Blade Runner 2049 Side By Side the Original - Visual Comparison

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Coal Younger : Hello brudda

Thomas Flight : Thanks for watching everyone! I got three links for you. 1. Listen to the whole interview with Denis about 2049, it's good: 2. Check out my Patreon if you're inclined: 3. Or if you're looking for good, affordable music for you videos:

kore reviews : Interesting to see the side-by-side comparison, and confirms what I already knew: that shot for shot, the original remains far more compelling than the sequel. Not dissing BR 2049 - it's great in its own right. But I found it felt very cold and clinical where the original was always warm and intimate. One thing I specifically disliked was how much Villeneuve used the color white in the sequel: all the LAPD offices were white, K's apartment was white - for me that really didn't fit the BR aesthetic. My other main disappointment was the soundtrack: again, not bad on its own, but so so far from the greatness of the original. Plus, large tracts of the film were just silent. Really surprised that he didn't do more with the music, given how crucial it was to the original.

Phil Taylor : Just like the original, this film will be with us forever.

Mark Hogan : Blade Runner 2049 is a visual masterpiece, perhaps the most beautifully shot movie of all time, with a great story, strong characters, and powerful themes, and it will almost certainly be completely and utterly ignored by the Academy.

CineFrames : Doesn't matter if 2049 failed at the box office. This film WILL be a cult classic, it WILL be talked about for the years to come. It's our generation's sci-fi masterpiece.

AutisticGiraffe : It's so interesting and makes a lot of sense that Officer K shares visual cues with both Deckard and Batty, and on top of that I didn't even realize how many of the shots in 2049 are so similar to shots from the original but still retains it's own independent feeling that it is still something new, rather than trying to copy a visual of the past. Despite it's short length, this is probably one of the most important video essays done on Blade Runner yet, it's so simple but really shows a lot about the series. Fantastic job with this video, the music was a perfect choice, along with the comparing shots.

Jalen Lee : Wonderful comparisons! I don't think I've ever seen a movie so utterly "cinematic" like BR2049, it just used every available frame and propelled both the story and universe to truly unbelievable heights. Cannot wait to get this on Blu-ray.

Electronic Canvas : Sequels generally have become a let down over the years and I love Villeneuve's approach in respecting and building upon the original material. Great video, you edited the shots beautifully. Looking forward to your next video!

Michael Molinari : at 0:42 for 2049, when did that shot take place? I saw it multiple times and don't remember him checking a wound in the mirror like that.

Gonzo : You should had used the directors cut instead, the final cut has the dumb blue filter.

unknown : i love the new blade runner, but to be honest the original looks better. the new one looks a bit too "clean"

TheSonicRavn : Great video! Please keep up the great work.

Hamid Razi : BR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BR 2049

Cody Todd : I don't understand the comments here complaining about the "clean" look of Deakin's shots. The film is set 30 years after Blade Runner. A lot can change in a world, including the grime and grit found in the first film. The cleaner look of 2049 quickly establishes that we are now projected into the future from the first film. We still have a sense of the dystopian but also a hint at how things have "improved".

Bean : So basically, 2049 did what the new Star Wars movie tried to do but only a thousand times better?

Josh Hamester : Yo next time don't talk over the director while introducing him...just put a graphic or something if we're here watching a blade runner comparison most likely the viewer already knows who the director is. thinking guy gif.

Ben Page : Love watching the side by side comparison– Great video!

Andrew Valenzuela : For a moment I thought Dennis was being interviewed by you and you had just interrupted him. :(

Marcus V Warner : I'm actually working on a video about this exact subject. I'm not hating on 2049 style, it was probably my favorite film that came out last year, however I find it's aesthetic to be technically inferior to the original. My video uses BR vs BR:2049 as a meditation on modern overly lit low contrast lighting of modern films compared to the more dramatic and more precise thought out style that seems to be even less common in modern high budget film making.

Jonas H : Fantastic.

Darjan : Whole movie is about referencing with fictional and real world while making it visually impressive for the sake of visual experience. Storytelling is totally sacrificed.

Baykal Sarioglu : I really really want to love this movie. But I am not able to do so.  I think the original is much better then this new movie. I don't know may be due to my love of 80s. The set design, costumes, "the feel" of the original is way better, it was much more realistic. The music was also way better. This one doesn't feel like the original. It is like they are taking place in two different universes. But kudos to Gosling. He is very good in this one.

clasifi1 : Love both films. They perfectly complete each other.

Suicide Squad OST Music : @Thomas Flight What is the background music?

jp15151 : Great video! ... but just to be clear, 0:30 this is NOT how you pronounce Villeneuve (it's more like Vil-Noev)

Steven Song : 2:01 - 2:38 Seriously! Villeneuve was the man for this one! It was his destiny.

Andy Web : I donno why directors don't create sequels with the exact same technology as the originals so they visually fit? What's wrong with going back to using models, film and oil paintings on glass?? Why not?

gregotheus_ : another fantastic video, thank you.

