Neighbor Calls The Police on Young Investor!

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Talking Thrones : She's the type of neighbor that stays peeking out her blinds all day because she has no life of her own. I'm glad the cops had your back. F that nosey ass lady..

Samuel Smeltzer : cool cops bein cool good ending, glad you got support

Asha Black : Imagine how many people were arrested, convicted and murdered before everyone had cellphones

Memtopia Vlogs : Out here in Australia we find the white fat female who will stalk the house inspector plotting a way to ruin his day because she has nothing else to do because her pack abandoned her ... tune in next time on The Australian Wildlife

J3AN P3T3R : if you search her house you will find binoculars, telescope, and probably some audio recorder that she uses to narrate what happens in the neighbors house that shes spying on.

Brad Griffin : Ah, racism. The disease that just won't go away.

FloridaSkimming : That selfie, GOLD LOL

ace dixon : No wonder why it was abandoned

Pio Leiner : In Austria, if you call the police for nothing, you have to pay. Furthermore, making false allegations will get you in trouble. That racist woman should have been fined.

anotherpotatohead : I swear every neighborhood has a crazy ass lady.

Hot Fries : Salute to the officer who came out and did his job the right way

Humberto Enrique Arenas Fuenmayor : Shame on that racist woman. This young man, conduct himself very well. People can't judge anybody that way.

Ian W : After listening to the neighbor talk about the woman, sounds like she’s mentally ill. You could have acted crazy and escalated the situation, but you did the right thing. You a good man.

Osvaldo Narvaez : when I was a teenger I went to a party during the day down the block I was about 17 took my dad truck I parked in front of a house in the street not blocking there drive way not bothering no one and same shit happen to me lady's runs up me yelling and treating she gonna call the cops I have no right to park in front of her house when I park on the street ya already know what color she was

Sue Lily : 2:20 "come behind you & do what?" Nice how she is so offened after accusing you & calling the cops just because you are a few shades darker skin tone than her. I you'd been pale & pasty looking she'd be all "do you need help gettin' them boards off?"

Trillium: Wild Edibles : Good on these police officers for being rational and telling you to keep the camera rolling, valuable protection for everyone. Idk why this was in my recommended feed, but I'm glad it was. You keep up the hard work Michael! This video shows very well to not judge a book by it's cover.

marcducati : Ahh the legendary crazy American white women with nothing to do all day. Your reputation precedes you all over the world.

Saucee Cityy : Shoutout to these cops, these are the cops we need everywhere

What Zit Tooya : 5k racist disliked the video. Lol

人情味儿没有 : In China, all of this white woman's personal information would have been disclosed by good samaritans on the internet and she would have been publicly shamed to the point that she would lose her job if she's got one or lose her customers if she runs a business. Here in the states, public shaming is pretty tamed.

T Bone : He’s actually increasing the value of her house by fixing that’s old house up.

Albert Hendershot : The woman is a complete ASS !!!!!! There's good and bad in ALL races !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Bell : Good officers from what I can see in the clip and a credit to their force.

yam ck : Hi that’s one Trump effect there lol, idiot woman there too, it’s great she’s put in her place. New sub here from UAE

Thadeu Ferreira : I live in Brazil, we have anti racism laws, the police can arrest her was here this.

Mr. Mickey : What a shame. You should move in the house and throw huge BBQs every weekend.

Patricia Cano : Wow , so sorry for ignorant people, God be with you!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏be safe.

Eric Callahan : also an investor. have similar experiences all the time. had to go through the window after we brought the house to change locks. if they call cops ... neighbors should. AND YOU SHOULD HAVE PAPERWORK! Happens to white investors too

Dav Gar : This guy seem to be a cool and humble guy keep your head up bro

Southern Gentleman : Messed up is what that was. I feel bad for the man. The bad lady really ruined that gentleman’s day.

ARstudios : Welcome to a Trump influenced America. They feel they need to put brown down to feel Superior. strange how that works out in this time of supposed understanding, tolerance and Good Karma. Paaah it's all an illusion. With so many races mixing here in America strange how they continue to single out the brown Americans. The comical twist is everytime a beige human contractor shows up at their door they let them in, pay them and then find themselves cheated. Totally laughable chain of events.

Similak Child : Thats why I don't like white people. I couldn't walk into a convenient store to buy a soda without them staring me down assuming i'm a thief

Mel Beck : Take away white women's cell phones. Problem solved.

Brenda Echols : this kind of stuff needs to stop. This was clearly racism. Good luck with your investing. Report her to the HOA on her nasty yard and rotting roof.

Skyscrapers & MegaProjects : That woman is what happens when you mix a super low iq with racism.

Andrew B. Richardson : I hope that lady sees this video.

espirio gomez : Racism...or maybe she knows something about the house ...maybe somebody's dead in that house...that she don't want anyone to know about...

Martin Blank : All I can say is sorry...sorry there are still people like this. Best of luck to you.

train thurnax : As a white guy lemme just say that lady is whack af

Glen Pierce : Hey man she's just another 'thinks she's entitled' racist. The sooner she stops wasting good oxygen the better. Good luck to you mate.

Gi : She should be publicly beaten to near death then beheaded

Ben Hoskins : I changed locks, cleaned out, and boarded up abandoned forclosures for HUD for a number of years. I can't count how many times the cops were called on us (3 white men) in white or up scale neighborhoods. Even had former home owners roll up and pull guns on us. It never happened in minority communities where people tend to just mind their own business. There were some small mountain communites we actually refused to work in after the cops were called and we realized everyone in those hollers were family, actually had deputies tell us we had to leave properties after we presented work orders and contacted the owners. Imagaine if that was the nosey lady's mother's house and the cop was her nephew. I've been in that situation.

Brett Symons : I'm a white dude from Australia. From what I understand of the USA, property ownership basically trumps everything. Obviously minorities have been kept out of the property market via many many ways (I've been shocked as I've learned about the government refusing to loan to black people after Jim Crow, neighbourhoods that can control who moves in etc etc). If I was a minority in the USA (as in a group) I would organise and buy up property. Seems to be how you get the cops to say 6:00 "He's in control" over there. I know in Australia when groups of immigrants moved here in waves (the Italians and Greeks were particularly good at this) the communities would get together and effectivly loan/ fund one person to buy a house/ farm then they would do the next then the next etc etc until they were able to buy out large areas in a really short time after arriving from WWII.

Godchild smith : They were koo..we need more police like dem..God bless

2815Juan : Turned out the way I expected. But the police should be able to write some type of violation on the crazy lady for wasting everyone’s time

Topher TheTenth : More and more, the victim should be phoning the police himself and making a complaint about the conduct of the perpetrator. It may not be worth YOUR time to punish the perpetrator, but think about all the OTHER people who will be victimized by this perpetrator and other perpetrators if we don't start punishing these perpetrators! And that is why criminal punishment and fines (which are paid to the government) are not enough. We need to get CIVIL damages from the perpetrators paid to the victim so that the victim sees it as LUCRATIVE to file charges, because it is the fact that pressing a criminal prosecution could be COSTLY that makes the victim decide not to press charges.

metsoneredsoxtwo : did she have a lot of Cat's?????. lol

suchapill ! ! : God bless America. Keep investing in homes and be safe.

Famus 801 : I see thicc cop I click

Expats In Thailand : You seem like a very polite and smart young guy. What a sad ignorant woman. She is a barnacle on the keel of Humanity