Too late to be drinking coffee

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c dean : "I don't know what your parents did to you"😂😂😂😂

Daniel : Glad I'm not like him, like all this other people commenting. Sry for you guys

alan smlth : Elaine: I don't know what your parents DID to You!

Tony Music : Why did the coffee taste like mud? Because it was just ground this morning

Art Smith : Elaine nails it every time.

RyanDoherty1995 : I drink one cup of coffee every hour. Except for when I sleep. I don't know what the deal is with this "Coffee keeps me up" bull shit. I drink coffee all of the time and I am fine.

antwan andreson : when did coffee become a euphemism 4 fucking lol?

Luke Skywalker : omg this is suuuch early sienfield

Kelly02895 : I love this episode. The girl George likes is Carol. She was really sweet. George's type.

BaileysMariner : We've all been there.

Kevin Maddick : If Costanza were growing up today he'd be a 4channer. This is an autist moment.

Aditya Ravishankar : what season and episode is this?

AMERICAN PATRIOT : "Yeah people who work at Norad who are on 24 hour missile watch."

Gökhan Yücel : Anyone knows what is that pink drink and what George has put in the water?

The Stuport : George is a bit more neurotic than usual in this particular scene!

Daniel López García : I dont know what your parents did to you hahahahhaha

supermarc45 : 1:32 - 1:35 how did that glass just magically fill up?

Elvin Rzazade : still watching in 2017 ?

UncleMikeNJ : "So, please, a little respect... for I am Costanza, Lord of the Idiots!"

Sithis The Void : A few years back a girl I didn't like kept hitting on me and asking me out. I started acting like George in hopes she would stop. About a week later she told me straight to my face she found me irresistible LOL

Ricardo S : Unfortunately, this is me

Fabisch Factor : I had a hot girl ask me if I wanted to join her for a smoke. I said I didn't smoke... and I stood inside while she went outside and smoked and left. Where's my shotgun?

悲しい Fiasco : the older i get, the more George i become

jhhwild : Damnit, I see myself in George especially in this scene, I never notice if a girl likes me until it's too late, I miss their signals, I blow all my opportunities that I didn't even know I had, and I assume they don't like me back. Hindsight is a bitch.

MichaelD8393 : I can only imagine how George would fair with Netfilx & Chill.

bossfan49 : Possibly George's greatest scene.

Hieillua : Poor Larry David.

a7mad316 : wtf is kwoffe

MrZurata : That terrible moment in your life when you realize you're George Costanza

John Nicolas : That terrible moment when you realise none of this works anymore. Women.

clhound : I once had a girl ask me to come up and tank for her in WoW. I turned and walked away in disgust.

Beeboy69 : I went out with this MILF years ago, when I dropped her off home, she invited me up for coffee. I replied with "Is that what they call it". Anyway let's just say a great night was had by all.....She let me keep her undies as well. ( yeah I know i'm a bad boy :=) No George Costanza moment here !

Kian Barr : Ah this memorable scene was so funny, and i remember how they went up to wipe the phone messages before she played it XD

overad : Thankfully this has never happened. But oh god... what if I still have this happen to me to this day and I don't even realize it?

MichaelD8393 : Don't know about the rest of you, but 1:16 always knocks me out 😂

Run Good : "She wants you to like her!" "Yes she wants me to like her If she likes me But she doesn't like me!"

wabdih : I fucked up like this yesterday. 😭

Zach Haywood : Coaw-fee

WheresWallace4883 : "A colonel, a kaiser, a tsar!" Oh my god, Seinfeld just has the most random and amazing writing.

V. Everton : me irl

BitterYouth : she liked him well enough to invite him for coffee

Caesar Fiorini : Kaiser as in Kaiser roll?

hugo pereira : I like to think that i'm laughing at george, but truth be said, I'm laughing at myself.

Jace, Mind walker : Too close to home..

Suhcamara : "People drink coffee at night" -- "Ya people that work at NORAD on 24 hour missile watch."

Noel Anderson : The face of failure!

Yung Huesos : Deep inside, U know that Constanza is alright.

Alex Brown : This is me in a nutshell. Woman once gave me a hint in a bookstore which i didn't get and ended up blowing her off, my friend was watching and wanted to yell at me that she's dropping a clue for me but after that he told me about it, i felt so fucking stupid. Worst part is this happens to me every single time.

amaster87 : People this stupid shouldn't be allowed to live.

ADCF Productions : You know what this is?! This is a public humiliation!!! -_-