Dagger14 s : 2049 is just as good as the first blade runner never thought I'd love a sequel so much especially to a movie that I never thought needed one but it far surpassed my expectations

Darwin Rada : Nice work I enjoyed.

eternitynaut : The original is crisp and brutal, the new one is smooth like sand stone and cold, more digital but feels less believable. I think the original had a greater lighting and atmosphere, it was real.

Frédéric Marque : GREAT JOB!

Brutalearll : hearing tears in rain at the end of 2049. as k watches the snow fall was brilliant

Rose Rey : Cinematically, Photographically, speaking, Blade 1 is more artful, advanced, then Blade 2. Blade 1 has more Depth of Field, more layers, more Bokeh. It also has a better understanding of the juxtaposition of warm and cool lighting in one shot, whilst Blade 2 is solely one or the other. Blade 2 relies purely on silhouetted figures while Blade 1’s figures are halo lit from multiple, more defined, light sources.

txmoney : I loved Blade Runner 2049. My favorite film of 2017. I thoroughly enjoyed the set pieces, photography and visuals of this film, but I couldn't help but mentally compare them to its predecessor while watching. And to that, I was disappointed. While I appreciate the choice to establish the current creators' own stamp, the choices they made only made me long for the original masterpiece visual style, that much more. My biggest disappointment (that's really too strong a word) was the photography. I know it's sacrilege to criticize the mastery of the top film photographer of this decade, but Roger Deakins's somewhat muted, diffuse lighting didn't hold up to the breathtaking appeal of the original. With that said, the visuals of this modern film simply served to tell a better story. Blade Runner 2049 is a great film. In fact, it had a better story. But, visually, it's not the tour de force that was the original.

sunsetman22 : Just imagine if Blade Runner 2049 had been shot by Jeff Cronenweth, David Fincher's cinematographer who also happens to be the son of Blade Runner's cinematographer: Jordan Cronenweth. I mean, we all know Roger Deakins did a superb job at it, but it would've also been interesting to see the son carry on with his father's work. Who knows, maybe he'll be the one chosen for Ridley Scott's sequel.

Orlando Alessandrini : Blade Runner 2049 is the intelligent, thoughtful, introspective type of sci that movies like Interstellar fell short of being.

ErwinSchrodinger64 : Could you please tell me the name of the track your playing. I went to the and couldn't find it. Thank you. Personally, I didn't think Blade Runner 2049, superficially, looked anything like the original Blade Runner. I'm no artist. However, I knew it had the same feeling and dystopian nature of the original film. Your video just solidified everything I was just thinking. Saw Blade Runner 2049 in theaters once (shame on me, I should of watched it at least 3-4 times) but I just bought the 4K and blu-ray and have watched it 5 times. Every viewing making connections I didn't make prior. Every time in wonderment of how good a film can be. My 13 year old daughter watched it with me. She said it was so boring. I told her, I said the same EXACT thing the 1st time I watched Blade Runner. I told her this film forces you to think, on many levels, with the characters, the music (the loud analog bass synthesizers that further infuse the techno-industry landscape), and its world building. I told her, just like eating candy (like most of today's films with their simplistic story lines and in your face visual appeals), after a while, you get sick of it. Eventually, substance, like story telling or character arcs begins to take center stage.

Matt Caridi : Exceptional video

Gloria_Bunker : Best Film of 2017

Deathbynature : 1:11 "Denis and Director of Photography Roger Deakins develop a unique visual style..." What are talking about? Did you proofread your script before saying it? Did you not notice what you are actually saying out loud as you edited this video? You are showing side by side re-creations as you describe their style as "unique". Very well done yes; visually flawless, but compared to the last 30 years of scifi and cinematography there is nothing unique about it. And don't get me started on the gaping plot holes, dumb character decisions and Marvel villain cliches in the script. I have seen the movie three times in cinemas now, twice in IMAX, and I like but also feel fairly indifferent to it. I don't love it like Arrival, Drive, Dredd (2012), District 9, Baby Driver, Snowpiercer, Akira, Princess Mononoke or the Dark Knight.

Luke Devine : Blade Runner is one of my favorite films. 2049 however is like a long and painful trip to the dentist.

Blade Runner : As for Star Wars, it's obvious : Blade runner 80's is a master piece, new BR is a huge failure. cheers. ( Vangelis soundtrack is epic !! BR 2049 ..there is NO soundtrack, just long flat ugly noise)

Zero Kiryu : This is excellent! This is far and away the Blade Runner 2049 mini- expose I've yet seen. I didnt know about. I appreciate and am thoroughly impressed by this. And you added some excellent ambient flare with the music. Hats off. "You've done a man's job sir."

karakenio : +1 Like +1 Share +1 Sub

Miguel Zárate : Oh my God, Thank You very much.

Anjelica Dixon : I love You!

AdzoHeatzo : I’ve seen both the original a couple of times and 2049 in the cinema, and I genuinely found it hard to establish which was which when they’re both playing alongside. I guess it’s a testament to RS’s original vision and DV’s homage to it.

Dawid Krysiak : Visually stunning, meritorically pointless...