James Neal Diving Penalty vs Nashville - Ref Not Happy with Neal

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David Bondra : Lol, I love it when this shit gets caught on mic. It's beautiful.

ChaoGaming : Love when stuff gets caught on mic.

Graham W : James Kneal caught being himself.

chingu69 : Neal would make a great soccer player...

Travis Teevens : Haha I love that side of the refs. I'd love a full on Don Cherry 2015 montage of unedited "mic'd up"

delacroixwalrus : If he could do it, he'd have thrown a backflip with a 540 degree turn in for good measure. A legit high sticking will drop a player, not result in them riding a bucking bronco.

DougieFrshThirty5 : I have seen him in person. The guy is a total tool. Watched him try to berate a waitress in Pittsburgh. He demanded to see a manager, little did he know that the manager for the evening was his waitress. His GF kept telling him to call the f down. They ended up storming out of the restaurant and the entire dining room applauded. It was hysterical.

The Black Reaper : I don't see how this is diving. + He got up pretty quickly.

OneTimer : I agree that Neal dives but this is dumb. Stick did go up high.

edwin08041975 : he must be learning from kadri,the worst diver ever.

Kevin M : I'd like to see the angle the ref saw, because it clearly looks like he took that stick to the throat. Slow the video down and see for yourselves!

glaxko2 : That was a bad call, and quite frankly that ref was completely unprofessional. I'd go as far as saying that ref should be disciplined.

maxpowr90 : Yeah...you can't try to fake an injury and then get up and touch the puck. Those saying high-sticking on the goalie: nope! The ref blows the whistle as soon as Neal touches the puck. That's a textbook case of diving/embellishment.

Cyrus The Virus : Playing like Montreal now

Blobber90 Blobb : Reddit anyone?

shrimp19921 : That's a horseshit call. He isn't diving. He doesn't scream do the refs. He gets hit, reacts, then continues the play.

blockland30 : bad call

S o : most trashville players are divers.

Zack Micciche : Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

ehvin : I like James Neal but he does some stupid shit every once and a while. I think he would be hated much more if he didn't produce the way he does.

jkmonkey123 : refs should call this more often but how does boston get it they dice everywhere

PMar797 : James Neal, giving the Bruins a taste of their own medicine since 2013.

Ryan O'Reilly : damn

William Harmen : Neal really got hit in the face with the stick on the side away from the referee. So maybe you should try getting hit in the face with a stick and see if it makes you slow down. Try it, you might like it! In fact, I'll bring the stick.

44atticus182 : When the ref is tougher than Neal lmao

Kbholla : Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

oOTyLeROo1000 : Could watch this over and over again with a big smile on my face! Haha Good shit!