The World's Biggest Asshole

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Dani Morrow : *damn, Thomas Jane be lookn rough these days*

XxBatMan188xX : That waitress was really concerned about him, like can you not go without paying her.

Cowboy Kody : Ok, i watched it in its entirety, WTF does this video have to do with the bull nuts on the bumper of the pickup truck? the producer of this vid is a asshole lol

Jeff C : Your missed soooooo much Coleman 😢😢😢 who got his pickup? 😏😏😏

ArchonTrinity : up the fucking ass, it's all around world, You take it up the ass, it's all around the world, You love it in the ass

EnterSailor : I'm not sure I'd want Coleman's liver...

TheAGCteam : This video is about me.

It Ain't Me 幸運な : The liver doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering he was an alcoholic and organ transplants between different races are usually rejected.

Dart Mada : That's Miller from the Expanse. Thomas Jane

PHANTOMZ0NE : Is that Tom Jane?

planesrift : I kind think Coleman looks hot.

Joe Puentes : Nope fuck sick .Burn my organs

Patti Tucker : This is a good video I can see why he's an asshole he lost pretty much all his organs to save well so many people life this is what the world should be like

Chris Hansen : I fucking lost it when he threw change at the stripper

Dodge Man : THAT WAS GREAT!! (Yes I am an organ donor, but at my age, I'm looking for prospective donors, not recipients. :)

The Michael Anderson Show : Yoh, I'm just like this guy in traffic, lol!

takeru91 : Started laughing. Ended tearing.

Louis C : Sad Trevor Philips died on my birthday 😱😱

sayamanta Ach : Actually it was me who made him to apply for organ donor.

Dunk Potato : You have gave the teacher a heart that's a waste

MGBR 901 : That liver's seen some better days, Stan.

Der Sonne : Anyone knows the theme song of this? Thanks!

alcoholic biscuit : my grandpa donated his eyes and skin

D90Girl : And then......all the recipients turned into assholes ......end of story

Fable low : wobble

A,c. : Did he donate he's asshole??

digital1911 : This is why the condemned should receive an alternative execution if they choose to donate their organs. Let them do something good on their way out.

Amel Mark : Too bad. He live his life as an asshole and make other people life quite miserable 24/7 365/year. He can only do good once and he is hero after he is gone. Hope other people can be a donor and be a good guy while they are living. Don't be like colemen, ok guys...

Max Kliegl : Is this serious or real?!

Tekashi : The things i fear 1:assholes 2:assholes 3:donald trump 4:did I say assholes?

Bruce Walters : And he made organ dealers rich

DAVID TRIANA : @033 He could be transgendredinggggg.

Loves Freedomfries : Did he donate his asshole?

cantfindausernamedam : would so love to see that on TV :)

Lissette Velec : they never will save you if u are organ donor.

anirban saha : Oo.. there is already 550 Coleman Sweeney existing... oh God!!

Austin T : Throws change at stripper Make it hail

Moonlight Fan : This😕

DC NJ : Na ill keep mine I need them for heaven duh.

Yol Mak : Atheists are so terrified to die.

ryan jay : he made it hail on that stripper

Derek Reed : died January of 2016, probably would have voted for Trump

Hope Hurteau : i got his tongue

Apollo Smile : I have been alive for 31 years and i had not one good friend or relationship why would i want to donate my organ to a society who doesn't give to cents about me?

Tanjinjaem x3 : when u try ur best but u dont succeed

Alexander Lugo : There is hope for us assholes in the after life. Too bad I'm not an organ donor.

SHITBENDER SHIT4BRAINS : this character needs to be translated into a movie or series

Nicholas Ferraiolo : Id like to donat my D to that wateress

cdude100 : I maybe a major asshole but hey I'm a organ donor I'm dead and going to be cremated what the hell do I need my body parts for

atherguy : I expected this to be a joke video but it was actually kind of emotional