Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Crossroads

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Mark Pabelonia : nice bizzy!

Leony Comia : That Wasnt Real.

P0LICEstateWATCH : It does kinda look like a 65 year old Krayzie Bone. Ha!

NorthernLTS420 : lmao! wow that defiantly through me off but lol.

Da'Shanta Ryland : IM LMMFAO!!!!!! BUT I LOVE THEM!!!! FUNNY SHIT HERE!!!!

MrAlex3132003 : I almost had to put the beer down when I first started watching this!!! Joke; I gotcha!

Bodhisattva777LV : What the fuck is this?

Daniel De'Lacy : What They Really Singing?

prophetenoch211 : old pimps.

doctordrizzay : that guy looks like Klayzie bone

re jic : LOL ! hahhaha

Mamiya Kanemura : omg so funny Klayzie is so bone thugs <3

tyren wilnis : LMAO

pdriderx : u good some good harmony in there

bigdl72 : bizzy can be the white guy lol

wendell daniels : This is just messed up dude

C. Renegade : I'd go to that reunion concert lol probably would be at some state fair lmao

Shade On A Cool Day : @milo9d The crossroads is a place where people sell their sould to the devil. Look it it up. Illuminati crossroads.

Johnney's Garage : LOL!

alexdipaola : @genrique818 whats fucked up about it

enrique gutierrez : thats fucked up

Blaine Green : oh this is great! classic gold

nystagmus : lol

Menji : HAHA great!

Onedeep99 : lmfao!


milo9d : i will not be meeting 1 person at the crossroads