Woman says why she believes Monster Energy drinks are from Satan - Daily Mail

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MR SLAV : If cross goes upside down does it mean that 666 becomes 999?

Hairysteed : "Jesus said, 'My people perish for lack of knowledge'" *Irony meter explodes*

ohnoanotherputz : Monster is a product of the devil, as a true Christian I drink Redbull, it gives you wings... like an angel!

Carley Wright : The cross doesn’t go upside down for me.. i drink mine through straw

clementeunknown : Instead of energy drinks Satan should invest in cryptocurrency, that's where the real money is

Jake Munoz : ''Bottoms up... and the devil laughs''. That wasn't the devil you heard laughing, it was me. This woman is hilarious.

Ármin : Satan made a hella good energy drink

Lightman116 : Everyone laughing is blind to the illuminati satanic mind control

Ben Herbivore : Wow (Owen Wilson style)

물밍 : But energy drinks are actually not good for your health

Catioi Cat : She stay woke

Sane Brain Vs. Liberal : The logo is also the 3 nails used to crucify Christ, that is what the nails looked like back then also. God bless this woman for exposing satans deceptions. Those who have eyes to see...

Joshua Branch : The symbol may mean 666 but I do not think Satan made the energy drink itself.

Ryan Rush : look at the Daily Mail logo the M is the same and has a cross in the middle 😳🙄 stay woke

Keyon Martinez : This may be true and I believe her .like if you do too .Satan is taking over and she is trying to show Yall it might seem funny but it's really SAD

Glitch King : Shes not wrong

Amdarela : Anyone who doesn't see that the so called elite have surrounded the populace with their symbology are naive.

Todd Smith : Wow, she needs a job.

Sharon Norwood : It's amazing how people reject the truth & receive a lie with no proof, what this nice lady is talking about is very true I love ur boldness MAM, people that do or don't agree with her statements really don't have to, 1 suggestion go look it up in r on a library site & find out for yourself, she was not demanding any one to agree with her she was just sharing her knowledge about how Satan is using anything to make people follow him & so many people are fallen for this cult that do come from Satan his self that is out to kill still & destroy human kind.

PLANET BOOM : Shes spot on. She speaks the truth. There are companies, a lot of companies that are Lucefarian. Monster is one of them. The money they make goes to very bad things, like the anti- Christ new world order

tbb033 : As a Christian, I think this broad is a dingbat.

Robert mohawkerty : That just goes to show how badass monster energy drink really is.

thomas : Americans are special people lol

Poor Prosperity : People who believe in Satan must also believe in the boogieman. Hebrew is a language humans created, what does Hebrew have to do with anything real? Morality: yes Tin foil hats: no. Remove fairy tales from religion. Yeah monster is bad for you, but beverage of a physically incarnate demon lord? It's sad anyone can be so childish. This woman is either clinically insane or on drugs

The outlaw Calico Jack brown : She probably goes to church at Westboro Baptist now since I think about it

Sexual Tyrannosaurus : To bad all religions have been proven fake , a man made idea to control a mass of people. Over 200 different religions on earth and each one believes there God is the one . Biggest lie on earth . Think I'm wrong?? Do some research on the origin of your religion , and follow the time line from then to now .

queen Maleficent : She's right

ADTRXVIOLENCE : This is what religion does to you lol

Thomas Winney : Wow you're a nut job

Alex The Taco : Ok the first two claw marks at Connected like a lot of monster claw marks and then the last one isn’t connected also the milfs thing isn’t on the box I have bought the box so many time and never seen the word milf on it

howard mckenna : At least Satan is sponsoring motorsports!! Go Satan.

Solrac Universe 777 : LOL think outside the box back to the 1800 and 1980 PEOPLE LIKE THIS need to look for GOD and the positive but they love the love the bad that they find it all over the place

Steven M : drinking monster while watching this video

The Born Of Gods : It’s everywhere though ma’am. Look at Walt Disney’s signature. 666

Speeding Atheist : That woman is almost as nuts as Daily Mail "journalists".

jordan ramos : If Satan made monster then bottoms up and cheers to Satan it just prooves how paranoid and attention seeking all right wing conservative Christian's are as well as ignorant and crazy they are HAIL SATAN!!!

Angie M : 😂😂😂😂😂 btw im Satan so.... You're welcome for the Monsters ❤

Ana Aoa : After reading the comment section, I realize that you all have been living underneath a rock, to not know this.....ignorance is why THIS flourishes.....

Rolando Robles : She has to much free time

The Prophet Elijah : Spot on, straight up, spot on

bubanner : I been saying dat 4 years lady...!

brandon smith : Can’t believe a mass of people think a story book is behind their creation

Anne Pacey : I'm sure the guys at the company were checking out old hebrew texts and bible when they decided to brand it this way.

prestwoods1 : New WORLD ORDER PSYCHOPATH Satanist fake reality run the whole world order...these drinks have caused health problems and even deaths from heart failure.

ray herrera : Believe it or not but Satan is in power here on Earth..but like bad management it has its days numbered! # facts

organicsuperman : people are out of their minds if they downplaying this !! Amazing work by the lady ! ABSOLUTELY 100% TRUE ! Wake up people ! Check out the Vaticans reptilian designed hall. I mean it's in plain sight. Reading these comments from people that make fun of this, LOL, the joke really is on you btw !

Mr Emann : Ok so I did some research after watching this and here's what I turned up. So that symbol on the front is actually a representation of a creature clawing at the can that is apparently named "Monster". Well it turns out that "Monster" just so happens to be the name of this energy drink company that makes this can! The implications are staggering!

Wesley Campos : I stopped drinking this three years ago. i stick to 5 hr energy.

JC #1 : Ugh , I love monsters and drink them daily , give me that extra boost when I need it , like everyday , thanks for ruining my fav drink . Cheers 🍻

Robert Presnell : This is crazy talk! NO wonder people don't believe what Christians say!