Weed la Weed

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Justin Y. : Was this animated frame by frame? Mother of god this is amazing.

Cyril Gigee : Why does this man have over 300 thousand subscribers but under 100 videos? I don't know, I'd say because of his talent at editing but the editing is too flawless so I must be dreaming this s***.

NikTheGamer YT : How much time did you spend making this

The Chosen One Gaming : I hope Snoop Dogg sees this.

Megapixel : My favourite part is when you somehow actually made Snoop Dogg speak Japanese.

jack7m : This has 4.1 million views but I still think it's underrated

uncle hank : I still can't believe that out of every thing on the internet, this fucking video got me into anime. Thanks, I guess?

Crippling DededepressionTM : Dear 1.7k dislikes, I don't know who you are, but I hate you.

SiIvaGunner : Request fulfilled.

Mikxxxan : Why isnt there a video of Snoop dogg reacting to this video!?

QlimaX : can we all just appreciate that this dude literally remade an entire anime intro by himself, that originally probably needed like 15 people working on it. love you nad keep being awesome


Brawlfighta : I can confirm that weed does this to you

The Living Tombstone : Everyone who worked on this, amazing work, I love how every frame in the intro was accounted for, seriously amazing amazing job!

Matthew Shelton : "Millennials have no culture."

GoldenYuri : Still making better anime than Crunchyroll’s new original


Gabriel Rosalez : Casual scrub:Infinity War is the most ambitious cross over in history! Me, an intellectual:

deathtrips : Masterpiece

andy dai : The first Japanese word means grass

Papa Smoke : This is my new religion

Dkshadowxyz : I watched Kill la Kill thanks for this. Not disappointed

Kenysu Star : *Ikuso, WEEDKETSU!*

SilliS Remix : I am proud of you

Kyle Nied : I have met God, and he said to me, "Smoke weed every day.".

Gloria Borger : I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times

Sky The Angel :3 : Does Snoop watch anime? Even if he doesn't someone send this to him RIGHT NOW

Brayden McSlouch : Some of the Male characters look nice in black version

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : Having Snoop Dog's face on those bodies that still have their bouncy bits. That was a mistake. I don't...I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling. By that I mean, I _know_ what I'm feeling, but I hate it.

curseofa5r5a : The fact that Snoop Dogg can watch this while being very high makes me think of the dopest moment in the history of marihuana consumption, what a time to be alive

James Alexander : Does the Japanese voice part actually mean anything? If so. Someone translate please.

DurpZilla ['-'] : Whover waisted thei... USED their time on this is a god

AbstractSpitzer : I can't believe I lived without this

Cadmus Rhodium : How it feels to smoke 5 weed

tudeslildude : Just came in to say this is going to be Canada's new national anthem as of Oct 17th.

Tovi Messado : The perfect vid dosent exi-

Spencer Snawerdt : just think snoop dogg's pr reps or snoop dogg himself have probably seen this

Omar Baassiri : Dude seriously you should go work for someplace like Level-5. I'm sure they'd appreciate your creativity.

THEAETIK : I almost forgot to watch this today.

Hwln : M A S T E R P I E C E

Toasted Kidd : 1.Cory in the house 2.Flithy Frank 3.Everybody Hates Chris 4.Weed la Weed

Zanctarian : Idk why.. but 0:59 always gives me a massive nostalgia feeling.

Damir Sokolović : this is why I pay for my internet

Justin Y. : So instead of life fibres, she's made of hemp fibres?

Владислав Иванов : thanks to this video when I feel sad I can sing "smok weed evriday weed evriday smok weeeeed ev ri day smok EV RI DAAAAAAAAAY SMOUK WEED EV RI DAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SAKAAAAAA SAKAAAAAA" and immediately feel myself better

Razors Edge : unironically sounds way better than the original

Bread Cat : There should be the whole show but with just snoop dogg

Kisuke Bomb : when you have enough skill with animation to do this and enough time to do it right and this is what you do. You are amazing, 10/10 best anime

Qinni : omg I legit cried hahaha. this was so good, jesus, the amount of animation redo there.