[hate5six] Jesus Piece - July 29, 2017

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majorigpa : Well it ain't no Fleetwood Mac but I can get into it.

Olie Sydenham : 0:53 the least dangerous spinkick of all time

like dayum : BRUH did she say "get up motherfuckers" at 20:24

Joshua Rivera : That little girl stole my fucking heart. Shes like the daughter I hope to have in the future

Adhi Andhika : I report this video for being too hard

DR : Hardcore kids need to do more stretching. If you can't kick above your belly button, your hamstrings are probably too tight.

Charles Middleton : That moment Kodi and Aaron look at each other at 21:17 looks like a movie! Thank you hate5six for sharing this set. Thank you Jesus Piece for the great set and the dope music.

Doug Wagner : Nice to see at least one crowd at TIHC bring it.

guillermo cebrian : The real legend here ls that fucking bass player!🌋

bbbbBeaver : That dude front-flipping on the stage at 21:03 kills me every time.

ADRIAN XF : How this video just beat my ass

like dayum : fucking CHILLS when the dude from Kaonashi came out

Nunya Bidness : Kodi the super girl is rad

TheUndert0ker : Glad to see the Star Wars Kid Dance is still alive

Music World : Awesome sonic quality. Props to the engineer and production crew.

afroinness : Will I be cool if I go to one of these gigs?

Jonathan Orellana : The singer is the only black person in there!!! and they say that there are only white privileges when in there the black guy is the boss!!! ,....... wait!!! there are a couple more !! :)

dieffenbach12jeff : I'll never understand why people stage dive knowing damn well no pussy hardcore kids are gonna hold them up. Furthermore, FILL THAT PIT IN! Y'all look like your parents just dropped you off at the roller rink waiting around the floor n shit. This is hardcore? Good music though!

Steve F : Someone has a sick voice crack at 01:48

herbert lopez : this sucks

Vincent Torchinsky : Song's name ? That break at 0:46 is fucking crushing

lee marc escover : FLAKKA is one hell of a drug!

BrandonOProductions : this was such a great time

razorredg : Where is the 'heavy' shirt from? Need it

grape ape : Sounded like Haste with that little chick singing at the same time

Kendo Ish : Just to add that little chick at the end has got it. She was right at home up there and she most definitely has the pipes. Her screams are sicker than 90% of people 2x her age. Get that girl a band and let her go off.

Fervid Torpor : Good to see Jack Black is back and doing good things. He plays a mean supporting guitar.

Noah Widmeyer : That big fella doing flips makes me so happy

Steve F : That little girl is the next Freddy Madball, hardcore at a young age.

EphKa Lachnikov : I want to see the little girl at ALL THE SHOW !! ALLLLLLL !!!!!!

Charles Kang : So no more moshing just punching and kicking each other. Ok

Andrew Banuelos : this is absolutely amazing

Hell'sAssCrew : DEADMAN'S SHOES ( French Brutal Negative HxC ) !!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUmzn74OmP5U_aHG55KPJQ

deac tivate : lol

Jay Mazella : 1:15 “we opresd n sheeit muhfugguh” Imagine my shock..

Alex T : the best part of this is that the crowd is full of totaly different people

Jack Carino : setlist?

Dane Gardner : Shawn White plays bass too???


Marcus Lee : This might be one of the best hardcore shows I've watched in loooooong time


Nick Spaloss : Peter kills it!

Jeremy Davis : what is wizard stompin in 2014 and how can I get one of those shirts

Иван Гангадзе : Круто звучат)) танцульки в зале lol

Ulrik Linstad : That kid at the end NAILED IT!

Eek a Mouse : so good haha!

Cullen Sweeney : YOOOOOOOOO

Sky Little : Hard fucking core

FlipperWolf : <3

Bigbad Beardo : 21:00