Neighbor Calls The Police on Young Investor!

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Brad Griffin : Ah, racism. The disease that just won't go away.

Dallas Cowboys fan 1980 : My wife and I just bought a brand new home in a new community and within the first week I was pulled over. The officer that pulled me over say that I didn't look like I was from around here smh.

Gregory Bobbitt : With a neighbor like her I can see why the owner wants to put it up for sale

Morning Glory : Hurrah to those officers for being awesome and protecting your civil rights!

Dallas Cowboys fan 1980 : *says It sad that racism is still being taught.

Michael Taylor : What a shame. You should move in the house and throw huge BBQs every weekend.

Kimbo Bruiser : Dang you played it smart by having the police lookout while you were inside. Great cops they make me proud.

lesbi honest : Lmao "come behind you and do what" "Put me in the sunken place" 😂😂😂

Zurre 2004 : That officer is how every police officer should deal with a situation.

Cliff Seaman : I remember when my parents bought a long unoccupied house about 40 years ago and we came by to inspect it. A neighbor immediately came out and demanded of us, "May I ask what you are think you are doing to that house?" My father replied that we'd just bought it and were looking our new home. She took a little convincing, but she finally went back into her house and left us alone. We are white. but I can imagine how much more unpleasant it might have been if we'd been black.

T Bone : He’s actually increasing the value of her house by fixing that’s old house up.

SSJake : That's a shame some people are just stupid, at least you found some honest cops who did a good job

Debra Williams : These are the same people that will shout from the highest hill that they are not Racists!

giupinkfairy : The police were so nice to take a picture with you!! And they were smiling and all!! I understand if she's scared of anyone new in the neighborhood, especially going into a neighbor's house. But if the person has the contract, and the police are TALKING TO THE OWNER, and even the "concerned" neighbor TALKS TO THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE confirming everything is ok, then what is the problem???!!! Some people are just too stupid.

sToB iT : Your a great man, Instead of being mad and angry you handled the situation very well, I respect you tons.

Hot Fries : Salute to the officer who came out and did his job the right way

Creeper Warfare : By us he meant he and Venom

trxppenkate45 _ : I bet she stay peeking out her blinds all day long.

Scorecatron : It's not really *her* neighbourhood though. Besides, it's not like people aren't allowed to just walk through it.

billwiththeb : Ignorant people will always stay that way..

Trillium: Wild Edibles : Good on these police officers for being rational and telling you to keep the camera rolling, valuable protection for everyone. Idk why this was in my recommended feed, but I'm glad it was. You keep up the hard work Michael! This video shows very well to not judge a book by it's cover.

One Scratchy Boi. : Imagine what she teaches her children the way she acts. Absolutely terrible.

George Newell : Just tell them you're dark-skinned white guy

Ty gaming : 2:15 “the sunken place”😂😂

Echo : Good on you for maintaining your professionalism throughout the entire situation and Good on the police for basically telling her to STFU 😹

Mark's Tech : lmaaooo those cops are badass.. haha 'he can take allllllll day' hahahahahahahahh man. if I was that guy, id stay at the house all day making that lady paranoid 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Angela Toussaint : But you placed the video of Nosey Nancy online. Who is going to buy a house with a bigot next door? Who wants to rent next door to a bigot...not just a bigot but one that thinks she can tell you when to go inside the house?

Laura Vittadini : Humans are psychotic. I'm ashamed to be one almost 247...

Jay Court : I like the fact that if the woman who wanted you to 'hurry up with what you want to do & go' hadn't said anything to you & called the Police you would've been & gone a lot quicker in the first place!! Well done for keeping your composure.

kyle price : Its not racism if they do or say anything to offend your race it just seems like she just was an ass and called 911. Nothing huge I'm black too but i don't pull the race card without evidence or proof of actual racism. Just saying try to be aware the difference of racism and people just being asses

Skyscrapers & MegaProjects : That woman is what happens when you mix a super low iq with racism.

Jetty 1502 : Growing up at the beach as a surfer whenever I talk to another person, "male" regardless of race I say "what's up brother" with a smile. 90% of the time small talk starts. I can only think of a handful of times it went bad. And I don't just say it at the beach. I do it regardless of where I am. 🤙✌️🌊

Chris Gouger : Don't waste your time with these busybodies bro. They hate seeing anyone doing better than them.

Russell Valorman97 : How has no one talking about the sunken place 😂😂😂

TheForestFamily : Lmao “put me in the sunken place”

Lucky Duck : That RACIST LADY needs to mind her own business and get a life.......

My French Bulldog Buddy and Me : At least we can be proud of the police in this video! Thank goodness. Sorry you went through that. That woman was batt shit crazy.

Vincent Rincon : Put a sign on your 🚗 🚪 that should fix that problem.

My Emerald Life : Definitely racist

Glen Pierce : Hey man she's just another 'thinks she's entitled' racist. The sooner she stops wasting good oxygen the better. Good luck to you mate.

josh b : It's rare, but occasionally some of the cops you might have to deal with, end up being some real cool people. You know, not that the cops were needed whatsoever, but at least there was that haha

Wynn Richards : Man I am profoundly sad that this happened to you, I know it wasn't the first time. There you are, not only working hard to provide a better life, but also improving that neighborhood, the truly sad thing is that she failed to understand that the work you were going to do would actually increase property values of neighboring homes, you should have been welcomed with open arms. As I am writing this it is the first days of 2019 - I apologize that this still the world we live in, we are supposed to be better than this. On another note, I am getting ready to buy some homes to rehab as an investment, I currently live in Oklahoma (specifically the Oklahoma City Area) - I wish you were local, I would love to get some advice from you. Peace & Love.

epictom ### : It's people like her that ruin things for the rest of the world

Nuel Sanchez : Kudos to you. You knew exactly what to do and how to handle the situation. From the lady harassing you to calmly talking to the police. Racism out in the open plain and simple.

Gabbie Hanna : “come up behind me and do what?” *put me in the sunken place :(* I SCREAMMMMEDDDDDDDD

SWAPNIL MAKESHWAR : Same in india too bro Hindu over Buddhist racism

scorpiooooh : And good job by the way. Don't let the devil's workers dictate how you conduct yourself. 👍👍👍👍

Stepping on Legos : I'd love to have you as my neighbor. You alright.

Lettucette : 7:02 is so nice, what a friendly aura

Ahmed Elzoghbi : I like that you were calm the whole time