You Don't Want to Drive a Ferrari Every Day

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Here's why you don't want to drive a Ferrari every day. (Doug DeMuro) Music: Smooth - John Lyon


Jimmy : Problem #1 - picking up 2 hookers at 3 am.

Andros Granados : 0:47 Doug the type of guy pick up two women in the middle of the night for.... Video purposes.

TheLovableNarcissist : Doug acting level:Nicolas Cage

Andrea Roll : buying a ferrari and complaining that it draws attention it's like buying a swimming pool and complaining that it's wet

Slit Wrist Misfit : I bet Dougs dates are really that awkward.

darkholyPL : 'I tought riding a Ferrari was supposed to be fun' No love, DRIVING a Ferrari is supposed to be fun, you're just extra weight.

MVrockersPS3 : Elon Musk daily drove his Mclaren F1 until he crashed it.

nelson verdugo : If you have a Ferrari you should have enough money to overcome the worries

Don Omar Ramiro : 108.75 for the labor... . 8.75 goes to the guy working on it for about 45 minutes, 100 to the dealer :v

Vinny DoDo : 2:25 Is the Door Open????

Rising Embers Gaming : 2019? Just me, okay.

0TruckMafk ☢TM™"... The BigMean CommentSection BadAss : 1:02 clutches are over rated- just burn it alive.

hotu : I wouldn't bring a Ford escort to a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Rising Embers Gaming : At 3:25 we have a rare phenomenon. Doug with name brand clothes.

D-man747 : Doug the type of guy to take a Ferrari to Walmart

Connor Gleason : You're wrong Doug. I do want to drive a Ferrari every day.

Freddy Zapata : You should have picked up only 1 hooker, at a time lol

Gage MX : And this week Hoovies Ferrari exploded.

Rude Boy : Problems of driving a Ferrari every day for people who can't afford a Ferrari! Rename this Video, please.

Linkmon99 : As much as those things “suck”, I still would if I could 😂😭

Gregory Jackson : You did a good job at showing why it's not an everyday car

Jack Wilds : 2 girls 1 guy 1 Ferarri

Maxer13 : Why are you driving with the door open? 2:05

Andrewkc1969 : I actually thought there might be some mechanical or real reasons why you wouldn't want to drive this car every day. But I hate to say it, these things all apply to any expensive 2 seater sports car.

CyberKatt : Hilarious video!!! dude the parking part "between a Max and an old Lex" sitting there wondering "is she safe!?" lmao that is so me! and I'm driving a Veloster! :D

76footballlover : I love that "clicking " sound when you're shifting, my uncle had the GTS(like Magnum P.I.) and it had that sound

HollatotheBalla : It's Walmart. Someone will definitely hit your car.

Alexandre Antolini : Watching this thing in 2019, laughing my ass off and wondering why Doug doesn't do much of these hilarious (but very informative) videos anymore.

jvolstad : Pick up chick's that want to have fun in a Ferrari.

George Karaolis : People do ask the strangest questions of all and do send Doug to weird missions indeed. Thank you for the episode Doug. Love your work. There is only one reason I do not drive my Ferrari but instead choose to drive my Porsche. Simply because Ferrari lifespan is probably 1/5th of my Porsche and will surely drive it to death much earlier. As for the expenses who cares. If you dare to buy such cars your monthly expenses should never be an issue. And...if they are then I strongly advise a good sturdy pickup and rent a Ferrari every birthday for fun.

hd31 : Don’t have kids and you can own a Ferrari

Barnacules Nerdgasm : I'm curious what Doug thinks about this car now after all these years driving crazy exotics daily. This is the Honda Civic of sports cars by comparison.

Max Brown : Bro I liked just because of the intro lol smh

MilySmily1 : Wait! What? No Doug score? Gee

Diego Magaña : This is like a high school presentation video

Jia L. : Think wisely people; don't look rich, BE RICH.

BosoxnationI972 : So you don't want someone to hit the car with their carriage, so you decide to park right next to the carriage return where people tend to just fling their carts towards them? Not the brightest of ideas!

Golden_ Knight : Buying a expensive exotic car and complaining that it draws attention is like getting your hair dyed and complaining that it gets to much attention

Madhumita Bagchi : Damn this is one of the funniest video i have ever seen. Other car reviewer don't do 'fun' things. Only Doug does which makes it even better to watch.

N Oakley : Anybody notice the Nissan 370z at 4:53?

Nick Wright : Some of the people in the comments took this video wayyyyyyyy to seriously.... He's just giving an OBJECTIVE point of view that MAJORITY of us car drivers can relate to with expense prices and such... And on a side note to everyone saying if he can afford a Ferrari he won't care about gas and maintenance expenses, rich people tend to pay the MOST attention to nickel and diming everything.. You get to that point by only investing in assets so it makes sense even if it's chump change.. 

AVee Ace : It doesn't take a PhD to patch a tire I do it myself no thank you Ferrari dealer 😅

hondansx1972 : i agree with about just going over shitty roads and thinking about the car when im at a movie or superstore, i drive a 2019 nsx and i get scared all the time.

Jones SenoJ : Thanks Doug! But that's a problem I'll never have to worry about 😊...but if I win that lottery I'll stick to a daily driver 👍

Ekke Pehter : U know you bought a good car if you think about it everytime

pleappleappleap : Every morning, I would wait at my crosswalk to walk into my first class of the morning at exactly the same time, and every day, waiting at the light, was the same gentleman in a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT.

TMA : Well.. Doug you looked like the guy who drive ferrari every day.

Raghav 24 : That's why Sachin sold his Ferrari

Eric Voet : WOW DOUG you can talk like a regular person keep it up it's so much easier to listen to!!!👂