Debbie Downer: Disney World - SNL

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Mikael Dume : By The Way it's Official

Randyy1 : 4:08 I love the quick litltle "womp womp", it really made them crack up 😂

adaptiveagile : Whenever Jimmy Fallon loses it I can’t stop crying.

Rhino Repossessed my Fax Machine : It’s official; I can’t have children **uncontrollable laughter**

Master Chain : lol, the challenge of creating a skit where everyone's supposed to look bummed out but can't stop laughing at Rachel.

CurtisDonDeano : lmfaooooo at the fact that they could not stop laughing

j3wpb : Horatio drying his eyes with a waffle, lmao! 5:05

neekless : they guy in yellow laughed till he cried lmao AND HE WIPED HIS TEARS WITH THE WAFFLE HAHAHA

Salih Khamees : That wouldn’t have been half as funny if they haven’t laughed

Karstens Creations : Man, they tried SOOOO VERY, VERY hard to NOT break. But once they started to, and a few lost it...all bets were off. Tim Conway and Harvey Korman would be proud.

keefriff99 : This is the best cast meltdown ever, LOL.

Cameo64 : Rachel Dratch has to be one of the funniest SNL members ever. Love her skits

WALTER SOBCHAK : Remember when Lindsay Lohan was still hot?....Waaaa, WAAAAAaaaaa

ttintagel : This is the funny version of what living with clinical depression is like.

mlp2be4ever : Lidnsey was wearing pink...but was it on Wednesday?

Charles Russell : This was the best Debbie Downer ever lmao

Amelia Hines : I love how Amy is looking down and slowly cutting her waffles to hide her face.

Jen-Wei Huang : I walked past Rachel once here in NYC but didn't have a trombone with me, unfortunately.

McK : God I love "By the's official........i can't have children!"

faith spam : the guy wiping his tears away with a mickey mouse waffle is a whole mood

OhMyLucia : I think I've never laughed so hard

MURK3 : They never really did catch that anthrax guy

RayJ-HT : OMG I feel like I just did sit-ups. This is the funniest SNL skit ever! I can never watch it without crying laughing.

Arcadia Occult Curio Shop Autumn Storm Hp : Rachel Dratch destroyed the room that is the sign of an great comedian.

Craig Bryson : This moment will go down in SNL history!

mootbooxle : Rachel breaking character is such a beautiful train wreck!

Scott Martin : Debbie Downer with the giggles gives me hope.

Mandy Shores : Horatio Sanz' uncontrolable laugh is the best thing ever. In the corner crying. Damn, i miss this cast. They were sooo funny and perfect together

Spalman : why does this look so 90s

Amy Smith : "Myow myowww" I died.

D3D2 : oh the hot lindsay days..

Ashmita Dutta : When I feel sad ... I come here

Michelle Correa : Rachel Dratch is ADORABLY funny!!!!!!

Andrew Miller : Everyone agrees that this is THE best SNL skit right?

Brendon! at the disco : I absolutely love how all of them broke character so fast. 😂😂

Just A Guy : So much funnier when they lose it...

William Robertson : "by the way, it's official"

peppermill81 : This is probably one of the best Debbie Downers. It's impossible for me to not to laugh. Maybe part of it is the fact the actors can't keep character. Sometimes that detracts form the skit, but in this one, it just adds to it. Rachel Dratch, you are amazing and I want to see you in more things.

E.W. Swan : "By the way, it's official... I can't have children."

David Morales : We need to see more Debbie downer

BrianJC : “I can’t have children” 😂😂

joshuatxuk : The sound effects person is truly an unsung hero.

MIchael Lamb : I ♥️ it how they were almost screwed it up with all the laughing , especially at the happiest place on Earth 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Kareem Osborne : This will always be classic..puts me in tears everytime

Autism Robotrix : Who else finds Debbie Downer extremely relatable?

mstalcup : Nobody can make 'em laugh like Debbie.

Just Zane : The character breaks 😂

Nicholas Markowski : I love Amy Poehler so much

Reek Reeker : Now I understand why Tracy Morgan hated Fallon. He just keeps destroying every SNL bit by laughing and triggering others to laugh too. It's not even that funny. It's like he is craving for attention.

Alayja Burkhart : My favorite.....of all time