Almost Live! Seattle 1997 Seattle A Changin'
Gentrification anxiety 1997

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Almost Live! sketch circa 1997. Bob Nelson performing satire of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'"


truthseeker1020 : Dylan was ON KEY ;-)

Julesong : Ah, the good old days... Lyrics: Almost Live! Seattle 1997 - Seattle A Changin' (a la Dylan) Come gather 'round Seattleites wherever you are, those stuck on 520 get out of your cars, and admit what they're saying in Wallingford bars: our lifestyle is fading. And the 'Most Liveable City' is now a parking lot. For the town, it is a'changin'. The Food Giant's gone, bid the Dog House adieu! Frederick & Nelson, it's history, too. But we've got lots of Tully's and bagels to chew. And there's pesto and sundried tomato, you just wash it down with a peach microbrew. For the town, it is a'changin'. Come Wolfgang Puck, Gameworks, you too, Nike Town. Planet Hollywood has props from lame movies around. Don't worry that Ivar is spinning in the ground 'cause that Lake Union Hooters is amazing. You can at while staring at breasts big as mounds. For the town, it is a'changin'. Yuppies are taking Ballard, they now think it's cool. They're kicking out the old farts who drive slow and drool. They're pushing houses prices right through the roof, and it's suburban sprawl it's creating. With strip malls so ugly they make Lynnwood look good, For the town, it is a'changin'. Now Almost Live's been on for 14 long years. The High Fiven White guys have lost all their hair. Bill Nye and Ross Shafer, they're both millionaires, but the rest of us sure aren't complaining. 'Cause we get to make fun of Kent on the air. For the show, it ain't a'changin'.