Woman says why she believes Monster Energy drinks are from Satan - Daily Mail

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Jake Munoz : ''Bottoms up... and the devil laughs''. That wasn't the devil you heard laughing, it was me. This woman is hilarious.

Ben Herbivore : Wow (Owen Wilson style)

Carley Wright : The cross doesn’t go upside down for me.. i drink mine through straw

Astral Satanist 666 : The symbol may mean 666 but I do not think Satan made the energy drink itself.

clementeunknown : Instead of energy drinks Satan should invest in cryptocurrency, that's where the real money is

Hairysteed : "Jesus said, 'My people perish for lack of knowledge'" *Irony meter explodes*

Pack Cope : The upside down cross reminds me of saint Peter. God bless saint Peter.

Ruairi Caomhanach : If Satan has nothing better to do than market energy drinks I think we have nothing to worry about.

brandon smith : Can’t believe a mass of people think a story book is behind their creation

Todd Smith : Wow, she needs a job.

Thomas Winney : Wow you're a nut job

Robert mohawkerty : That just goes to show how badass monster energy drink really is.

thomas : Americans are special people lol

Alex The Taco : Ok the first two claw marks at Connected like a lot of monster claw marks and then the last one isn’t connected also the milfs thing isn’t on the box I have bought the box so many time and never seen the word milf on it

Ármin : Satan made a hella good energy drink

Microphoric : Bet ya shes on the spectrum

Wesley Campos : I stopped drinking this three years ago. i stick to 5 hr energy.

Ryan Rush : look at the Daily Mail logo the M is the same and has a cross in the middle 😳🙄 stay woke

Mr. ShumDump : 1

One&Other : or 3... 6 penny nails

howard mckenna : At least Satan is sponsoring motorsports!! Go Satan.

The outlaw Calico Jack brown : She probably goes to church at Westboro Baptist now since I think about it

average girl 367 : The only know I have to take on this is that the upside down cross is not a symbol of the devil it is actually a symbol of to be celebrated because I forgot the guys name but he was going to get killed on a cross just like Jesus but he said that I am not going to be put on a cross like Jesus I am not powerful like him so he requested that he can be put on a upside down cross and that is what they did and that is why the upside down cross is not a symbol of Satan

Teegan O Donnell : This is what happens when people have too much free time on their hands

Pimped out Elf : She’s nuts.... absolutely nuts

ADTRXVIOLENCE : This is what religion does to you lol

jordan ramos : If Satan made monster then bottoms up and cheers to Satan it just prooves how paranoid and attention seeking all right wing conservative Christian's are as well as ignorant and crazy they are HAIL SATAN!!!

NemisNemo : The o with a line over it could be the norwegian ø/Ø

queen Maleficent : She's right

I am Dead : She is 100% Right this is Satan's world there is Nothing here for God to return too!!!😟

bubanner : I been saying dat 4 years lady...!

Patrick Star : I'm sure the guys at the company were checking out old hebrew texts and bible when they decided to brand it this way.

Frank Castle : If this video doesn’t convince you, go take a look at the new monster flavor called juice. On the side it reads (I forgot the exact words): we celebrate October 31st and day of the dead but in Spanish, and something along the lines of having the dead spirits come out and dance with us, we want to call of those stubborn spirits to join us. People will always deny Satan’s existence, but if you really see how the world works, you’ll notice every little thing is either Jesus or Satan.

King Bibi : Hebrew is from right to left yet she points from left to right... I'll have what she's smoking!

Catioi Cat : She stay woke

Amdarela : Anyone who doesn't see that the so called elite have surrounded the populace with their symbology are naive.

물밍 : But energy drinks are actually not good for your health

graham dunk : Hell, makes me wanna but it more. Pun intended.

Lightman116 : Everyone laughing is blind to the illuminati satanic mind control

Almost Out Of Time : https://youtu.be/Y04bUNQ2_tQ Vedddddy eeeeenteresting!

The Prophet Elijah : Spot on, straight up, spot on

our central earth : The upside down cross is st peter

our central earth : Which antichrist there are 3 according to nostradamas

our central earth : The devil is not real

our central earth : The word f, ck is not satanic

andy carson : Why are we even entertaining her. She has a problem

Messi&Wolves ForLife : Hmm when you turn your can upside down,the cross becomes an anti-cross and the 666 becomes an 999

Keyon Martinez : This may be true and I believe her .like if you do too .Satan is taking over and she is trying to show Yall it might seem funny but it's really SAD

mkidd1995 : XD wow lmao

Diego Hart : You know how stupid this sounds it's a energy drink