Man swims naked in SHARK TANK

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Karlzway : Welcome to Canada, eh :) Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more awesome videos <3

Pedro Esteves : You cant fish sharks with a tiny worm like that

colet47 : I guess he wanted to {free willy}

Maj Siddiqui : He sure gave sharks a scare. See how they struggle to swim away. 😂

Maj Siddiqui : It was on his bucket list.

Kaz : skinny dipping taken to a new level

The Life of Toronto : This guy is a hero!

Nineteen Sixty-Nine : That's funny. lol

KittyPouncer : When asked if seeing this was upsetting, witnesses told reporters "it was no big deal". Said one, "I'm not going to let a little thing like that bother me".

Rus : Всегда так в океанариуме отдыхаю.

Beautiful News Boy : Think what ya like, but this man lives life to it's absolute fullest

Zach Digital : Nevermind....

Kat Tarra : He's got more balls than me...literally!

Paul Dilley : Just saying, at least he is showing that sharks aren't the evil dangerous monsters they are portrayed to be. They won't eat you deliberately.

Abdullah Popalzai : He just got arrested!!!

Glitter Cat : Baby shark do do do do do do do


Roy Scheider : We're gonna need a bigger boat :)

Kitten ChowChops : What a complete idiot. Too bad those sharks are well fed.

Ezra Von Hindenburg : White privilege is a hell of a thing; even in the animal kingdom. The sharks didn't even hurt him. And he wont get arrested for doing this. #TheComplexionForTheProtection

FatBot : It seems like he has a great business idea, but I'm afraid he misunderstood something...

caitlinfichtel : Hi. Reaching out with NBC News. Wondering if you took this video? If so, can we use it on all NBCU platforms and partners? Thanks!

zeldafreak1991 : Looks like suicide attempt

elvi hon : Drunk drunk drunk 😂😂😂😂

t h e vangeur : bienvenue les gens du récap

Zainab M : Ha I saw this on CP24

AMARA MCLAUGHLIN : What a time to be at the aquarium. I work at CBC Toronto. Did you take this video? And, can CBC News use your footage for broadcast and online with appropriate credit?

Remus Heghedus : Canada just became worldwide famous!

InCahoots : >Canada Recently allowed recreational marijuana, then this happens Checkmate Pot heads

Antonella Rojas : Hot!!!

Клайд Грифитс : хотел умереть красиво.... или просто запомниться...

Bangbus 2 Karkand : Mutprobe gewonnen ! Dare won !

T-Bone : Apparently he was at Medieval Times before this... o_o

Pedro Ferrari : frito certo

M Pi :

Lex Thava : Those poor fish. Will they provide counselling service to those witnesses?

Salty Diarrhea : Dangle your worm in the wrong place and you'll get bit.

Albigensiac : He has been arrested. His name is David Weaver. He is 37 years old. From Nelson, B.C.

HighRunner : I liieekk what i seeee~~~ 😍🔥💅

Moon Chung : Poor sharks Lol

Eden Da Costa : I absolutely love my city😂😂😂

Daren Scribbins : Was he fishing with a maggot ?

Edward Carnby : Sharks: "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, someone get it out of our tank."

lolofogsworth : Who goes to Aquariums anymore!

bob bo : Would you happen to have an HD version of this and longer?

Brooke Casey : What if the shark bit him, something other than an arm or a leg. Hahaha!

KittyPouncer : It was cold in Toronto on Friday, so Hanlan's Point beach was out of the question...

MovieMuscle : He’s been linked to an assault over by Mid Evil Times restaurant, a few miles away, just before this swim. Police have identified him and are after him.

Abraham Nixon : Anyone who makes the connection of having a Bathroom Voyeur Fetish with Pedophilia is just WRONG. Those two things have NOTHING to do with one another and we shouldn't be shaming folks who get off to Bathroom Voyeur Vids as if it's the same thing as being a Pedophile. Buddy, you couldn't be further from the truth. Ciao.

Dat Faigo : 0:04 diarrhea?