Traditional Mongolian Ethnic Music Group "Khusugtun" (Хөсөгтөн)

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One of the world's and Mongolia's best known traditional Mongolian ethnic music groups "Khusugtun" (Хөсөгтөн Khüsügtün). HD Traditional Mongolian Music. Songs about Mongolian legendary hero 'Tooroi Bandi' Travel to Mongolia with "Off The Map Tours"


Pferd Schild : [Horse Archery Intensifies]

Daniel Neroese : Yo I want them to cover Rammstein's song.

Maj Or : I have no idea why but i love their voice when they sing

Clam Smasher : 0:50 - Where's this melody going? 1:10 - Where can I buy a cd/vinyl?

Holly Young : I"m here because my 10 year old son had seen this before, somehow, and he wanted to see it again.

brian martinez : I'm here because of the Marco Polo show on Netflix lol

Four-Eyes : The song is called Toroi Bandi, for anyone wondering. :P

Sin M : this is highly addictive.

Krzysztof Sworeń : Тийм, энэ маш сайхан!

Jeremy : these vocals are amazing!

nikos evag : RESPECT from Greece!

MrBelmizzle : greetings from a persian brother!!! :)

LOBO SOLITÁRIO : Se alguém do Brazil gosta de música tradicional da Mongólia, comentem aqui!

Gyozomroka : Is this authentically traditional, or is this heavily modernized? If authentically traditional, I'd love to see a study on its influence on modern music. It seems far more modern in rhythm than a lot of other traditional styles of music

pirotess2 : They combine both tradition and more modern instruments? They know how to keep their tradition songs living.

Soul Food : I heard this watching Marco Polo on Netflix.This sound is too groovy

infeltk : magic and amazing!

dutu nelu : Respect from Romania.Its a verry beatiful music .

XCHUSKYXC : This is really really cool! greetings from germany!

Tarcisio Goes : They are great!!

don Krafter : Внуки Чингиз-хана

Hamparsum Menekse : I love it I am Armenian.

BIGG YEET : how cool and and enegizing music! awseome, but for a bit funny, but cool tho hahahaha

Yelang : This is just amazing beyond words!

Totally not No One : Rock on dude 🤘

juan Alís : I loved this music

Caileigh Gouthro : You guys are so talented :)

Lang Roodi : Traditional Mongolian Ethnic Music Group "Khusugtun

Νικήτας Τριτσάρης : Nice!!

Teerasak Promla : แปลกดี แต่เจ๋งคับ

burak ayan : perfect

Sergiu Brovinski : Amazing!

муслим muslim : красиво поют ))

Ron Elberg : so amazing. thank you.

Tarcisio Goes : I'd like to see this great band play and sing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". It would be great!!!

Aaron Silva : I feel privileged to have witnessed this very unique art, thank you for posting. VERY much enjoyed it!! Do you know what era this music was prominent?

PcCAvioN : Goes to show how far the 'real men' have fallen if these guys are the only examples....They play good music though. Too bad no one, literally no one, thinks of music when mongolians come to mind.

Lisa Durham : Very good.

Munkhsaikhan Dash : Uneheer Baharhmaar bn Saihan Mongol ornii min hug aylguuu horvoog tsuiraatuulj bn :)

Luckface Mcgreggor : 17 seconds in..... They moved like them!

Айдыс Ооржак : Big respect,but its Tuva music ..imho

movingforward : Amen break!

Rutu Jadhav : Best.

Narcissus DP : I imagine horses runnig

Eva mello : adorei !!!!!!!!!!!🌞❤❤❤❤❤💋

SRUS of NISHA : Hats off from India...

tsewankwong : thx

fotillas : The greeting song

T M : very nice!