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Jeffrey Panczak : This is like what a child thinks being an adult is like

Foxpaw Inc : I see Alan is continuing his trend of spending large amounts of Adult Swim’s money just to shot-for-shot recreate nightmares that he’s had

Macieks300 : please come into my house alan

Maria Eckert : This looks like it was made by Martian high school students as their cultural presentation project after their first semester of Earth Studies.

Kerma7 : I hope Alan makes a movie one day. I want to be trapped in a chair for an hour and a half and made uncomfortable the whole way through

Senif : Damn, this house has people in it

Jonas Kupė : God damn shia lebouf actin crazy again

Hrnek Bezucha : Sure as hell he's spreading Lynks disease all over their lovely house.

DJnickbeta : This one feels like the kind of script an AI would write. I'm still not entirely convinced it's not.

Ryan Rotolo : I have never seen an Alan Resnick project that doesn’t fill me with joy and confusion

Who B'stank : ADULT SWIM, can you PLEASE give Alan Resnick his own show??

KalElKryptonsFinest : The subtext that it took 6 people to afford that house was not lost on me.

DougWildeTV : Alan is the king of bringing fever dreams to life.

natsoray : Alan's projects are always deeply unsettling. This one feels so... wholesome... it makes me feel unsettled...

RollandDynasty : Alan feels like a parent dropping in unannounced to visit their grown children: judge their living conditions, friends, political views, the friends family life etc. There's the commentary about a younger generation living in a houses together without any familial or romantic connection. John's hunching over in his chair like he's embarrassed, walking away from conversations when something controversial like the 'weapon' appears in the hallway. Alan even wearing what appears to be a dress at the end. Then there's the bit about Amy not trusting him because he's dressed like a colonialist, referencing a generation that took everything without apologizing or trying to make up for it. She seems kind of passive aggressive and resentful of Alan's present throughout. I don't know, maybe I'm just thinking about the holidays coming up. Could mean something else.

Phillip Kao : Hey, Coyote Peterson here! And I’m about to enter... this house!

Finn Lahey : Alan Resnick is legitimately one of my inspirations, he's somehow incredibly relatable and pleasant while being the strangest little man I've ever encountered. If I can meet him in person someday that would blow my mind, I sometimes wonder if he's this much of a nut in real life. What a strange man he is.

LaGuerre19 : 4:06 they lied. this appears to be a shoes-off household.

Beor Eviols : Can't wait for somebody to analyse this and have every detail make sense

Tim Slee : It's a satire of how the media intrudes peoples lives and how it sets artificial social standards... I think.

Craynonymous : I'm glad I could see one last thing this beautiful before the lynks makes it to my pineal gland.

C Note : This is why people don't respect smaller white men..

YoyoChickenBro : My theory is that this is a satire on American TV (in this case a show showcasing homes and people living there). The host is a flashy character, and he enters homes, except for the fact that he acts almost like he doesnt know anything. The “show” tries to make the people seem more extravagant by making them act like they have cool things (the animations). It also seems to subconsciously push certain political agendas, as some tv shows may do.

GM Trash : *chanting in the distance* night mind, night mind, night mind, night mind, night mind, night mind, NIGHT MIND, NIGHT MIND, NIGHT MIND

A Vandal : One of those artists you see and immediately like it before even watching it.

John Hogan : Goddamn I love Alan Resnick and his soft, featureless face

彼Iblis : This is like a Google Dreams generated idea of being human

GargoyleGuy : Man I got crazy Twin Peak's season 3 vibes when he first was going up those stairs at the start, and it did not stop being lynchian for any other part.

ProjectX 3dsman : At first I thought the cowboy guy was going to turn out to be a vampire because of the myth that vampires can only enter homes when invited in. He was strangely persistent in entering. I wonder if this video has any meaning to it or if it is just supposed to be random, strange, and uncomfortable to give a sense of humor.

