How Censorship Shaped Batman: The Animated Series

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BenjiXAddictX4Ever : Censorship can surprisingly make things better? Cool!

Luxas : At least there wasn't a *Bat credit card*

Dorkly : Was censorship actually... good? Just this once?

Q-Tip 47 : "Censorship is like telling a man he can't have a steak because the baby next to him can't chew it"- Mark Twain.

Shione Cooper : *You look like a hobo*

xkennyPLx : It's neat how limitations can bring forth more creativity and make something paradoxically better.

ng ng : Didn't they do this with the old Spiderman series, in which the vampire used the term plasma instead of blood

Wslasher : Censored by!

adeadfreelancer : I've apparently only ever seen the uncensored version of Return of The Joker, now I have to see the censored. Also its weird that the laughing gas made it in, considering it still kills people fairly often.

ant eater : censorship done well. They never said "Put a laser gun" or "make the blood of the Joker blue". They just said "Don't do that in specific", so the animation team got even more creative to not ruin the show

JB Entertainingness : Censorship definitely causes showrunners to be a lot more creative to achieve their desired effects. I always note Ren & Stimpy as a prime example. The way they subverted the censors was brilliant, but when it rebooted on Spike TV without nearly as much censorship it fell flat because they didn't need to be as creative to skirt the line of what is acceptable.

Over Starter : did..did he just say Swat Kats was horible?!

April B : When I was really young, I watched this anime called "Grimms Classic Fairy Tales" on Nick Jr. In one of the episodes, a Fox tricked a Wolf into raiding a farmer's underground store room, and the Wolf ate so much food, he struggled to escape the room and was caught by the farmer. We last see the Wolf screaming into the camera, his face filling the screen. Even as a child, I assumed the Wolf met a violent end right then and there. Years later, I learned this scene was censored, and the uncut version has the farmer lightly hitting the wolf on the head with a stick. I guess the scene was edited for "violence" since the show was aired on Nick Jr. years before they implemented a TV rating system, but, speaking as an adult, I think the censored version is much better.

Red King Rauri : "My personal favourite horrible show, Swat Katz" Horrible?! I will fight you.

a Milling : Still weirded the hell out by Bruce timms fascinating with Bruce and Barbara being a couple. It's so nasty.

Aldair Calvillo : You think Batman likes grilled cheese?

SoulCaster : People would argue over Batman: The Animated Series being the high water mark for the Batman franchise?! WTF!? this is not a thing, is it? Obvious answer is... this is a series that is at the top of the list, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Alexander Borsi : I can't wait for someone to steal this line of thinking, when they want to show political dissonance on TV.

Godminnette2 : Not a bad video. BTA was a masterpiece.

minit9999 : Well, I sure am in the mood to watch such great videos such as "The 5 Most Tragic Justice League Episodes" and "5 Times Batman Made Us Feel Too Much!" Yup... feels great...

MrPomegranX [Matoi] : I honestly don’t care which version it was. Unlike most shows the censorship was not noticeable and was good.

NewYork975 : Arguably the best Animated Series ever made.

Mudkip971 : This only make me wonder why 4Kids would censor rifles in there One Piece Dub considering the fact that it was old weapons. After all both shows aired on Kids WB.

john doe : Is it just me or does the hobo look make tony look...HOT. I mean he looks hot all the time but god damn.

MAandS : Swatkatz was amazing. Unsubbed.

TheMigMan3225 : Its funny because in "The Batman" there is a episode were he fights Dracula

JotaDeeMeO : This is when the creators actually try to something good despite the difficulties... most content/scenes in any other series/movies/etc are just cut down, changed for the worse and they put the excuse "We had to censor it... that's alll"

John Fenz : See look kids censorship is good! Now lets burn some books and throw those wrong thinkers in jail! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

raul sabiote guevara : Spain kept the uncut version of the Batman beyond movie

Our Founding Liars : The Illuminati shapes Batman. They killed Bruce’s parents in order to make him go down this path and unknowingly carry out their intent. What’s the intent? I don’t know. Keep a s k I n g questions.

ObscureAnime Guy : were not gonna talk about roxy rocket orgasming?

Xarden Namikaze : There's one solution for this show if there gonna censor it show it late at night when most kids are asleep. Stinking crybabys.

Andrew K : I loved swat cats

Tacodog 76 : I actually liked swat kats.

Jaymar Music : You gotta be nice 4 what for these networks ???

Dillon Qaphsiel : When Dorkly makes a post it's almost as good as Bonus Meme.

Donald Keller : Why does everyone see censorship only from an adult perspective and not from the perspective of someone making a kid's show? Shockingly, Kids shows are not designed solely for adults , and therefore hold different standards for what can or should be shown. Censorship isn't there because adults don't like blood or death, but because not all parents do. If even 10% of parents might oppose something being seen by their kids, it won't allowed by the network. They could censor out an R-rated rape scene from the Telebubbies and this guy could say it was unnecessary censorship.

Fuzzyscarfandmittens : It's like on South Park. Matt and Trey would sometimes put in a really raunchy joke that they knew the censors wouldn't allow. But the two of them didn't want that joke in there in the first place. They had another one in mind that the censors would have balked against but because they wouldn't put in the joke they wanted without a fight they'd go way beyond and then walk it back eventually to what they wanted before. More often than not, the censors would then grudgingly agree to the lesser joke.

Krabs The Derpy Pirate : steamed hams but its censored for no reason

Exquisite Existential Exception : If you live in Texas you might find a Thompson gun in your parents closet.

Shaunmizer : Seeing Robin kill the Joker say messes with me

Ivan Ortiz : Only saw return of the joker, good enough for me

chris10240 : I've always felt that art is better when there are rules to push against. Anyone can show a gruesome death, but you need to get creative when you air it as a kids show. That's why even though I like the new r rated dc animated movies they will never be as good as btas

RIBSc : I own that book

Slam Jackson : Dude eat something. Not soy based.

Andrew Gaming : What happend to peaches revenge?

Dark Scream : I like cheese

CagedPhoenixThe1st : I've always felt this way about regular show. for example, the episode "weekend at Benson's". instead of just getting drunk , they found an more interesting way for the characters to hallucinate. J.G. Quintell, has a new show coming out on tbs, and i do fear it will lose some creativity because of the lack of restrictions, actually.

Mene The mene : Dorky your alive yesssssssss :D

ian fontanet : I wonder if they can also do the censorship on mlp? And also I wonder if there were guns, drugs breaking glass, alcohols, smoking, nudity, child endangerment, religions, and strangulation in any mlp series like gen 1, 2, 3, or 4?