Giving birth costs a lot. Hospitals won't tell you how much.
Giving birth costs a lot Hospitals wont tell you how much

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I tried to find out how much my son’s birth would cost before it happened. I failed. Subscribe to our channel! Childbirth is a really common procedure in the US. Around 4 million women will go to a hospital this year. And most births are relatively uncomplicated. But even for the most common medical procedure in the US, the price for labor and delivery is almost impossible to find out before it happens. I decided to try it out--to see if I could get a number of how much my wife's birth would cost before it happened. This video is the story of what happened. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Twitter: Or on Facebook:


chauncy primm : *Accidentally bumps into Dialysis machine* That'll be $4,510.00

katy : I cost about £5 to be delivered thanks to the NHS £0 for the healthcare and birth £5 for the coffee

Chrille : Giving Birth will cost a whopping $0.00 if you live in a good country

Jisoo’s trash : It’s expensive to come into this world and going out. It’s expensive to exist

Iveta Stripeikaite : LAW UPDATE!!!!: Hospitals now have to provide a breakdown of their costs to the public BEFORE you get a procedure/operation/etc :D WOOP!

15 Seconds : It cost $16,000 to have a baby? Pretty sure it was free 100 years ago.

isabella raymond : How is it legal to charge for a service without first providing transparent pricing?

Rob Landauer : Why does it cost $16,848 in the first place? Why was it possible to negotiate down to $8,348? Was the extra $8,500 just for fun? To anyone involved in healthcare pricing: You're a villain.

Antonia B. : As a German everything about this astounds me. I‘ve never even seen a hospital bill in my life. My hospital delivery and 3 day hospital stay cost us 30 bucks, including parking.

MIKE r : I went to an emergency room for swollen lower legs, worried it may be bacteremia. I was seen by an ER doctor who said it was not bacteremia, just edema. I was not given any medication, no tests, no blood drawn, no IV, etc etc, literally just a bed for about 15 minutes while I waited for the doctor. So, for 3 minutes of his time and me taking up a bed for about 15 minutes: $1,800+. Criminal.

Virginia Kingsford : Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter

DJ Porter : Imagine, if you will, a supermarket where you go in, select your items you wish to purchase but you will not be told the price until you get to the checkout and you will have no option other than to pay the full price before leaving under penalty of law. Think how long that establishment would be in business. Yet you allow this with your health services which you may require without being in a condition to choose any of it...

Emily : Omg the guy on the phone saying 'AF-TER' really annoyed me 😒

Mady Littler : Yeah enjoy your slightly lower taxes, I'm happy with me free health care and better school system.

Michael Clark : me: so what's the final amount? Hospital: $402,000 Me: ok, so that's the quoted price. Let's negotiate. Hospital: WE don't negotiate with individuals. You have to go through your insurance company" Me: I don't have insurance. I'm having to pay on my own. Hospital: What do you mean you don't have insurance???" Me: in I do not have insurance." Hospital: "then the price is final." Me: Why Hospital: "Because you don't have insurance." Me:But if I had insurance, the bill would be lower? Hospital: Yes. Me: then why not just skip teh middle man and negotiate with me now? Hospital: Because you don't have insurance. True story of my actual ordeal with the hospital after I was in for 6 weeks with gangrene, lost my right leg and vision in my right eye. hospital got everything I owned.

Say Ruiz : At least my dentist tells me how much BEFORE any procedure😂

Zing : 5:05 after 3.5 hours of calling and being put on hold, it’s “just starting to get frustrating”?!

Ciro Torres : America is not a county it's just business

Ghostwriter : I got a freaking $12,930.95 dollars bill in the mailbox. I was thinking : umm ok Trump can deport me now .

Ermenegilda Ostrogotti : laughing in european

Hi I : 8 minutes we watch 8 minutes of your life where you go from normal adult with girlfriend/wife to a dad with wife/girlfriend. Congrats.

Valerie : Canadians watch this and just feel grateful except not really because most countries in the world offer some form of public (no cost) healthcare system and it should be your right as a citizen. How disturbing that American people stand for this, think it's ok, think it's somehow also better. Incomprehensible

Glenn Hower : "Hopefully someday this'll change" NARRATOR: It didn't change.

Juan Gargallo : 7:26 The bigger problem is the fact that, regarding healthcare, you can speak about yourself as a consumer as if it were a normal thing to say. That sentence gave me the creeps.

migo mendoza : Every system in america is rigged First the school system Then they had to screw up healthcare system

Maximilian Bennett : Americans: *pay thousands of dollars but to deliver a child* Europeans: *pay nothing for doing the same thing* Me after hearing about this: *flies to Italy and gets citizenship just to have a kid* Also me: *flies back from Europe afterwards* Me after thinking about this: 🙃 “hi, I’m the boy who thought to much...”

Brian C : This is genuinely insane. Imagine in a world where grocery stores have no prices on the shelves but you're told you can find out after you get home and look at your credit card statement.

Drezz : *USA* Freedom but i take all ya'll money! *Europe* No freedom but hey take all this for free!

thetntchicken : Use a midwife, cheaper than hospital

Emily Hibberd : All of the foreign people in the comments who are astounded by this: trust us, we are too. We are not happy with the way our healthcare is in the US

John Ward : Thank you so much for uploading this video, very helpful, I will keep t hi is in mind when looking for insurance companies

Christian Jiang : When American parents argue with their children: "Shut up! You costed me $18,000!"

jane sullivan : This comments section: 1/3 *laughs in European/ Canadian French * 1/3 people leaving America 1/3 America's still the greatest, you socialists

Die Potato : My grandma went to the hospital for like 4 hours and got a $2000 hospital bill just for an ambulance ride.

Misty Stewart : It cost us 12 dollars in Ontario Canada. Ten bucks for parking and two for a coffee. Granted the amount paid by the government was more. But. Still a fraction of the American costs because in Canada, we can force drug companies to negotiate with the government. Every cost is more standardized because the rates are set by the government and not the health care providers themselves.

Qrispy - Brawl Stars : 1 day in the ICU in Iowa cost me $7,400. I was there for 6 days.

Amit Nahari : A life was casually created during the video

cloud ix : Why did it cost over $16k just to give birth? Did you buy a car during the hospital stay?

Luke P : wait you have to pay in the US thank god my Good Country has the NHS

Savannah Watson : Your. Insurance. Pays. 90%. Having my 2nd at a 60/40 split and pissed about it. On top of a GIANT deductible. Our healthcare pricing system is messed up in a huge massive abstract way but dang so is our private insurance system.

R.O.T.C SEEM : And my wife wonders why I still use condoms while she's still on the pill 😒 I rather be safe than in debt

trevor flanagan : America land of the free......until you need a doctor

GreenPixel5 : Damn you knocked up Isabel?!?

Mikoto Suoh : Just join the military everything will be paid for👌

bdgienger22 : Hotwire: we keep what you buy a secret but you get to know the price. Hospitals: how about we keep the price secret too!

eprahs : C sections are always suggested in hospitals, and unnecessarily given....gee I wonder why

Julie Walker : You're not allowed to know the cost of the birth until after the baby is born? Sounds like to me that they don't want people to know, just in case people decide to have a free home birth. Can't have something that's natural being FREE.

Archie : Free health care my dude

Passio : That was a surprisingly low price. You must have amazing insurance. I had an emergency c section but otherwise uncomplicated birth (I just stopped dilating, nothing major) and AFTER insurance my bill was $3k.