How did Napoleon lose in Russia? | Animated History

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Rapey The Mouse : Silly Europeans, you attack from the East so they don't have anywhere to go, evey mongol horde knows that.

Mr. Moji Gaming : Russia is a chilly boi.

schwarzbraun ist haselnuss : Everyone knows, no one but the Mongols can invade the Russians in the winter.

Evil Justin.Y : Who would win? A million of French troops Or A pinch of snow

Goldberg the Goalie : Croissants vs vodka

Matthew Dima : You can never successfully invade Russia.......unless you're the Mongolians

MenschMan : It is 1794 a young artillery Officer has recently earned fame in the Italian campaign upon returning to Nice he hires a carriage driver to bring him to his residence and goes about his day. 1812 Napoleon emperor of almost all Europe stands outside of Moscow “ I have defeated you at the battle of Borodino! Here me Russians you must surrender!” After a tense few moments a voice rings out from the city “yes but did you thank the carriage driver?!” Napoleon freezes as if hit by a bullet. He had not he no longer deserved victory. The peoples of Egypt refused to follow him for similar reasons it is also why his controlled territory in Central Europe rebelled against him

- a : Finally, an appropriate use of the 1812 Overture.

Estelle Brandt : Except youre the mongols

Keiroza Secoby : *"Napoleon was the greatest Military tactician"* _Looses to clumped up Ice Crystals_ _T r u l y A m a z i n g_

Sergey Rodionov : Wow, a Napoleonic invasion, taken in its context with the full scope of the event. Not just: "Napoleon didn't know it gets cold in winter" Anyway, great channel: entertaining and informative! P.S. You've earned one subscriber today, sir!

Tonios Kaleem : I still find this somewhat reductive. Even after the Russian Campaign Napoleon was still able to field large and powerful armies, and while it was a tremendous set back, it was not inevitable that the Coalition Allies would win. Napoleon fielded an army almost as large as his Russian army by 1813 and in that same year defeated the Allies several times, such as at Dresden (where he defeated a numerically superior army and took few losses). While Napoleon would eventually be defeated at the Battle of Nations, the Allies before offered peace several times.

INERT : Your audio does not match up with your lip movements. The audio is late by a few milliseconds.

Napoleon I Bonaparte : What failed afterwards? The Russian Empire.

Joseph Teller : Looks like you missed one important fact, Napoleon was a micromanager, and paranoid about his command structure being infiltrated by enemies. He had to return to Paris while on the Russian Campaign to put down an attempt by the chief of his Secret Police (Joseph Fouche) to take control of the Capital and cut off his supply of munitions (which they did not get by living off the land like they did food supplies) to hand him defeat and end his rule in a coup. This meant he could not micromanage and his Generals had to decide what to do on their own in Moscow and they delayed too long waiting for a response to Napoleon's letter for surrender by the Russians, getting caught in the winter storms on their retreat and ravaged by low food supplies, disease and Cossack sniper attacks all the way back out of Russia.

Joseph Krakowski : *Winter and scorched Earth*

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Anurag Kundapur : I think you meant to say "typhus" at 5:51 Napoleon's army was devastated by typhus. A disease transmitted by lice which thrived in the military coats, unchanged for several days on end.

Soviete Onion : He frezeed his ass in russia Livestream squad reporting for duty

jack han : Russia’s secret weapon to success the freezing winter.

Bjeller Ås : Very good video, but you missed something: When Napoleon entered Vilnius (today Lithuania) the russians asked Napoleon for peace, but he refused. Soon Napoleon asked for peace, but he got no answer. AND: The russian army had a lot of loses too, because their canons and muskets/rifles had much shorter range than their french counterparts and had big problems with working. So the russian army suffered bigger loses in fight. But i think Russia won the war because the russian soldiers fighted to the last man. As Napoleon once said: ''It's not enough to kill the russian soldiers, you need to kill the morale.'' And they were as you said very patriotic, and they burned much when they retreated. And the russian army could get recruits and more soldiers. the french army could not.

Miek Adriaens : audio is't synced correctly in the beginning my man

Brent : I find this very biased. The continental system worked. There was a lot of smuggling indeed, but he got the better of it after a while. Russia leaving the system was big nono though. He would have won if not for the typhoid fever being so disastrous. There is also no proof Moscow was set alight, it could have been chance. Even if everything I said is found untrue, these views should have been mentioned.

NorthObsidianG : Then the germans had to top what the French failed... by doing it too..

The Mann : I still don’t know how I got third place. I think I did a good I guess. Also I’m watching the video rn, looking pretty good so far.

Alexander Pavlovich Romanov : Yeaaaaa ma boi Kutuzov is brilliant

MasterEndless : y did i get banned from discord :(

Khaled Msemen : nApOlEoN wAnTeD To cOnqUeR eUrOp "Historian"

Nano852 : because they couldnt learn from germans russia invasion since nazi germany didnt exist yet

Luke Zuzga : Good video, even the way you brought in the sponsor.

Andrew Cupps : Thanks for including 1812 overture

Ross Kyle : 1:55 so trade with Scotland and Ireland was fine then

Somebody : Great job on your vids! Keep it up!

Vinod Varghese : I think Russia is an unconquered frontier except for the Mongols who ravaged the country at will.

Matthew Kuchinski : Very good insights into Napoleon's greatest defeat. Reminds me why he also lost in Egypt, Haiti, and Spain, as he faced not only climate problems, but also issues with logistics and a hostile populace that resorted to guerrilla warfare.

Alexey : I sense a lot of views

BlueIceAce : What a fantastic video. Harsh advice: if you didn't include yourself at the beginning of the video and just voiced over the animations, your channel would seem far more professional. Nothing to do with your face, but has to do with your setup.

Fraud : I actually did this as an EPQ. And I came to the conclusion that the failure, was Napoleon pushing his army too far and too hard

lalas lalakis : what an un-historical video. you've done some good vids, but this is terrible.

Darren Battery : It's basically a 7 minute video . After that it's the advert .

Alfred Moreno : "Cette malheureuse guerre d'Espagne m'a perdu" Napoleon Bonaparte

Jarynn : Your voice is out of sync in the intro. It hurts.

Joe Xu : please tell me griffin is come kinda pen name 'cause tos too fitting

White Pasha : I wouldn't recommend using 'Brilliant' ,

LucarioAura Kitty : I was just watching one of your old videos and now a new one came up? Hell yeah

haris000000 : Nice segway to brilliant

Shawn Harris : Yeah but it was never Napoleons intention to conquer all of Europe. The coalition was the aggressor.

Russ ianFolkTales : Napoleon with his tariffs and trade barriers sounds very much like Trump today.

Napoleon I Bonaparte : An interesting engineering infrastructure in Borodino, flechés. These are small redoubts with a small ditch forward of its ramparts. Manned by cannons and crew and guards.

ZeCaxy : As usual a nice video from a nice stream Also ur cannon is cut off at 3:11