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Lyndsy Simon : I remember watching this when it was released. I just showed it to my 7-year-old daughter; thus, a new generation of Trogdor adoration was born.

NerdSurge : One of the greats. I remember watching this in college.... 15 BURNINATING YEARS AGO! I will die old and alone except for Trogdor.... soon.

steven loy : This never gets old. "Burninating the peasants, burninating all the people"

Mike Krier : Trogdor was a man. Well ok he was a dragon-man. Well ok maybe he was just... a dragon. But he was still TROGDOR!!!!!

Seymour : 17 people lived in thatch-roofed cottages.

Based Sekibanki : so this is where blizzard got the inspiration for troggzor the earthinator

Alera Moreno : Lol is it bad I want a tattoo of Trogdor? xD

SwimmerGotSoul : This brings such joy to my heart.

JacketsNest101 : Playing xenoblade, and apparently the development were big fans of trogdor. They named one of ring's arts burninate.


Sparky Marie : I miss this Internet

missile kid : Burninating the peasants!

Jason Pearson : Thank you. You made my night!!!

dubcinmadtown : The 14 people that dislike this should be shot!

FDHS News : Time flys

Tyson Ly : g 2 g lol

sweet tart : If you dislike this you should be burninated.


Chaotic S : anyone else get a one punch theme vibe from the song?

Krisha Patel : Trogdor is life!

Rock21 : My band likes to cover this song

Fredrik Svärd : s, more different s

Post-Modern Czechoslovakian War Factory : Man, I can't remember how long ago I first saw this gem. It's absolutely beautiful! ;)

robertcody16 : Came across the splash "Consummate V's" on the Minecraft title screen. Instantly recognized the reference. Had to come watch the video. It'd been years since I'd seen this. xD

Gargirl _ : Wow. Second grade flashbacks

pewzaphone adventurer : this is on guitar hero

Kevin M : It has been over 10 years since I’ve seen this video in high school! Brings back good memories. Trogdor 4 Lyfe!!!

lvna msp : I showed my friend the come on fhwhagads video and she is still laughing hysterically 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

TreeDee71to75 : I somehow missed this! Please tell me there is a Trogdooor Store ! CONSUMATE VEEZ!

Jynxred Foxy : This is trogdor songni remember..haha, so awesome


Ovar : I came here from thedooo

Triphus : I'm a wingaling dragon

Triphus : I'm a wingaling dragon

AnimeChuck : I came here from denmo

Eduardo Lopez : I drew this 0.o

Kevin Kingrey : Chiaroscuro shading@ 2:16

Sukiholic : does anybody know where to find the easter eggs?


Suzy Karagosian : A classic

Prime Jeremy : Toby's Falcor is better.

SirMac13 : 52 peasants were burninated.


TROGDOR1009 : trogdor sucks

Wesley Kennedy : The song is terrible all those screams!

Aramis419 : I haven't seen this in 9 years! Holy crap! 

Alberto Brando : I'll improve on YOUR methods *burns drawing*

DJ Waffleston : Holy fuck how'd you gif on your YT profile?

The Josh : "Guy wouldn't know majesty if it bit him in the face." "That happened once!" Me: What? Just... what?

douchefuckmcgee : Who cares, enjoy one of the best things on the internet!