When you trying to do Acapella and someone sings when the not supposed to ( re uploaded )
When you trying to do Acapella and someone sings when the not supposed to

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yaoihunter : Rare footage of the Beatles arguing (1968)

schmoyoho : a masterpiece in comic timing, 10/10 💖

Whiteshark GMA : It's actually very creative, congrats man

world record egg : This kid is a one-man CSGO casual voice chat.

olivia g : me and my 4 personality’s at 3am.

J.G. Beats : Imagine his parents walking in when he was filming one of the frames lol

Kadz : bruh moment

R0m 4n : Dude you so funny keep it up

Doeniel02 : a came looking for copper and I found gold

Marcus Badenhorst : This is what YouTube should be

Kim Jong Un : This video made me change my mind on the west.

Pekarn : This was actaully pretty funny xd

Cheese McGee : Tell your mum that the four of you are all beautiful children

Disgusted Dedede : My last four brain cells

Nursultan Sagatov : 😂😂😂😂dude, you've made my day😂😂😂

12undeadz : It's like a one man Scottish bar brawl


Jessica : Someone shared this on 9gag; and it blew up. I can tell ya this is perhaps the funniest thing on youtube I've seen in awhile. It's original and not copy/paste like majority of videos on youtube. Keep up the good work.

Ryan Stockwell : You're on reddit now. Just found this thanks to it. Well done.

Wildwolf 17 : 00:46 put the speed at 2x

darthalzmaul : man shut your deep voice up

Pursue : This is by far the most beautiful thing YouTube has ever recommended to me.

LordKapuze98 : This is honestly one of the funniest videos I have ever watched :D good job!

Eating Cheese : I love this kid so much

Domestos : Dude, your content is more original than... dunno... I can't speak english. Keep doing this.

Kayla Kenyon : You’re my favourite

Betta Warrior : hes speaking with 4 of himself, hes a genious

Marcelo Montoya : 0:35 when you got a broke ass mic and the echo is real

WhoaKaela : What’s your acapella name ill follow for sure

FLukitas 5 : Me at a exam: Is the A NO IS THE B Definitely is the C Or D?

Julianna Maria : You're a genius, kid. Keep it up.

Just a random person : 0:27 bro ok- b R *O YOU CAN NOT JUST BE LIKE YOU'RE THE STAR*

Nuuf Nuuf : Legend says he have still mic in his mouth

Andymchlk : You are great! Thanks for making me laugh! :)

Guinea Fowl : Literally no one: Bottom right: DONT TALK TO MY FRIENDS LIKE THAT

Martin Beneš : *Top 10 Anime Betrayals*

Polgara Wahrenheit : Good job little man, keep up the good work!

Julio Almeyda : Ha! this made me chuckle. Good job little dude!

BrownGalil : "Shut your deep voice up" - The real Mr. Steal your girl. THIS is gold mate

Zeke Boxington : This kid got great comedic timing jesus

4Abiddin3-[T.C.] : Premium Quality Comedian 👏🏻 better than Amy Schumer

BikestMan : Kid this was really genuinely funny, well done. You have good timing.

FrostBackYeti : This is brilliant man. Keep it up!

ComedyFury : I never knew true art until this.

Tommyboi : This is what YouTube once was. You're keeping the spirit alive

Comrade Seanski : don't ever lose your creativity my dude, this is cute and funny on a wholesome level don't ever give up on your content

My FacialHair : This was published in 2017 kid was ahead of his time.

Sebach82 : Bro, this is actually really well done!

Andrew Darkes : You can pause any second of this video. All 4 stay in character. The expressions are pretty funny.