Neighbor Calls The Police on Young Investor!

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Trillium: Wild Edibles : Good on these police officers for being rational and telling you to keep the camera rolling, valuable protection for everyone. Idk why this was in my recommended feed, but I'm glad it was. You keep up the hard work Michael! This video shows very well to not judge a book by it's cover.

yapdog : There has to be some kind of consequence for people who waste tax dollars and valuable police time. There should at least be a fine for calling the police when there's no emergency.

Robert French : Great job keeping your cool. People like that give the human race a bad name. You can move into my neighborhood. : Far more polite than I would have been...

M W : Absolutely ridiculous, what on earth? I'm sorry you had to deal with that sort of trash. Obviously she's just got a problem with people in general because the other man who was white said he too was at the other side of her wrath. She just has massive issues with any human in general.

Alan Heath : Unfortunately that neighbour reduces the value of the property. I would not get involved unless the sales price is really low.

abbaby555 : I'd say it a good sign that's it's not a very nice neighborhood... I'd pass in that dump and invest in a better area

David S : Would have loved to see you tell her you are moving your ten kids and their mom into the house within the next two weeks.

Sven Kopperud : Loopy paranoid people. I used to be a surveyor for the gas company and had to deal with people like her a few times. All the IDs and documentation in the world isnt good enough for them.

Titanic Truths : Yo my man. Where you work at, i need a home bad.

Hot Fries : Salute to the officer who came out and did his job the right way

Minority Nomad : This was handled beautifully from ALL sides. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy Mitchell : stupid people everywhere man,sorry you went thru that

des ray : She did threaten tho. She threatened at least to call the police and she harassed you and physically intimated you into emotional distress

Super J : Good job Memphis PD !!!!!! Makes me feel good about my city ! ( other than the crazy bitch next door )

Moo Moo : Put me in the sunken place ahaha you legend

Leon Jones : This is America!!! Lol

Kyrious : That neighbor was crazy. It’s a shame it’s how some people act. The only thing we do is take one step at a time and move forward.

Dean Rodriguez : Who the hell disliked this video.........oh racists👏👋

Angel Caballero : Racism needs to stop

Michael Taylor : What a shame. You should move in the house and throw huge BBQs every weekend.

BEE HAPPY Wood Working and honeybees : good for you. people like that is what makes it difficult for the country to come together.

realitygaming322 : Uh... you should not invest in that house.. no one with brains will buy that house and live next to that psycho path!!

Dan Rodriguez : She needs BBC

The Hound : I would say that weak people usually do live in fear. Fear causes panic and panic leads to poor decision making skills.

2815Juan : Turned out the way I expected. But the police should be able to write some type of violation on the crazy lady for wasting everyone’s time

cmartin1959 : This is the same thing that happened to that indian man in alabama who was walking down the street,didn't speak english and some racist lady calls the cops,next thing you know one of the cops body slams the old man now he's paralyzed. Welcome to Alabama.

E M : This is just one of a thousand scenarios where the cops get called to a scene, only have the information as reported, and have to ask a few questions do determine what is really going on. It was the legitimacy and willingness to comply on the part of the man recording that made it go so smoothly. Had he refused to comply in any way or started quoting his rights, it would have only raised more suspicion in the minds of the responding officers. Cooperation goes a long way. The only one wrong here was the obviously racist lady next door. Cops don't know everything when walking up to a scene. Helping them get to the truth in a calm and polite way, as this gentleman did, makes all the difference in the world.

Ayee I'm litt : This dude is such a nice guy. He seems like a down to earth person

chris osh : 10 out of 10 for how you handled the situation. I know who I would prefer for a neighbour between the two of you. She's probably the reason your client is selling.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : That woman pisses me off. 😠

Martin S : I wonder why her neighbours felt it necessary to move away from her? I can guess!

draculasgirl1 : Welcome to Trump's America!!! Where the bigots feel they have an inalienable right to be jackasses!!!

Jeff Morse : Neighborhood busybody. I feel sorry for whomever buys that home once its fixed up. I'd hate to have to live next door to that old witch.

Jc JA : Shit is getting out of hand.

SrgntBallisticGaming : Lady: "Hurry up, do it and get out" Female Officer: "Naw" Male Officer: "No. He can take all day" Michael: "I can take all day y'all" I about lost it 😂

Alison Shanahan : Congratulations on keeping your cool and showing her to be the childish one. I have never paid attention to colour, personality is much more important, as that woman proved to all of us. Keep up the good work with your business. Respectfully from Australia

Cammie : The lady was nuts and silly of of her for calling the police, but I am so glad that the situation ended well.

madara uchiha : Can you tell me where this neighbor hood is so I can have all my samali friends love there and flush out all the racist white people out.

Ralph Madera : I can’t believe this is 2018 on the biggest and most powerful nation on the face of the 🌏 earth, I finally realized it, not one is going to destroy us,not terrorism, not natural catastrophe, is gonna be us internally, inside our nation divided by hate ,racism, and prejudicial profiling of people. Unless we come together and learn how to leave in peace as a nation it doesn’t matter how great ,big or powerful we are if we don’t learn how to love each other as we are.

Citizen Mike : Hey man thats not a good ad for the house - crazy neighbours . Good luck tho

skyspruill : We need more cops like them. " I don't care if you're friends with the president" " he can take all day, he in control" lmao love it

Jarrod Stark : It's heartbreaking that this bullshit continues to happen to people of color with such regularity that you expect it, plan for it, and are grateful simply to make it home alive. Is that really where the bar is? In 2018?


JOHN LOBBAN Creative : You handled that well; very professional. That lady was wacko.🤣

Skyscrapers & MegaProjects : That woman is what happens when you mix a super low iq with racism.

Sean L : I am sorry this happened to you. There are bad people everywhere regardless of their skin color.

wolf84 : that's just sad

Benjamin Drake : Hey Michael, I am a white male and I feel for you man. It's really unfortunate in this day and age that people are still so mixed up. Thank you for handling the situation in a classy way.

ajdoesgaming : I am so sorry for what you had to deal with because of those who are scared of people who are different. I think that she seems to be really stupid, and a jackass. You are a very amazing person, and I am so sorry for what people treat you like.