Xiaomi Mijia 360º 3D Printed Bikini- Poolside (Courtesy Banggood.com)

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Larry Fournillier : Naomi, have you thought about doing a Q&A livestream? We all want to know more about you, especially new subscribers like myself. :)

Charley Chan : You are so gorgeous, it's ridiculous! Wish you made videos about yourself.

Barbara Pierce : Reading all these comments makes me laugh. You are making men happy all around the world. Love your 360. I agree with the one person who said you should have a drone follow you around.

Shōgun : We know exactly what those two men near the end were gawking at.

João Pedro : What do you think about a Naked walking video when your channel has 500.000 subscribers

scarf -chan : Im just using the 360˚ advantage to scoop for the pervs starin at her

Mr. DvD -kOsTeR- : You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I can't get my eyes of u @∆@

KeyShawnPlayzYT : i love how great technology has advanced to this point of 360 degree vloging

xCHORUSx / Gamer : this vid has horrible quality but im all abou the biss

Hirohito TheJapanese : Those videos are cool to watch

seasong : Looks pretty good considering it's 3D printed. Not sure how comfortable that is though, and if it's really worth it...

Deivis Joel Martinez : es una diosa y lo difruta😇😇😇😊

Martin Stangl : Your videos just got me through a boring day sick in bed. Thanks for that. I subscribed. Can you actually configure how the camera rotation behaves? Right now it stays fixed to the world, but I think it would be bettet and easier to view if it would rotate with you (like a normal camera). This way there is no need for the viewer to adjust the view every time you take a turn. Gives you the advantages of a classical view and 360 view at the same time. For e.g. the Shenzhen tour: I could watch you vlog or turn the view around to see what you saw while walking us through Shenzhen.

Ishaan Gupta : Nice view....In all of that 360 , the view of you was the best😄😉

LowLight : Too bad xiaomi redmi note 4x doesn't support anything over 1080p

Joe S : Wow so people can make Clothing stuff with 3D printers now... Tech is doing wonders

Bob Carlo : OK. I get it FINALLY. 360° . Is there anyway to mount the camera to your waist so we( ME) can view the other side of you. OBVIOUSLY FOR SCIENCE PURPOSES. Need to see the back side of the 3-D swim suits. Must cover ALL angles scientifically .

Chapopotte 2017 : i like 360° new sub :D

PSG Faith : How can i contact you!?

ﹺ                         ﹺ ‏ : cool video Whats the song name? plox

ismet Gül : lala

EvilHero597 : i want to meet a girl like you ur so beautiful n kind

ted jones : You a nice lady good work.

Suzuya Juzo : Opais 🤩

Mark Eberhard : Have you tested the Zhiyun smooth Q cellphone gimble?

elmclovin1 : Love you .. And all your videos. Your beautiful and smart..

TheManicorn : She has more girls checking her out than guys

Thomas Inzana : This one is very very blurry...

Против Глобал : Can you make a video tour of the Shenzhen electronics market? I am an electronics guy, and I have nothing even remotelly similar here in Serbia. :(

Muslihudin Debest : OMG ure so hot and sexy

Ryusei Yamamoto : 豊胸だろ 胸の形汚い。

Muhammad Vay : hmmm are u real women???

fredrik bergquist : Another gorgeous vid in 360! I am amazed that the two dudes that you talked to didnt ask you for a date, I mean if you never ask you would never get a yes! In Europe this would never have happened. By the way, are there MakerFairs in China?

bhang stick : That's what I'm talking bout. So sexy.

Don Lew : a lot of foreigners hanging out at that pool/resort. what watch are you wearing? also noticed a weird "blinking pixel" artifact in the video

Charly Maher : Do the local women tend to give you the evil eye because they're so jealous of such a confident sweetheart?

Rafael González : Great video Sexycyborg, may you consider using a gimbal like serpentza for a more super cool and stable videos, just think about it love >)

Jeferson Mejicanos : Que buena esta!

謝榮祥 : 1:58就是有這種人見不得別人好

Steve Coppin : Have so much buffering issues when you post the 360 videos. Love the way you say Wideo for Video lol

Joe Trott : Sexy Cyborg You are brilliant and beautiful, such a deadly combination. Luckily your goals are tech related and not the destruction of mankind😊. I see also you are very good with your hands. I am glad I am able to watch your informative and sexy videos. What is the best way to watch your videos on an Android phone? I'm not a techhie so in layman's terms I/E a brand and model number would be great. I have a Motorola Droid turbo 2 and a Galaxy edge. I am going to get rid of the edge though, My fingers do not work good with the edge screen. A couple options would be nice as well. Thank you. Your gadgets interest me.

Johnny T. Vu : I swear I was only looking at your surrounding, they're so nice, Errr I mean, the scene looks nice.

Edgar : Do you have some kind of a bodyguard who is not seen in the videos but not far away? With that look and outfit I guess there could be very fast some ugly “misunderstandings”…

COCODIYGAMER : Hi Naomi you are very beautiful what type of 3D printer do you use. I have a Geeetech i3 x pro

張志民 : 可以認識這麼美的工程師嗎~好棒棒

Bro Brah : Also ive always wondered: can you feel the implants inside you when you are walking or with subtle movements? I had heavy ear rings in once and they were noticable. Just curious is all.

Patrick Pedigo : New sub here, two reasons. First, eye candy, duh. Your absolutely hot. Second, and the main reason for my sub, you have a head on your shoulders and provide good useful info. Looking forward to more

Pimba no Frio : Pimba

ZIADMaTTuBE : @Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu Do u have facebook ? And btw i subscribed u coz u r so cute and i think u r intelligent , if u have any technical problem like that u can ask me

zuluknob : Looks like you're getting that little flashing glitch again.