The World's Biggest Asshole

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FPS BELGIUM : This is Trevor, from GTA5 :p

Redneckonomics : Becoming an organ donor DOES NOT make you an automatic DNR. DNR (Do Not resuscitate) and DNI (Do Not Intubate) orders are a completely separate legal document that you must sign in front of a notary public before a medical team will stop short of doing what they can to save your life. Anecdotal, but I used to work in a Surgical and Trauma ICU, so we often worked with organ donations (both giving and receiving) and not once in my years there did I see a doctor, nurse, or attendant just stand around until a patient died. In fact, it was probably more bullshit paperwork, phone calls, charting, et cetera for them to do if the patient was donating, so they definitely weren't benefiting from it. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next paranoid person, but doctors letting patients die in order to harvest their organs is easily proven false. And there's nothing wrong with not donating, either. It's your body, hell, launch it into space if it makes you happy. I just wouldn't want anyone who's heard this stuff to not donate because of bad information.

Gord McDougall : I've been an organ donor supporter and advocate all my life (my sister got 25 additional years of life thanks to someone's thoughtfulness), and I have to say, this is the most overall enjoyable pitch for organ donation that I have ever seen! Thanks!

Davison Video : I already donated my heart to YouTube.

TheGsGClan : but what all of them didn't know is that he had AIDS...

Steve Brule : People should be able to sell their organs when they die so that they can give their family the money, The hospitals don't need to get them for free and then charge people a ton of money for surgeries

mbraithchina : At 1:47 -- "His heart went to Miranda Morgan, who went on to teach for 25 more years." At 2:30 -- [Gravestone date of death] "Jan 19, 2016" Folks, this video was made sometime after 2041 !! Now THAT is awesome.

Link : anyone notice that he is the punisher guy??? i can hardly recogize him

agent008chico : I guess we men are so disposable that we are better off dead.

TheSacko : What an amazing ad. Please everyone, be a donor. Even if you believe in a afterlife, you won't have those organs.

Morgan Jones : Somehow I find it hard to believe that Coleman's liver is going to save anybody.

anxietydown : Just do whatever you like so long as we can harvest you, meat bag.

johann duchow : maybe the guy who input his information made a mistake.

Jacob Gross : whats the song in the backround?

Stepnort : This should win "the world's most misandrist ad"

don1559 : Plot twist, he did have HIV and all the ones who got organs died later.

anirban saha : Oo.. there is already 550 Coleman Sweeney existing... oh God!!

ƒine-ƒeather'd ƒiend : Looking for the Trump sticker on his truck and Make America Great Again hat

LAAAMMMB SAUUUCCEEE : The liver doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering he was an alcoholic and organ transplants between different races are usually rejected.

Buck Starchaser : * sadfrown * ...also, I find that youtube's autoplay selection of this video from my last one is highly suspect.

Arch : So basically this ad says "Sure, be a selfish asshole! Just be an organ donor, then it will be all good!"

Marty Nichols : Bet it did not keep him out of Hell. ;-( Tragic for him, but good for others in many ways that he died.

The Rsoul : I saved someone's life

Keith Bridges : Nice attempt I guess but I still would not want any of his organs in case it is contagious.

fizmath : Who made this? I hope they get an award for their efforts.

Mark : lol, Good luck with that liver, Stan. The guy looked like quite a drinker...I'm sure hardly any of his organs would have been useful for much of anything.

Ryan Cyr : Maybe it is the George Zimmerman movie score...the hired actor who is Thomas Jane, the money that was spent to deliver such a high quality camera production peace, However you look at this. I am extremely impressed by the talent that made this message. Bravo..and we'll done. More importantly..I hope this achieves it's goal. This is amazing!

Insomn : Who got his sphincter? Hillary Clinton?

Shane McKenna : No way is Coleman the worst, Have you fellers [ MASCULINE ] heard Morrissey from The Smiths?? He is the biggest wanker bar none on this planet.

rahul : I love how this was uploaded by Sarah.

Jod Life : Im no longer an organ doner after watching this video.

SilpheedUke : Breaking news: "If you don't contribute enough, don't worry guys, you can still be of use to society by being harvested for your organs!"

Doom2pro : Donald Trump could probably save a lot of lives by dying too...

captaincarl1 : Organ Donation should be by default. Great amount of evidence that an "Opt Out" system gets more donations and is more popular. If you don't want to donate, you just need to compete a form. It's easy.

TheGokayyildiran : so this commercial suggests that some people are better dead ? this is stupid, even he's not living by society's rules who are we to judge anyone ?

AncientAndroid古安卓 : So wait a minute, basically this video is saying, if you're an asshole, you might as well be dead and give away your organs? Pretty harsh...

Cameron Peni : I just raped 13 kids and killed 7 cops but don't worry I'm a organ donor

Zak Bagans : So don't forget to be a complete asshole, but make sure you're an organ donor. Because that'll make up for all your misdoings, while making up for all the shit you did!

Jo LAKE : I've already got everything lined up for whole body donation. I see no reason to have my family be burdened with not just the cost but BS wondering what I would've wanted. I'd rather someone gets some use out of my body when I'm through using it. I'm going to be dead, WTH would I care? I don't want to be SELFISH. If I've gotten all the goodie I can out of it, let someone else be blessed.

jab7168 : so I guess the only good thing a single guy is for is being used as an organ bank.........any thought of donating organs has ended with this advertisement.

James Youngblood : excellent marketing strategy, great concept and artwork. love it. of course, I will never be an organ donor, not til the day that doctors can't know you're an organ donor until you're pronounced dead. I will not put myself in a position where the person trying to save my life has a moral dilemma from doing it because my chances are slim.

Apollo Smile : I have been alive for 31 years and i had not one good friend or relationship why would i want to donate my organ to a society who doesn't give to cents about me?

Thaydrian : I am an organ donor!

D90Girl : And then......all the recipients turned into assholes ......end of story

Pedro Barbosa Duarte : i'm in tears TT-TT

Ron Winter : Thomas Jane! Noice....

kaczan3 : He has balls on his bumper. I've never see that. There are however women who wear purses that look like vaginas, but somehow that's a symbol of feminist empowerment.

Komotau4691 : What a black jokes comments here :D

Alex Cleveland : Y did I cry