African Penguins & Shark Spotting: 48 Hours in Cape Town

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Draw Curiosity : Hey y'all! I had a blast making this video and I'm glad you're all enjoying it so much. I'd love to hear which was your favourite part!

LeVral Noval : ... and just be like "oh yeah, this is one of the things"? **inaudible** okay. cool. funny. i always do that. if i can't understand i just nod and say okay.

Kurtis Baute : Maybe its partly that Cape Town looks beautiful - but I feel like your camera+editing game is particularly strong on this video - looks Amazing!!! :D

Ivan Dequito : Weee New Video! I want visit South Africa too. I will watch now :D

msbeautyphile : Looks like so much fun! Here's to adventure!

Nicholas Hoi : Ahhhhhh Sooo good to be back on this channel

Ath Athanasius : Anyone else take a moment to realise why that music around 01:35 sounds familiar? I know it's free to use, hence it being 'from' Kerbal Space Program in my case :D .

Onihikage : I can't believe it! Somebody turned Andy Serkis into a cockroach!

zenn22 : 🎵Freeeeee🎵Nelson🎵Mandela!🎵 *with every order

μαύρο φωτιά : Hahaha! the talking roach! haha! Monkeys on the road? ok! hahaha! good video!

SP van Zyl : I live in Cape Town and loved this video. I'm glad you enjoyed your time! Definitely come back soon! So much more to see!

Martin Špina : Good job! I’ve never been to Cape Town but my brother was and he absolutely loved it! Thank you for sharing your African experience.

Russ Arno - Incredible Oceans : Thanks for having me along Ines! It was sooooo much fun.

Petr Mořic : Welcome back! (sort of)

Eduardo Pérez : Extraordinario!!’

Neuro Transmissions : Beautiful scenery! My brother studied abroad in Cape Town and absolutely loved it. Would love to visit some day!

David Holland : Adorable as an African Penguin, speak properly, loves animals, as smart as the day is long, if she loves rock music and is fluent in sarcasm and dark humour i might have to Marry her :o Jokes aside you are a fantastically genuine presenter, and your stitch voice is a solid 9/10

javier sánchez : Que bonito es tenerte de vuelta :)

stcredzero : You look like the new Deadpool character in the thumbnail! (Surge)

Sandcastle • : Everyone's people are diverse. But glad to hear about good vibes coming out of south Africa. The countries going to dark places, again.

N English : Such a contrast to the rest of Africa and a really cool video snapshot of the area.

Sciency Optimist : Fun video! Why are there no penguins in the Arctic?