Asheville Bear Wreck

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Stefon : I wonder if he would've hit the bear if the bear was white...

Harry Kane : literally looked like a ragdoll, the video games actually got this one right

vincentpol : This is why you have a dashcam. F-in scamming bears.

FreezyPenguin : You bearly hit him..

Age of PC : You must have paid a lot for a camera like that back in the year 2000 ;)

David Fasci : JRE brought me here

Ryan Clemens : Did you even brake at all? Jesus. Might want to pay some more attention to the road/environment.

Shakeeb Majid : Joe Rogan brought me here

Robert Murry : 10/10 would not get out of car after pissing off bear with my bumper...

Brock M : PowerfulDeadBlackBear

TheEschwank02 : good resolution for the year 2000. also cool that you had a flatscreen back then.. in your car no less.

BrutalGoerge : He was obviously going pretty slow in the first place. Some of the people commenting are dumber than a Trump voter.

maxboogie : JRE squad reporting!

GrubblandeGrapplern : What was it he wanted to smoke?

m8 : Wow, Bears are tough. That was at least a tonne of speeding metal it was smacked with and it just got right back up.

Fiasco117 : turn yourself in.


Cassie Lowe : this guys reaction time is pretty awful for the speed hes driving. i live on the eastcoast and ive had deers jump in front of my car and i slam my brakes on and we both make it out safe and sound

KatyPeezy : hELLO, i AM A cAT aNd i WORK fOr tHe cAt mEDIA, wE ArE iNTEREsTeD iN lICESNINng yOuR vIDEO, BUT i cAn oNLy type AFtER i Hit mY bOng ANd iT wIll ONlY lAST FoR mEOw MEOw mEOW mEOW mEOW meow

MsSunhappy : wow poor bear just got off from rummaging for food in a bin.

Phero : The bear was faking it.

Sand Man : #BlackBearsMatter

Dan Roy : Good thing you set up that dashcam exactly 24 days ago

John Manett : all im wondering is why was he recording in the first place?not saying he purposely hit the bear somehow just curious


Nohmad : Straight up knocked that bear into the shadow realm.

Ryan Venturino : Joe Rogan podcast brought me here

Erocktastic : Reasons why you don't use the a phone and drive.... And reasons why speed limits exist.

RoboticDragon : Yeah dont talk on the phone while driving you idiot, maybe you wouldnt hit anybody then.

SoulEjecta : Aside from the fact that the bear limped off to go die a painful death, this video is pretty hilarious.

Rowbance : Looks like the bears are catching up to these insurance scam techniques. He must've been all outta honey to do such irresponsible things.

Brian Northrup : o but that joe rogan bump tho

Polar Bear : I'm in the comments thinking I'm the only person who found this extraordinarily funny.

Camo Monkey : *_OH MY G O D_*

Mrlegitbeans : Driver was not at fault 1. Speed. If you've ever driven before, you know that the driver was going at around 35 ish, which is the typical speed limit for that kind of road. You can tell his speed wasn't even that fast judging from how fast he managed to stop. 2. Phone. He was talking on speaker. Totally legal and responsible. 3. Vision. The bear came from the right side of the road just as he rounded the bend. No way in hell would you be able to react that quickly.

Henry Audubon : Get off your phone when you're driving!

Mr.JC3241 : play this at 0.5 speed

Aetrion : Wow, all these people saying they wouldn't have hit that bear. Do you all think you're Jedis who can see the future or something? It's literally only about two thirds of a second between it coming into view and getting hit. Even if you completely ignore reaction times you wouldn't be able to stop a car that quickly.

Brandon Funkhouser : It actually looks like it's probably ok. It rolled up onto the hood a tiny bit which may have kept it from sustaining enough brunt force trauma to kill it. You see this sometimes in videos of motorcyclists getting hit. Usually when they roll up onto the hood/windshield, they end up walking away just a little bruised up, but when they get hit dead on and go FLYING the opposite direction, that's when they get killed.

Joseph Marshall : Enjoy The Joe Rogan Bump

Jesse Solorio III : joe rogan brought me here

sailcat662 : The only question I have is why did he pull over? To exchange information?

Stjepan Pranjic : I cant stop laughing, the way it tumbles is hilarious, I'm sorry.

a4achtung : Just trying to get home and smoke a huge f......

John F : I love how the bear just got up and ran in to the woods like nothing happened.

Yukiko Dove Duo Creative Communication : Hi, I work from Japanese media, we are interested in licensing your video. How can I contact you? we will pay compensation for this offer. Thanks!

Check Mate : CAN we please ban drugs already so we can prevent more car accidents like this? Check Mate, stoners.

mmafan2223 : HADUKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny D : Someone is gonna use this as anti-marijuana propaganda

Senti : "Smoke a big fuckin'..." *Karma*