Too late to be drinking coffee

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MrZurata : That terrible moment in your life when you realize you're George Costanza

monotonous : "idk what you parents did to you" story of my life

Goreface69 : kwoahfee

Suhcamara : "People drink coffee at night" -- "Ya people that work at NORAD on 24 hour missile watch."

TherussianorphanII : This is exactly the way I act when I meet a girl I like. Every fucking time.

Ricardo S : Unfortunately, this is me

Fabisch Factor : I had a hot girl ask me if I wanted to join her for a smoke. I said I didn't smoke... and I stood inside while she went outside and smoked and left. Where's my shotgun?

crimsonxtide50 : I missed my chance of dating one of the prettiest girls in my school, due to me basically being george

Nicephore : George dropping some red pill knowledge.

Robert King : "Women want a Colonel, a Kaiser, a Tsar." I love the writers of this show.

fountainhead : Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago. The girl and I are still talking though. Hopefully, one day she and I can watch this episode and laugh about it.

Alwaysbusking : those are some really painfully accurate trains of thought similar to mine :(

jfkst1 : The funny thing is, George's method is the most effective. At least in America. If you let a girl think you really like her a lot, she will play you like a tool. Better to keep them guessing and make it seem like you are not that interested in them.

c dean : "I don't know what your parents did to you"😂😂😂😂

hugo pereira : I like to think that i'm laughing at george, but truth be said, I'm laughing at myself.

Beeboy69 : I went out with this MILF years ago, when I dropped her off home, she invited me up for coffee. I replied with "Is that what they call it". Anyway let's just say a great night was had by all.....She let me keep her undies as well. ( yeah I know i'm a bad boy :=) No George Costanza moment here !

Alex Brown : This is me in a nutshell. Woman once gave me a hint in a bookstore which i didn't get and ended up blowing her off, my friend was watching and wanted to yell at me that she's dropping a clue for me but after that he told me about it, i felt so fucking stupid. Worst part is this happens to me every single time.

Hrimner : Co-arfe

Elvin Rzazade : still watching in 2017 ?

wabdih : I fucked up like this yesterday. 😭

Name : If the girl actually likes the guy he doesn't need to wait and play games.  If shes hanging out with him because she just doesn't have better options then he needs to try harder to keep her interest.  If you need to try that hard then don't bother with her beause she'll drop you for a better guy.  and vice versa for females into men.

NY OneLove : I wouldn't want coffee . . . I don't drink coffee.

Gregor Collins : George Costanza, the greatest TV character of all time.

MichaelD8393 : I can only imagine how George would fair with Netfilx & Chill.

MrKingMP : God, George's life is mine.

def. name : I swear the number of times this has happened to me...

Daniel : Glad I'm not like him, like all this other people commenting. Sry for you guys

Nicholas Fagnilli : A teacher of mine in high school said that to his wife when they were dating... Nobody ever lets him live it down!

Leo Davinci : I spent a month with George one night.

Voldymort : "people this stupid shouldn't be allowed to live"....reminds me of the League of Legends solo queue...

traingp7 : If the girl wanted sex you invite the guy up for a "night cap" not coffee at least that's my interpretation as a guy. He could of asked her if she had anything else to drink and still went up if he wanted to.

Hieillua : Poor Larry David.

Yung Huesos : Deep inside, U know that Constanza is alright.

MP R : George has ocd. The constant worrying about minor details to levels of obsession. The same with when 'it moved'. He immediately started to question his sexuality with dread, another OCD trait. I know he's a fictional character, but he's a textbook example and based partially on the life of Larry David. I think the character of George could help ocd sufferers realize the absurdity of the outlandish anxieties they are suffering, by seeing them so hilariously portrayed.

Sithis The Void : A few years back a girl I didn't like kept hitting on me and asking me out. I started acting like George in hopes she would stop. About a week later she told me straight to my face she found me irresistible LOL

slashuur8760 : 1:35 I know that feel, George. God almighty, I know that fucking feel.

geniusofbrutality : I'm a mix between a George and a Kramer :p my whole LIFE is a pathetic, lonely fantasy camp....

Zach Haywood : Coaw-fee

The Stuport : George is a bit more neurotic than usual in this particular scene!

szqsk8 : A Colonel, a Kaiser, a Czar.....

ADCF Productions : You know what this is?! This is a public humiliation!!! -_-

Tony Music : Why did the coffee taste like mud? Because it was just ground this morning

Caitlin Elizabeth : Yeah don’t invite me to write anything with you...I not having sex with you ever again

Thomas Takeshita : kåafii

Hamza Shukri : The depressing moment when you realize that George is speaking the truth.

Ellen Haataja : I'm lucky to be a relatively attractive woman, or I'd probably rarely get laid. I would overthink everything and ruin it just like George.

Earl C. : Man I'm in the mood for some alka-seltzer

rainbowghostsplinter : There are some surprisingly deep comments here.

alan smlth : Elaine: I don't know what your parents DID to You!

Art Smith : Elaine nails it every time.