Neighbor Calls The Police on Young Investor!

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T Bone : He’s actually increasing the value of her house by fixing that’s old house up.

33ladyRAM : File a complaint against her...wasting time, money and resources

Johnny Le : When he started repeating what the cops was saying. Omg had me laughing 😂😂😂😂 "I can take all day." "I'm in control." 😂😂😂😂

hygor bohm Hubner : Cop: “I don’t care if your friend is the President” DAMN SAVAGE

Marc Delyric Music : "I'm in control..that can't rush me, I got a contract" lmao yes sir...✊🏾💯 keep grinding bro love to see positive black men doing business. I might have to start flipping house now 🤣🤣

SrgntBallisticGaming : Lady: "Hurry up, do it and get out" Female Officer: "Naw" Male Officer: "No. He can take all day" Michael: "I can take all day y'all" I about lost it 😂

Jess G : If I see you lurking in my area I'd stop you too and try to get that number because you are nice looking as hell

Ricky Bobby : You remained polite professional and respectful despite her poor attitude...good on you. You are the better person.

Abraham Deras : “He can take all day” “I am in control “ 😂😂🤣


Moo Moo : Put me in the sunken place ahaha you legend

beast mode muscle : This is America

Ashly Thompson : Now what you do, is move into it, just to piss her off😂

Etherious NatsuDragneel : Thank god that the cops and the 2nd neighbour ain't racist.

zenryu zhao : Hmm maybe that neighbor has psychological problem

Ahmed Elzoghbi : I like that you were calm all the time

Burning Shores Gaming : I hate that shit like this is still happening. Not all white people are like thos i know, but the ones who are are just making them look bad. Im native, and it both i furiates and saddens me that they have watered down the severity of the issue not only in the news today, but also in history classes and things of that nature. Alot of people dont ever realize my people are still around. The sad truth is while my race may live on, our culture is dying. Soon enough (maybe in just a couple generations...) our languages and even the most basic knowledge about will be gone. It just brings me neverending heartbreak

johnboy gotti : She thick that lady officer

Jonathon Walker : “Somebody come look at this” -Kevin hart voice ,that lady is straight up racist

Ragesauce : Well, I guess you shouldn't have been black, I mean...what were you thinking?

Somali pirate who's actually somali : That woman pisses me off. 😠

Robert Carroll : Im glad for technology of today showing what people of color go thru everyday. This has happened to me before too. Be safe brother

Let’s Try -N -See w Dyna B : What if he had bought that house and was going in to look at his purchase!? Imagine that! It’s scary smh

nightmare wolf : I like that the police officers let him take the selfie of them

Dinasty 936 : I don't know if it's racism Or just having the Nobel Prize of dumbness

Trillium: Wild Edibles : Good on these police officers for being rational and telling you to keep the camera rolling, valuable protection for everyone. Idk why this was in my recommended feed, but I'm glad it was. You keep up the hard work Michael! This video shows very well to not judge a book by it's cover.

Andrew Carpenter : How many cops does it take to change a light bulb? None, they just beat the room for being black

Antoine Dickerson : It happens to me everyday!! I check for asbestos before a home is demolished...I've had my share of terrible neighbors..all races!! But word of advice to the police on yourself..I know it sounds funny but I do it all the time especially in nice neighborhoods..give them a heads up that you are there..and everything is on the up and up. It shouldn't be that way but hey we want to make our money with no hassle or threats! Continue to push bruh!

Peridot : I think that Old Lady is Racist

Emma Ferguson : She should be arrested for hate crime.

Hot Fries : Salute to the officer who came out and did his job the right way

Grizz C : I think is super hilarious how people get mad when people don't perpetuate a stereotype

jeremy briggs : bruh you were legit scared of this white woman and that's a sad thing smh 😔

Petrarclan Chann : Great vid... But you will never sell that house now. 😃

SimpleLivingKim : I have so much respect for you. I would have flipped out on her! You have the patience of a saint. Telling you to hurry up.She has ZERO right to tell you anything.

تعلم الروسية مع نورشك : Can just say nice officers

Spicy Hat : Shoulda grabbed the hose, spraying her while yelling, "who you calling ni**er?!" Hire some teenage kids to hop into her backyard to plant some drugs, buy the home, tell a bunch of meth heads to squat in that house for $1000, while simultaneously selling the house to investors, then call police on neighbor, letting them know that you believe she is selling drugs to the entire neighborhood, and that she lives in a trap house, and let them know about the squatters shes been selling to.

The real Vylarion : That is my favorite alternative wording of hell ever, I love it “the sunken place”

S Dogan : But yet, the Black man keeps flocking to the White woman.

THE TOY TIME MACHINE : Lady should have minded her business

Robert French : Great job keeping your cool. People like that give the human race a bad name. You can move into my neighborhood.

Mike Nosa : that male cop was cool

Britney Kelly : This type of stuff just happens in my city man

Lil Avocado : Boi said in the suncken place I’m weak

Shay J : My goodness watching this video has discussed me

Citizen Mike : Hey man thats not a good ad for the house - crazy neighbours . Good luck tho

YahudahThe LionKing : Yeah “they” love to tell us “ you can do anything you chose to do” but with the privileged on the lookout we always have to deal with some extra stress and most times extra expenses and it’s all a part of the plan of minority oppression...

Night Lost : The cops hand gesture at 5:45 with •”I’m going to take you to jail” made me laugh

James Robertson : well spoken guy and he didn't do anything wrong

Make America Great Again : How I am ashamed to be white....