Giving birth costs a lot. Hospitals won't tell you how much.

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Jada Garrett : *What I've learned from this video* #1. Try not to use anything that you do not NEED from the hospital. #2. Bring your own drinks and small snacks so you aren't forced to use theirs. #3. Try to get in and out!!. #4. They want your money and will try to take as much of it as possible.

Gianni M : It’s expensive to come into this world and going out. It’s expensive to exist

Ciro Torres : America is not a county it's just business

monster : I cost about £5 to be delivered thanks to the NHS £0 for the healthcare and birth £5 for the coffee

Samuel : You guys must have some damn good insurance if you only have to pay $800 off a $I6,000 bill! I recently had a tumor removed from my spinal cord and had to stay in the hospital for 3 nights. NOT including the surgeon fee, the hospital has already charged me close to $65,000 in fees. UPDATE: The bills are up to $100K now.

Gabriel Cotto : Well this frustrated me.

Veukon : Having a baby in America is literally "pay up or your kid is gonna die" lmao.

Magician : America is made by the greedy, for the greedy

Barnaby Brown : Us British like to whine about our free NHS all the time, makes you realise just how lucky we are.

Kris Van Pelt : I can tell you what my OB estimated for the cost of prenatal check-ups during pregnancy and delivery here in America if it helps answer any questions (2018 prices, at this particular hospital, of course). These costs do not include what insurance may pay and do not include any additional charges that may apply. They are also based on an average check-up/hospital stay: 1st Trimester Ultrasound *$417.00* 2nd Trimester Ultrasound - Single Gestation or First Twin *$631.00* Each Additional Fetus *$546.00* Lab Work - Blood Draw, Prenatal Profile *$488.00* Chlamydia/Gonorrhea *$502.00* Urine culture *$58.00* HIV/IGG antibody *$129.00* Blood Draw, Glucose & CBC *$113.00* Group B Strep Screening *$108.00* Cystic Fibrosis Screening - Blood Draw *$26.00* Cystic Fibrosis Screening *$194.69* Nuchal Translucency (typically optional) - Blood Draw *$26.00* Ultrasound Nuchal Translucency 1st gestation *$466.00* *Separate bill received from 3rd-party lab Quad Screen Lab Fees - Blood Draw *$26.00* Alpha-fetoprotein *$120.00* Gonadotrophin, HCG Quantitative *$108.00* Estriol *$173.00* Inhibin A *$85.38* Amniocentesis (typically optional) - Physician Charge for procedure *$231.00* Ultrasound guidance for Amniocentesis *$87.00* *Separate bill received from 3rd-party lab Non-Stress Test (NST) - Non-Stress Test (Single Gestation or First Fetus) *$434.00* Non-Stress Test (Each Additional Fetus) $434.00 Follow up Ultrasounds - US-OB Limited (Placental location, Position, Viability, +/- AFI) *$404.00* US-OB Follow up (per Fetus) *$431.00* *TOTAL ESTIMATED PRENATAL CARE (with optional screening tests)* Single Fetus *$5,258.07* Twins *$6,669.07* *TOTAL ESTIMATED PRENATAL CARE (without optional screening tests)* Single Fetus *$4,448.07* Twins *$5,859.07* Epidural Anesthesia Associates - Vaginal: Epidural charge will depend on how long (average is 4 hours ~ $2,000.00) 1st hour *$1,161.00* Each additional hour *$258.00* Cesarean Section *$1,419.00* Vaginal Delivery & Care *$15,880.00* Vaginal Delivery 2nd Twin *$1,520.00* Cesarean Section & Care *$25,292.00* Cesarean Section Assistant Surgeon *$1,709.00* Vaginal Delivery after Previous C-Section & Care *$16,068.00* Vaginal Delivery after Previous C-S 2nd Twin *$1,706.00* Newborn Nursery - Newborn Care estimated charge per day *$2,200.00 - $2,300.00* first day Each additional day *$2,000.00-$2,100.00* *For birthing cost estimates, we are going to pretend this is our first baby. So there will be no previous C-section scars to work around. *TOTAL ESTIMATED BIRTHING COSTS (with 4-hour epidural, vaginal delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$20,015.00* Twins *$21,535.00* *TOTAL ESTIMATED BIRTHING COSTS (with 4-hour epidural, cesarean delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$32,555.00* Twins *$32,555.00* *TOTAL ESTIMATED BIRTHING COSTS (without epidural, vaginal delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$18,080.00* Twins *$19,600.00* *TOTAL ESTIMATED BIRTHING COSTS (without epidural, cesarean delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$29,201.00* Twins *$29,201.00* *TOTAL ESTIMATED PRENATAL CARE & BIRTHING COSTS COMBINED (with optional screening tests, with 4-hour epidural, vaginal delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$25,273.07* Twins *$28,204.07* *TOTAL ESTIMATED PRENATAL CARE & BIRTHING COSTS COMBINED (with optional screening tests, with 4-hour epidural, cesarean delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$37,813.07* Twins *$39,224.07* *TOTAL ESTIMATED PRENATAL CARE & BIRTHING COSTS COMBINED (without optional screening tests, without epidural, vaginal delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$22,258.07* Twins *$25,459.07* *TOTAL ESTIMATED PRENATAL CARE & BIRTHING COSTS COMBINED (without optional screening tests, without epidural, cesarean delivery and 1-day hospital stay (add $2,000 per additional day))* Single Fetus *$33,649.07* Twins *$35,060.07* *add baby to insurance policy within 30 days of life **baby will have separate bill, separate deductible and separate out of pocket maximum (Baby's first Capitalism Lesson!) ***Pediatrician or Family doctor will have separate fee for initial physical and rounding - check their office for their pricing *The prices listed are estimates only and are subject to change Apologies if my totals aren't 100% correct. Math is hard.

