't know their rights. EDUCATE YOURSELVES and stand up to these jack offs with badges.

blastman8888 : Why not file a complaint at the police department that they need to educate their officers about the law

Lionel Zamora : Hell yeah homie you handle it like a boss you own that cop LOL stand up stand up for your rights by Bob Marley that was awesome bro you took care of business you you made that cop look the size of a piss ant LOL

Nyufly35 : Wattage, voltage, wattage, voltage, wattage.

trek kin : i love how calm and respectful this dude is, despite being adamant about his rights.

Bernie Cruz : You notice how the cop tries to distract the driver with a lot of jumble BS when he puts away his phone after he couldn't pull up what "HE THOUGHT" the law stated about the headlights? AND THEN... the cop still tries to insist that the car has unlawful lights just to show face because the cop felt stupid that he didn't know the law correctly. THEN.. he refused to give a ticket after all that BS rambling on of how the driver was committing a crime with the headlights. YOU KNOW.. the cop felt stupid and got owned! AND I loved how the driver demanded an apology from the cop, but the cop didn't want to swallow his pride and give one, so he tells the driver he's free to go! LOL... LOVE IT!!!

Vital Chance : 3:42 .... cop says "however" . Noo there is not a "however".. (he clearly read it to you, why do you no understand)? This is where the cop loses all credibility and is not to be respected; He is fraud, a fuck, and too freaking fidgety as he displays his egotistical acts.

Dave Garza : "Alters the performance of the vehicle..."

opalight orro : that's how you do it...calm cool and collected.

Jersey Jay : Hahaha wow holy shit. That was pimp right there.

Steve Back : Fresno California and this is the worst they can come up with...

secret222 : Dam you were extremely calm and collected.

Aamer Kastoff : I have never met a cop who would admit they were wrong even when you show the the video, audio, and have millions telling them they are wrong. And that is just one of the major reasons people hate cops.

Aaron Walderslade : The irony is that the police alter their lights not in accordance with the law

mike force : i now APPLAUD you for demanding a citation and standing up for your 4th amendment rights. good for you for demanding proof that you broke the law. I don't know the condition of your vehicle. were i pulled over for "yellow headlights" i'd address the issue or visit the mayor/manager/city council/police chief about it if legal. I STILL maintain, what is your communication difficulty, and how do you afford an expensive sports car while speaking as if you don't know what year it is?

Xavier Garcia : Man this cop must've been bored. Did so much to try to make a point... just sad man. And was still wrong.

douglas jardine : his face at the end should be the meme face for when you troll a troll!

Matt Netko : welcome to socialism, welcome to california, be wary of what you ask for

Andrew O : Dudes playing Candy Crush standing at his door lol