James Neal Diving Penalty vs Nashville - Ref Not Happy with Neal

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David Bondra : Lol, I love it when this shit gets caught on mic. It's beautiful.

maxpowr90 : Yeah...you can't try to fake an injury and then get up and touch the puck. Those saying high-sticking on the goalie: nope! The ref blows the whistle as soon as Neal touches the puck. That's a textbook case of diving/embellishment.

ChaoGaming : Love when stuff gets caught on mic.

chingu69 : Neal would make a great soccer player...

Graham W : James Kneal caught being himself.

Douglas Simpson : I have seen him in person. The guy is a total tool. Watched him try to berate a waitress in Pittsburgh. He demanded to see a manager, little did he know that the manager for the evening was his waitress. His GF kept telling him to call the f down. They ended up storming out of the restaurant and the entire dining room applauded. It was hysterical.

Travis Teevens : Haha I love that side of the refs. I'd love a full on Don Cherry 2015 montage of unedited "mic'd up"

delacroixwalrus : If he could do it, he'd have thrown a backflip with a 540 degree turn in for good measure. A legit high sticking will drop a player, not result in them riding a bucking bronco.

edwin08041975 : he must be learning from kadri,the worst diver ever.

Cyrus The Virus : Playing like Montreal now

glaxko2 : That was a bad call, and quite frankly that ref was completely unprofessional. I'd go as far as saying that ref should be disciplined.

Kevin M : I'd like to see the angle the ref saw, because it clearly looks like he took that stick to the throat. Slow the video down and see for yourselves!

The Black Reaper : I don't see how this is diving. + He got up pretty quickly.

OneTimer : I agree that Neal dives but this is dumb. Stick did go up high.

ehvin : I like James Neal but he does some stupid shit every once and a while. I think he would be hated much more if he didn't produce the way he does.

Kbholla : Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

oOTyLeROo1000 : Could watch this over and over again with a big smile on my face! Haha Good shit!

PMar797 : James Neal, giving the Bruins a taste of their own medicine since 2013.

bingo_fuel : When the ref is tougher than Neal lmao

Zack Micciche : Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

jkmonkey123 : refs should call this more often but how does boston get it they dice everywhere

S o : most trashville players are divers.

Alisa Caswell : damn

William Harmen : Neal really got hit in the face with the stick on the side away from the referee. So maybe you should try getting hit in the face with a stick and see if it makes you slow down. Try it, you might like it! In fact, I'll bring the stick.

blockland30 : bad call

shrimp19921 : That's a horseshit call. He isn't diving. He doesn't scream do the refs. He gets hit, reacts, then continues the play.

Blobber90 Blobb : Reddit anyone?

-Wayne Train : James Neal, prick in Pittsburgh, a prick in Nashville.