Qufox : *Lesson learned* wear a condom

My May : The BILL is BIGGER than the INFANT,

Tom-Daniel Laugerud : Well, this film pretty much explains the problem of the US healthcare system... The only country in the developed world that doesn't have national health system. I do feel sorry for US Americans having to deal with this poor system....

Brandon Ortiz : THE BABY’S NECK!!!!!!

MW S : They were actually pretty lucky to only get ~800$ at the end of it all. When I had my baby I could only afford basic insurance. I checked the pricing by calling the insurance company and seeing what was covered and what wasn't. I didn't take any unnecessary lab tests to cut back on the $$. Well guess what? I ended up being billed $10K because I went over my allotted epidural. Epidural was covered but I was only allowed 3 hrs of epidural and I was on it for 5 hrs. I called the hospital telling them there was no way I could pay that. I think that happens a lot and somehow they billed me 500$ instead. Lol what.

Krish Mistry : Af-ter My head blasted

che : not to mention these healthcare workers are overworked and STRESSED OUT! not only are patients paying a shitload of unknown amount of money at the end, the patient care they receive is honestly subpar. I work postpartum at a hospital and you would not know what happens behind closed doors.

ChelseaLatele : I live in Trinidad and healthcare is free. Everyone that works pays health surcharge that goes toward healthcare. I’m due in December and I don’t have to worry about how much it’ll cost to birth my child. US health system is trash

EricMakesMovies : 841 isnt that bad. i was expecting much worse. You must have pretty good insurance.

Cait Knight : I didn't pay anything to have my child. I even had my own room after and had to stay for two nights altogether. Didn't have to pay for anything that was administered to me. Food wasn't paid either. Thanks Canada for your health Care system. Also not everyone gets a private room for free, normally you'd get put in a room with other women but the hospital I went to had private rooms available so they gave me that. If you want a private room you'd have to pay for it. Unless your benefits provider covers the cost.

