Traditional Mongolian Ethnic Music Group "Khusugtun" (Хөсөгтөн)

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Metal Maestro : This is what Heavy Metal was like before electricity.

Pferd Schild : [Horse Archery Intensifies]

Daniel Neroese : Yo I want them to cover Rammstein's song.

Maj Or : I have no idea why but i love their voice when they sing

Clam Smasher : 0:50 - Where's this melody going? 1:10 - Where can I buy a cd/vinyl?

Gyozomroka : Is this authentically traditional, or is this heavily modernized? If authentically traditional, I'd love to see a study on its influence on modern music. It seems far more modern in rhythm than a lot of other traditional styles of music

brian martinez : I'm here because of the Marco Polo show on Netflix lol

Holly Young : I"m here because my 10 year old son had seen this before, somehow, and he wanted to see it again.

nikos evag : RESPECT from Greece!

Krzysztof Sworeń : Тийм, энэ маш сайхан!

Four-Eyes : The song is called Toroi Bandi, for anyone wondering. :P

Sin M : this is highly addictive.

LOBO SOLITÁRIO : Se alguém do Brazil gosta de música tradicional da Mongólia, comentem aqui!

MrBelmizzle : greetings from a persian brother!!! :)

Jeremy : these vocals are amazing!

Tarcisio Goes : I'd like to see this great band play and sing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". It would be great!!!

Soul Food : I heard this watching Marco Polo on Netflix.This sound is too groovy

dutu nelu : Respect from Romania.Its a verry beatiful music .

XCHUSKYXC : This is really really cool! greetings from germany!

pirotess2 : They combine both tradition and more modern instruments? They know how to keep their tradition songs living.

infeltk : magic and amazing!

Yelang : This is just amazing beyond words!

Totally not No One : Rock on dude 🤘

Tarcisio Goes : They are great!!

Ainara Buzaubasova : heey! There is a dombra. is the kazakh national instrument. Also we have legend about it.

don Krafter : Внуки Чингиз-хана

Hamparsum Menekse : I love it I am Armenian.

burak ayan : perfect

Caileigh Gouthro : You guys are so talented :)

Kaja Peneš : how cool and and enegizing music! awseome, but for a bit funny, but cool tho hahahaha

livelongandprosper42 : YES YES YES YES YES YES. Everything about this music is incredible.

Rutu Jadhav : Best.

desertrose : i am half turkish hello to the people of my ancestors

Tova H : bad ass!

juan Alís : I loved this music

Teerasak Promla : แปลกดี แต่เจ๋งคับ

Νικήτας Τριτσάρης : Nice!!

Sergiu Brovinski : Amazing!

Eva mello : adorei !!!!!!!!!!!🌞❤❤❤❤❤💋

Lang Roodi : Traditional Mongolian Ethnic Music Group "Khusugtun

Coyo Danbos : The guy in the center is playing Kazakh Dombyra that is not Mongolian music instrument.

T M : very nice!

Baltijas Vilks : Hungarian music

Elmallouki Soufyane : very good music,nice

Tek Kaşı Kalkık Adam : This mongolians are the inventor of the metal song 😂

Fallen Feather : thats metal

SRUS of NISHA : Hats off from India...

муслим muslim : красиво поют ))

Айдыс Ооржак : Big respect,but its Tuva music ..imho

Luckface Mcgreggor : 17 seconds in..... They moved like them!