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Jeffrey Panczak : This is like what a child thinks being an adult is like

Kerma7 : I hope Alan makes a movie one day. I want to be trapped in a chair for an hour and a half and made uncomfortable the whole way through

Who B'stank : ADULT SWIM, can you PLEASE give Alan Resnick his own show??

Maria Eckert : This looks like it was made by Martian high school students as their cultural presentation project after their first semester of Earth Studies.

Hrnek Bezucha : Sure as hell he's spreading Lynks disease all over their lovely house.

Senif : Damn, this house has people in it

DJnickbeta : This one feels like the kind of script an AI would write. I'm still not entirely convinced it's not.

Finn Lahey : Alan Resnick is legitimately one of my inspirations, he's somehow incredibly relatable and pleasant while being the strangest little man I've ever encountered. If I can meet him in person someday that would blow my mind, I sometimes wonder if he's this much of a nut in real life. What a strange man he is.

LaGuerre19 : 4:06 they lied. this appears to be a shoes-off household.

G_Boy : Now we wait for Night Minds to explain us wtf we just watched

Phillip Kao : Hey, Coyote Peterson here! And I’m about to enter... this house!

natsoray : Alan's projects are always deeply unsettling. This one feels so... wholesome... it makes me feel unsettled...

RollandDynasty : Alan feels like a parent dropping in unannounced to visit their grown children: judge their living conditions, friends, political views, the friends family life etc. There's the commentary about a younger generation living in a houses together without any familial or romantic connection. John's hunching over in his chair like he's embarrassed, walking away from conversations when something controversial like the 'weapon' appears in the hallway. Alan even wearing what appears to be a dress at the end. Then there's the bit about Amy not trusting him because he's dressed like a colonialist, referencing a generation that took everything without apologizing or trying to make up for it. She seems kind of passive aggressive and resentful of Alan's present throughout. I don't know, maybe I'm just thinking about the holidays coming up. Could mean something else.

彼Iblis : This is like a Google Dreams generated idea of being human

aLiquidReality : Alan Resnick on his continuing series "Trying to be a regular person and failing""

John Doe : I thought the residents were going to be the normal people, but then they turned out to not be and I expected Alan to be normal. Then I was terrified.

Seeker Goldstone : I think a theme here is deception. The first things they say to Alan are lies: "We BOTH decided to let you in our home.", and, "No, leave your shoes on." When she clearly didn't decide to let him in and everyone else is barefoot. Upon rewatching, they lie about a lot... "This is our soft couch." "We watch television in the night." "The other people are asleep." They seem a little off when he asks where they got the "animated sayings". The cookies and coffee looked more like cakes and water. Alan asks a lot of questions that would be obvious to spot a lie, like "what room is this?" and "is this the mirror?" John doesn't make any statements that might be considered an opinion. Their "weapon" is a huge set of lungs and John is disturbed by it. After being lied to back-to-back by John, Alan goes upstairs and is about to jump over the railing. ...that's all I've got for now. Edit: and the whole premise of the bit is that their home looks beautiful from the outside, when viewed from afar

ember.the.traitor : I guess he’s coming to their house and asking them lots of personal questions to allow them to live forever

Cornist : That was the most uncomfortable 9 hours of my life Wait what do you mean it was only 11 minutes?

Hadolf itler : Horror film directors could learn a thing or two from alan, creating an unsettling environment goes along way for developing nightmare fuel

DazureSky : Alan Resnick always manages to make me feel several new kinds of uncomfortable I have never felt before And That's Fine

Four Ninety Five : I got some social media vibes from it. "May I Please Enter?" roughly equates to a friend request. Alan is an online persona of someone. The hosts showing the house is representative of them showing their posts. The photo section represents how we want to show ourselves at our best online, but the truth is sometimes the opposite. The sayings on shelf are just memes. The overarching theme is that social media is kind of a shitty way for humans to communicate with one another. ANyways, just my interpretation. The whole thing as a package is well done.

Black Ice : my wife has HARE

SaltFueled : The quick shifting of pacing and tone from literally every shot shows Resnick's mastery as a jack of all. It feels discombobulated, it reminds me of when I'm in a manic episode, and also resembles what schitzofrenic people describe their life as, shattered perspectives that at the end can leave you confused and wandering. Much like Alan in the short, wandering from peice to piece, wondering what a full life could be.

Darlan : I love how he simply walk into the wall at 6:25.

Witness : This is usually how I go about making friends in lucid dreams

vikuserro : I like it ^^ I like how the social interactions fall into the "uncanny valley". Almost something considered as normal but a little bit off.

Jonas Kupė : God damn shia lebouf actin crazy again

Timmy Dirtyrat : I'll bet that house is free real estate.

kelseyyrenee : I keep re-watching the intro, it terrifies me! That happy reality show exterior mixed with the chaotic manipulative energy of the character Alan plays: “May I please enter right now?!” says so much. 😬 I’ll definitely be back to dig into this further.

Mason Bourgeois : This one has a really nice vibe to it. Just goes to show that you shouldn't be afraid of someone for being a little weird, you might just make a new friend who shares your love of cookies, coffee, and a little experimental biological weapons technology too!

Human Ratteler : How. How do they do that. Keeping my mind from ever fully grasping what I’m watching. It’s a little draining actually. Continuously absorbing something new for 11 minutes and 13 seconds.

Ryan Rotolo : I have never seen an Alan Resnick project that doesn’t fill me with joy and confusion

NF2K : This feels to me like three AIs trying to simulate humans communicating with each other

Pamka : But does this house have people in it?

Marcel Miranda : OMG I just realized something: THAT HOUSE IS THE SOUND HOUSE FROM UNEDITED FOOTAGE OF A BEAR see for yourself!

Insania Nevi : I want someone too look at me the same way Alan stared and reached at John in the "cookies" scene. Also we need a 24/ live stream of Alan, Alan is love, Alan is life.

Maciek300 : please come into my house alan

Quan Taps : This is some David Lynch type nightmare

Time Remap : How nice of them to let him enter

illusineer : world peace

Ayden Bradley : I wish Alan would come to my house, turn my doorbell into a noodle, and then compliment my weapon.

DougWildeTV : Alan is the king of bringing fever dreams to life.

Lone Developer : I had to conduct a reality check halfway through the video - the surreal nature convinced me I was dreaming

Deathbypvt : What is the morse code at 8:31

Daniel Killorin : I feel like people really misunderstand the use of humor in these videos. This is by no means a comedy skit. The humor is only there to make you feel welcome like maybe everything is ok. Then they hit j with the trippy creepy switch up. When they were at the table eating cookies and coffee and Alan was telling jokes about the swimsuit it made you feel kinda at ease. Then he asks "Is there anyone else living in this house?" And suddenly you're mind starts to go off and think of all the dark possibilities on what could happen next. This is a terror video that communicates political and moral ideology.

Perkins : 5:29 when an NPC notices you going up the stairs in their house

Phoebe Kearl : More Alan Resnick content? It's about darn-tootin' time!!

kelly hui : I have so many questions.