Lettuce Tree : He didn’t support the baby’s head when he was telling us the price at the end #triggered

Nissi Bokungu : A life is pricless But you will pay alot to get it

Kristina Bryant : This was my experience with birth. I am 18 (17 at the time of birth) and I live in North Dakota and the closest hospital is over an hour away. Small towns that have hospitals don’t do deliveries anymore due to it being too expensive. I was 35 weeks along in my pregnancy and I went into labor at around 3am. I thought it was just the “false contractions” that many women experience since it wasn’t until over a month until I was supposed to give birth. At around 7am it got really bad. My boyfriend’s father drove us to the hospital in the nearest town which happened to be one in which they did not deliver babies. But this was an emergency and we WERE NOT going to make it to the hospital that delivered babies that was over an hour away. Our daughter was born 20 minutes after getting to that hospital. She was born unable to breathe because the labor was so quick and she didn’t get to slowly transition to breathing on her own. There were over 20 people in the hospital room including doctors, nurses, and EMTs. My boyfriend and I were transported in one ambulance to the hospital an hour away and our baby was transported in another ambulance and halfway there a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) ambulance met her and transferred her. When we got to the hospital she was admitted to the NICU and my boyfriend and I stayed in a hospital room for about 3 1/2 days. Our daughter had to get multiple tests run on her to make sure all of her levels were okay. She had multiple nurses seeing her and a doctor who took a look at her every other day. I also had multiple nurses helping me with things like giving me more medicine, pads, clothes, answering my questions, etc. Social service workers talked to us about future services. A lactation consultant helped me breastfeed and work my pump. There was also the cost for both my boyfriend and I to get hospital meals. We were never told the price of anything before hand. We were only told when we got separate bills for the whole thing. All the bills combined was over $150,000. Just the one doctor who checked on her every other day and evaluated her test results cost $2K. The ambulance rides were about $50K of that. Luckily, I was covered under insurance and about 95-99% of the costs were covered but we still do not know the exact amount that we owe out-of-pocket. It was a real shock to see how much it cost. We, like what they did in the video, tried to calculate the costs beforehand but got nowhere. It is very frustrating. Of course we got our beautiful daughter who is now 2 months old and we are very grateful for her (:

DJ Porter : Imagine, if you will, a supermarket where you go in, select your items you wish to purchase but you will not be told the price until you get to the checkout and you will have no option other than to pay the full price before leaving under penalty of law. Think how long that establishment would be in business. Yet you allow this with your health services which you may require without being in a condition to choose any of it...

Chrystal Bess Redding : That's ridiculous! Why so much! My aunt had a baby eleven years ago at the hospital (the doctors did pre checkups and said everything was fine) The day of delivery, we all waited by the hallway, the doctor was happy to say Congrats about the baby and mentioned a complication and unfortunately my aunt died from an intravenous infection. Three months later after all that the hospital bill arrived and my uncle and three kids were crying. All-in all, the price for delivering a baby and killing my aunt was $62,230.80 We hired an attorney to represent my uncle in court, after a year of lawsuits, we won the case, and he paid nothing. But in the end, the battle did not bring my beautiful aunt back. My advice? Research your doctor three times and ask a lot of questions before sending yourself to the wrong medical team. #StayHealthy

Menno Pietersen : And most Americans still claim it is the best country in the world.... Get the basics right (health care, basic income, care for veterans and holmess) first USA then we can talk about wich country is doing well!

Sagess Aries : There is no transparency in your health care, and they want to keep it that way. You American should focus on this issue and vote accordingly instead of wasting your times on the mexicans and building a wall

Lexie Lou : And it's even MORE expensive to adopt! Yeah Capitalism! 🙃

Unoriginal Username : No easy way to say this: the system is broken. Call me a commie socialist scum, but I've lived my whole life in the UK, where we have tax-funded healthcare (NHS) and where we don't worry about health costs. If you need treatment, you get it regardless of whether you're Alan Sugar or don't have a penny. Sure, the NHS has its issues, like waiting times, but part of that's down to more people are less hesitant about seeing doctors. And some things do cost, like medication, dental or opticians, but even then those worse off can get that discounted on top of the already cheap prices. The thing is at the end of the day, we spend about a third on healthcare as the US per person

