Mixed Connection, Toxic Result

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Useless Duck Company : Why am i so facinated by these. And the narrator sounds like the narrator from homeworld

Dan Watt : Who LOCKS emergency breath masks......

Doxie Lain : Why in earth did the company lock their respirators up? that seems insane

Liam Tarr : Who thought no labels was a good idea?

Artisan Auto Body : A most excellent use of tax money, imo. Thank you for your informative videos.

Ben Barker : Your quality keeps going up, fluid sims, lighting, shaders, mocap, etc.

Hughes Enterprises : I don't like that there are industrial disasters where people get hurt... but I sure do love the videos showing what went wrong.

TheSpacecraftX : Really high quality animation on this one.

465maltbie : Another excellent presentation, people learn better from this format than from a flyer or bulletin. Thank you.

10mintwo : yaaas my monthly dose of engineering failure autism is here

readmorebooksidiots : The reenactment graphics are great in this one! Did your cgi person get new software?

voxelemur : My question is why the hell are dangerous chemical combinations not prevented by using different types of valves so that they don't ever mix them up? Why aren't they at least color coded?

Mark Collins : Good thing CSB received funding this year - it was on the block to be eliminated.  All engineering & safety students should watch theses videos.

Gustav Derkits : Write your congressman! Trump’s budget proposes eliminating the chemical Safety Board. It costs $11 million per year , less than Trump will gain from his tax change, and it saves lives. The real reason for the proposed shutdown is that companies want to avoid the expense of safety and avoid objective accident analysis when a lawsuit occurs.

Geoff Wood : I love these videos please don’t ever stop

A S : why the hell would you lock up escape respirators????

Joeylawn36111 : If the operator had just waited to watch where the Driver attached that Hose instead of walking away....

Charles Thomas : The animation is strong with this one. One thing I noticed is the trailer, it looked like an MC407. These types of trailers have an internal hydraulic valve to shut off flow quickly if there is a problem. There are devices that breakaway and vent the pressure holding the internal valve open. One or two in the front and one at the rear. Hit them with your hand and they snap off fairly easily, shutting the internal isolation valve thus stopping the flow. It seems the driver was trying to manually shut the external valve but could no reach it, then tried to shut the internal from the other side. DOT drivers should know this, but it is an easy thing to miss when there is an emergency. Something to keep in mind if you are loading/unloading trailers. Drivers should also be in attendance during transfers per DOT regulations within 25 feet of the hose/isolation valves IIRC. Being in the cab is not in attendance and if he was watching the transfer he would have been able to stop it. There are some gaps in plant readiness for a vapor cloud. Putting some water from a fire monitor would have probably knocked down some of the gas. I don't even need to comment on the respirators being locked up. Those photos of the vapor cloud are stunning in scope. The DOT Emergency Response Guide for evacuation of the area is up to 7 miles downwind depending on conditions. Anyways, enough of my armchair quarterbacking from my soapbox. Be safe out there.

lassefar Thygesen : vape nation represent

Winston Duong : they have stepped up their animation game 10 fold, its awesome. We need full documentaries made by these people

Harrison William : Why would this company not have the fill lines tagged out and labeled? There should be locks on each fill line with a tag stating what line it unlock and each line should have it's own separate lock.

Pedro Brito : We should be pouring buckets of funding into this agency, so much learning so little videos 😭

icannotfly : the graphics just keep getting better and better!

Leo Williamson : As a Health and Safety committee Chair and former Chemical Controller at a large facility I was somewhat appalled that there were no labels on the connections, no supervision of the connection and a the operator did not ensure that the NaCl connection was not locked before leaving the area, after it's last use.

Sean Fowler : It seems like the connections of the two chemical fill pipes should be different so there is no way to connect to the wrong fill line

John Tucker : Conservatives want more industrial deregulation? Why, so workers and the public can be exposed to dangers and poisons like this?

juan gonzalez : Hey we have these two chemicals that are highly toxic if mixed right? What if we put both of the fill nozzles 18" apart instead of on opposite ends of the compound because reasons. Ya know these two compounds in tanks that probably have bleed valves for when they heat up and over pressure. Yeah, all of these are great ideas.

felix the cat : i can't get enough of these videos, is there any similar channels on youtube like this anyone can suggest?

Luis Gil : Congrats, the quality of the video it's so great and professional as usual. Thank you for sharing it.

TheCarson116 : Well, it's unfortunate that another incident like this had to happen, just thank God no one was killed. I have to agree that the operator should have been on scene during the filling, to make sure the correct fill line was used and the filling was done properly, along with all chemical facilities across the nation should have automatic valves between EVERY piece of equipment and piping, in case of an accident like this one. In addition those valves (and by extension all valves at every chemical plant across the US) should have been clearly marked so the driver knew which was which. Although I'm sort of surprised that while the CSB covered most of the problems that lead to the incident both in the animation itself and in the investigation breakdown after, the one thing they did not mention was that emergency respirator cabinets should be unlocked at all times. After all, someone's life may depend on them. It's also interesting to see actual brand names now(excluding the names of the companies which were involved/responsible for the incident) in the CSB's animations, like the Mack truck in this animation.

OttoVonNitro : USCSB notification squad checking in! (Better late than never)

tc : Operators under stress is cause of all accidents.

Ron Wilson : *Brilliant! WW1 trench gas released.*

TheWittyGeek : The animations are those of a popular YouTube channel but the deadpan demeanor of the people screams federal government. Overall, these.videos are really interesting and I hope y'all continue to produce them.

javier7high : If we're so worried about robots taking over we should start doing our jobs better lol, I mean look at these dudes, chemical transfer happens without any supervision, incorrect connection, breathing equipement locked up.

PopcornMax179 : When are we gonna get a feature film?

L V : Awesome work and informative. I actually look forward to this videos.

Ryan Taylor : Love the animations and technical explanations. How many of you knew EXACTLY what went wrong the second you saw the two chemical connections were the same size/type and located right next to each other? Murphy's 1st Law, what can go wrong, WILL go wrong.

Atayfordays : Love the new graphics

Fred Frond : Human factors? Wtf make sure everything especially loading of liquids and even powders into the process is labeled in a chemical plant. You have labels on the washroom. Your spice rack spices are labelled this is beyond unacceptable. What would your food taste like if you had no idea of the spices you were using. Sounds like a half assed operation. Hopefully Trump does not kill this agency. Regulations too many, get rid of them.🤨

John Anders : Who would lock their respirators, that’s like locking emergency doors, or locking a life ring at a pool

Nataku : Locking up PPE is also stupid

kein Schritt auf Snek : **laughs in german**

Robert K : I dont understan two things. Why the operator did not wait untill the driver connect the hose even from distance. Why driver did not go for ask which hose is which. Both of them knew that they are not filling the swimming pool....

corie dunn : I’m watching this cause I filmed the gas while flying my drone and got an interview to use my footage on the news

Sheldon Wiebe : only in kansas this would happen

MUHAMMAD ALIM ADHA BIN MAKHTAR - : It's seem like the Bhopal incident...

Gameboygamer64 : This feels like a TV show.

Corvid : 4:10 I seriously hope no firefighter was stupid enough to walk into a cloud of Chlorine gas wearing a fire tunic... even the pump in my tiny retained station has a couple of the old "Teletubbie" spaceman suits to be worn over your entire BA set!

Art Deco Jeweller : so a chemical factory not has chemical clothes to work in toxic gasses? and they have permission to operate? america is a mess hahaha