Xiaomi Mijia 360º 3D Printed Bikini- Poolside (Courtesy Banggood.com)

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Larry Fournillier : Naomi, have you thought about doing a Q&A livestream? We all want to know more about you, especially new subscribers like myself. :)

Barbara Pierce : Reading all these comments makes me laugh. You are making men happy all around the world. Love your 360. I agree with the one person who said you should have a drone follow you around.

Charley Chan : You are so gorgeous, it's ridiculous! Wish you made videos about yourself.

gundree : People in China seem so polite and respectful. Most places, if a girl so staggeringly beautiful walked around in that outfit (as well made as it is) people would be staring, falling out of chairs ect. Amazing country

Solder Joe : Ebay is more trustworthy than Banggood.

mike frontuto : I like how everyone has a relaxed friendly attitude at that place, and you even let those guys say hi to us :)

Martin Stangl : Your videos just got me through a boring day sick in bed. Thanks for that. I subscribed. Can you actually configure how the camera rotation behaves? Right now it stays fixed to the world, but I think it would be bettet and easier to view if it would rotate with you (like a normal camera). This way there is no need for the viewer to adjust the view every time you take a turn. Gives you the advantages of a classical view and 360 view at the same time. For e.g. the Shenzhen tour: I could watch you vlog or turn the view around to see what you saw while walking us through Shenzhen.

Kevin Reed : naomi ilove the 360degrees.its funny though i always seem to toggle back to you?!

Johnny T. Vu : I swear I was only looking at your surrounding, they're so nice, Errr I mean, the scene looks nice.

小鹏 Stu : r u Chinese?cause u looks like Thai. 你是中国人吗,感觉你的脸型有点像泰国女生😄

Edgar : Do you have some kind of a bodyguard who is not seen in the videos but not far away? With that look and outfit I guess there could be very fast some ugly “misunderstandings”…

Mark Eberhard : Have you tested the Zhiyun smooth Q cellphone gimble?

Look at This : your boobs are natural?? because honestly these are perfect :0

TheManicorn : She has more girls checking her out than guys

Thomas Inzana : This one is very very blurry...

Don Lew : a lot of foreigners hanging out at that pool/resort. what watch are you wearing? also noticed a weird "blinking pixel" artifact in the video

Charly Maher : Do the local women tend to give you the evil eye because they're so jealous of such a confident sweetheart?

Outlander : That camera is something else, how long does it take to render each video?

Rafael González : Great video Sexycyborg, may you consider using a gimbal like serpentza for a more super cool and stable videos, just think about it love >)

Mark Song : 这个在深圳哪里?

謝榮祥 : 1:58就是有這種人見不得別人好

Joe Trott : Sexy Cyborg You are brilliant and beautiful, such a deadly combination. Luckily your goals are tech related and not the destruction of mankind😊. I see also you are very good with your hands. I am glad I am able to watch your informative and sexy videos. What is the best way to watch your videos on an Android phone? I'm not a techhie so in layman's terms I/E a brand and model number would be great. I have a Motorola Droid turbo 2 and a Galaxy edge. I am going to get rid of the edge though, My fingers do not work good with the edge screen. A couple options would be nice as well. Thank you. Your gadgets interest me.

Bo Stevens : Naomi, I've noticed you've got a lot more subscribers since you've been in Winstons's video. You own him a beer now. 😉

COCODIYGAMER : Hi Naomi you are very beautiful what type of 3D printer do you use. I have a Geeetech i3 x pro

Bro Brah : Also ive always wondered: can you feel the implants inside you when you are walking or with subtle movements? I had heavy ear rings in once and they were noticable. Just curious is all.

GuyLogicGaming : This camera feels like it desperately needs image stabilization. My eyes are getting tired from trying to keep it stable. Unsure if its due to the highsheels/swaying but you seem to be mostly holding it stable and it still feels like its vibrating on its own

ahmad azrul : Do you have Instagram account???

Steve Coppin : Have so much buffering issues when you post the 360 videos. Love the way you say Wideo for Video lol

THE MIKEY MIKE CHANNEL : Nǐ hǎo! Nǐ hǎo ma

Silver Shot : A girl with a Body and Brains She is ONE in a MILLION!

Против Глобал : Can you make a video tour of the Shenzhen electronics market? I am an electronics guy, and I have nothing even remotelly similar here in Serbia. :(

seasong : Looks pretty good considering it's 3D printed. Not sure how comfortable that is though, and if it's really worth it...

7onn : Please film from the bottom not from the top))

Siana Gearz : Ooooh great place, nice music. A rooftop. With a giant pool and a garden. HK certainly knows how to party. That being said, how do you maintain your hair flowing so nicely, at a pool party? And what kind of a wrist watch is that, is it a waterproof smartwatch? Or just LED watch?

Muhammad Vay : hmmm are u real women???

Sean Licata : Out of curiosity - is topless sunbathing frowned upon in China?

Walter Tosolini : Naomi come to Italy, you will be famous :)

zuluknob : Looks like you're getting that little flashing glitch again.

толибжон турсунов : xiaomi привет

Pat Kithiraj : You are beautiful!!!!

김은달 : Lot of hot guys by the pool I esp like 0:21 on the right

Shawn Holman : You have an amazing body 😋

Eilinal Singer : I think this camera is much better I can see you much better an seems to be much more stable.I am new here to your channel I been going threw most of your older videos I really liked your blinkini video that really was awsome it really amazed me great job I think anyone that able to make there own clothes from anything is very smart,I really love your clothes an all that you make stay safe an keep being awsome.(^_^)

Wayne Campbell : I only wish we could have had a better view of your bikini. It's difficult to see when you're always looking down to see it. Any chance you could set the camera on a tripod and you stand in front of it and turn around so we can see it from all sides like those people around the pool could see it?

ZIADMaTTuBE : @Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu Do u have facebook ? And btw i subscribed u coz u r so cute and i think u r intelligent , if u have any technical problem like that u can ask me

Ryan Frost : That's impressive but did you guys see the floating balloon @ 1:09 that's impressive

Three Gold : Nuclear launched is detected

TerraCotta Vlog : It's me again Mike youtuber in Xian! I also got that Xiaomi mijia sphere! Keep in touch!

Scruffy 081 : 😘 MEOW!