Valerie : Canadians watch this and just feel grateful except not really because most countries in the world offer some form of public (no cost) healthcare system and it should be your right as a citizen. How disturbing that American people stand for this, think it's ok, think it's somehow also better. Incomprehensible

Rhiannon Whitehead : hey also!!!! i have worked in medical billing (anesthesia specifically) for a few years on and off during school breaks and would like you all to know that your anesthesia is NOT INCLUDED in the hospital bill at most hospitals. the anesthesia supplies themselves are included, but the anesthesiologist’s time is not included because he/she/they are separate entities from the hospital. my mom is the supervisor for the follow up department where we work and they talk to insurance the most and she says that depending on insurance, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $4000 for your anesthesia AFTER insurance has been applied. also, a lot of anesthesiologists are not contracted or preferred providers with your insurance and therefore, the insurance will often pay little to none in that case. the anesthesiologist will also always have their own rates that they charge and unfortunately, the hospital doesn’t know who comes in until the day of, so it’s not like you can call ahead and easily book a specific anesthesiologist that is contracted and affordable for you. it’s hell to deal with insurance companies, and especially united health care. fun fact: a lot of insurance companies deny the claims of anesthesia for colonoscopies because they see it as “medically unnecessary” to use anesthesia during a colonoscopy. insurance companies are ass when it comes to anesthesia. i luckily never had to deal with phone calls because i did strictly data entry, but listening to coworkers argue with insurance and deal with angry patients definitely taught me a lot about anesthesia and insurance. if you are really unable to pay this, always try to apply for charity through the hospital and they may honor that and bring down your bill!!! you can always ask the hospital which anesthesia group they use and call their office and have them quote you to get a rough estimated the price. it’s a nightmare on all ends.

Joana Bogdan : *Laughs in European*

JasmineSkyy : Omg the Vox borders guy has a wife and baby!

Iveta Stripeikaite : LAW UPDATE!!!!: Hospitals now have to provide a breakdown of their costs to the public BEFORE you get a procedure/operation/etc :D WOOP!

Emily : Omg the guy on the phone saying 'AF-TER' really annoyed me 😒

Deepak Agarwal : Meanwhile you all forget congratulations to him

BizzleBee : I’m from the UK. Thank god for the NHS free healthcare is a must have 🙃

Louis Emery : The way to do this is to hang around the lobby for a week and intercept all parents leaving the hospital with a baby, and ask them for copies of the bills they will received over the course of 6 months or so. No other way. I have saved the bills for my three kids from 2001, throguh 2005. About 20 services were itemized. Sticker shock every time. Our workplace paid for most of it, obviously, otherwise no one would ever have a baby.

Mallory Johns : Yup avoid hospitals and doctors as much as possible all a scam. That's what I do.

Christian Jiang : When American parents argue with their children: "Shut up! You costed me $18,000!"

Stephen : The US healthcare system is ridiculous. My mother is in her late fifties with no preexisting conditions and spends over half of her income on medical insurance.

RussianDrago : I didn't realize that the act of furthering our own species would have to cost so much. Seriously wtf, childbirth is literally how we continue to exist!

Lauren Cudjoe : And thats why americans abuse the welfare system. Its a cycle.

Absurdist1968 : "No, we're not going to tell you *jack squat* about it, because we'll be inflating the costs of everything after we haggle with the insurance company." A crass question: did Izzy need an episiotomy, and was it itemized separately?

Amit Nahari : A life was casually created during the video

DrSmallarms : Well I’m just happy I live in Canada 🇨🇦

Virginia Kingsford : Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter Af-ter

Sarafina Donald : Solution: Hire a midwife. Hire a doula. Give birth at home. Do your research.

Annbrial Lawrence : Adulting in Murika is fun

Lilly : damn you could tell by his hand that he was *genuinely pissed*