Blake Vehrs : Historically, the cowboy has been a symbol of masculinity. Consider John. He's smaller than Alan, the white cowboy. A "smaller white man", if you will--the ones Amy hates. If you watch his body language, you can tell that he's always looking to Amy for approval. During the coffee and cookies scene, John is holding his legs together to protect his genitals while Amy is crossing her legs in a relaxed fashion. During the weapon scene, John is protecting his genitals. When Alan conveys to Amy how much he likes the weapon, John turns away defeated. Sex is the weapon Amy uses to emasculate John and force him into an unhappy ten years with no romantic relationship. Notice during the guitar scene, Alan seizes the guitar from John and after he begins playing, Amy uncrosses her arms and begins clapping along. Amy clearly likes Alan better for his masculinity, while John gets symbolically cuckolded because his masculinity has been taken from him by submitting to Amy for sex. This video is about the emasculation of men in today's society. Maybe that's why John looks "funny" as a baseball catcher and why Alan looks "funny" as some sort of schoolgirl. They're switching roles. Now, I can't say for sure how this relates to the reality TV show narrative or the presence of others in the home. But this should get the ball rolling.

Ringkun Mori : Is this a symptom of lynks disease?

PaiN ExoTiC : Not gonna lie, this is definitely me when I ask to come into someone's house but they say no so I force entry into their house instead to go on a house tour.

Carter : My secret canon for this video is that this is within the SCP universe. The cowboy is a reality bender who spreads chaos on his "show". Due to the extraordinary extent of his abilities he likes to make things interesting by looking for people with interesting houses and needing permission to enter. As he explores the house he changes the rooms to feature random anomalous items, then having the owners believe they always owned them and explain what it is. As for why he has no home, he has no need for it. He is beyond human now, but most importantly cowboys know how to live in the outdoors...

DazureSky : Alan Resnick always manages to make me feel several new kinds of uncomfortable I have never felt before And That's Fine

M P : This is what happens when Hollywood makes a movie based off of a game. Most of this was not in red dead redemption 2.

Kotta Maa : Worth Noting that everything he touches becomes squishy.

KalElKryptonsFinest : This is a weapon we own.

Empathy Lessons : I wish 90% of all content released by anyone was made by Alan.

NOT AGAIN : People have some good theories about this. I havent seen anyone address the part with the strange weapon though.

Norrin Radd : Is this going to be a series? I'd let Alan Resnick into my home.

Pamka : But does this house have people in it?

Daniel Killorin : I feel like people really misunderstand the use of humor in these videos. This is by no means a comedy skit. The humor is only there to make you feel welcome like maybe everything is ok. Then they hit j with the trippy creepy switch up. When they were at the table eating cookies and coffee and Alan was telling jokes about the swimsuit it made you feel kinda at ease. Then he asks "Is there anyone else living in this house?" And suddenly you're mind starts to go off and think of all the dark possibilities on what could happen next. This is a terror video that communicates political and moral ideology.

Sassy the Sasquatch : 1:25 Jesus Christ

Ken Barnes : My interpretation: The cowboy represents right wing politics, the homeowners represent the left wing. The right wing is dated, the left wing's relationship (or lack thereof) is multi-racial, non-traditional, with hints of "cuck" (the new definition of powerless men, not necessarily the sexual term.) representing the wide variety of people that vote for them. The cowboy's insistence of entering reflects the invasiveness of right-wing moral legislation, like gay marriage laws. His words do not reflect his menacing actions. The lumps of flesh in the hallway is the "weapon" of abortion or abortion laws. The animated sayings are things the left wing thinks but do not show in public. The "sleeping" people in the house could be several things: people that vote for Democrats from beyond the grave, a reference to the Clinton's murder rumors, or a suggestion that no one can really afford that house. Everyone dressing up in costumes is both sides' awkward attempts to be civil.

George Emdin : Red Dead 2 DLC trailer?

kelseyyrenee : I keep re-watching the intro, it terrifies me! That happy reality show exterior mixed with the chaotic manipulative energy of the character Alan plays: “May I please enter right now?!” says so much. 😬 I’ll definitely be back to dig into this further.

calf deck : how much budget did adultswim production team spend on drugs during creating the script?

John Doe : I thought the residents were going to be the normal people, but then they turned out to not be and I expected Alan to be normal. Then I was terrified.

aLiquidReality : Alan Resnick on his continuing series "Trying to be a regular person and failing""

Tanguo : this is surprisingly wholesome