Creating Your Identity Through the Method Acting Approach | Greg Bryk | TEDxQueensU

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As a Vanier Cup champion, Greg’s life story had been set out for him by his parents. He was going to play football and then either become a lawyer or a politician. Greg believed this story to be his own but in his third year of university he accidentally learned who he truly was. Now an accomplished actor, Greg shares his story and the lessons he has learned throughout his career on how one can take charge and be the author of their own life. Greg Bryk is former Queen's University student and Vanier Cup winning Golden Gael football player. He is a classically trained and award winning actor who has appeared in over 65 films and television shows. He has moved between creating memorable characters in feature films like Men With Brooms, History Of Violence, Poor Boys Game, Shoot Em Up and Immortals, as well as starring in television series like Bitten, Wynonna Earp, Book Of Negroes, Fargo, Regenesis, Rookie Blue, XIII and Saving Hope. He can currently be seen in the epic Netflix/Discovery series Frontier and the upcoming Mary Kills People on Lifetime and Global. Greg lives in Toronto with his wife, HGTV's Danielle Nicholas Bryk, and their three children. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Master Of Recipe : He is our father and we are his children.

Will Coppock : So Joseph Seed is doing a TED talk. Interesting.

PsychoPhysics46 : Why does it sound like he is a cult leader

Zain Rayza : If Greg Bryk start a cult, I will join him. 🙏

Chad Grimgravy : It's no wonder he got the roll of Joseph Seed. His normal mannerisms and speech have such a powerful presence.

ronnythe goat : Even in real life, he is the best preacher we have!

Najahan : So many peggies in the audience

Sendo Tiago : Why did they cut the part of the video where he lifts a rifle and starts to sing amazing grace???

Memphis T : The power of yes.

PulpFictionized : When your acting is true, sincere and raw, there is no character. Only you.

Deadly : He didn't asked for this, he was chosen

Mojo Pin : "I shaved my head and mailed that hair to my mother" Now I understand why HE was chosen to portray the Father

TheShadowfire204 : Little did they know he was secretly brainwashing them into joining his cult

Necro 265 : Judging by the comments I’d say Ubisoft accidentally made an actual real life cult.

ScorpioTitan : Joseph Seed is trying to indoctrinate people into Eden’s Gate through TEDx Talks.

Revolutionary Gaming69 : "Who am I?" Joseph Seed, thats who, you beautifully creepy man

Ryan Xenios : Who came here from Farcry 5?

Snooper : We could make a religion out of this

Travis Walsh : No wonder he got the job as Joseph Seed he’s an awesome speaker

StoneMasonJar : Praise be to you Father...

God From The Machine : So this guy assimilates characteristics of his roles, and uses them to build and improve upon his own personality. And the last major role he had, was of a psychopathic yet very charismatic cult leader. What could go wrong?

Kyle Soler : I came because of the fact he is going to play a character in a Video Game that I am interested in, stayed for the speech.

Pra4sanna : He could be a good cult leader man!

Sylvester Scw : Baptise me, Father.

Jerry Cornelius : Am I alone in the dawning realisation that this is one of the best speeches ever on YouTube?

NGC 7635 : Well...the Far Cry guys really didn’t do much at all with guy did they. Just added sunglasses and removed shirt, lol.

Arthur Morgan : Father...It is you ! Farcry 5

Trojann Perez : he has that creepy calm hipster vibe.... he should portray a cult leader someday

Reid Reynolds : Far Cry 5

pemaanso100 (@BATBVINCATfan) : What a fabulous and truly inspirational speech!!! I wish I could have watched this when I was still in my prime & planning my work & life in general. I know I would have done a lot of things differently! Even now at 50, I am still trying to find myself, outside of all the expectations & limitations of family & of life in general. I will definitely be getting my kids to watch this!

Kauã Tanzi : Geez! He sounds like the Father even when he's not acting as him.

Deadly : We will not let their Greed, their Immorality, their Depravity to hurt us anymore. The Father

Orville Heschuk : Impressive. Not only for the message but also the delivery - done without script and teleprompter. I guess it was most effective for that reason. It gave one the feeling of living the part and being captivated by Greg's life experience.

RAM 592 : Secret ending to Far Cry 5 unlocked!

Mr. Leeds : Yes, Father. Praise be to you.

Joseph kush : never thought the father would do a TEDx

Tunameat : I discover Greg Bryk on the Netflix series Frontier, this guy is just amazing and inspiring.

Seán Downey : He will take us, willingly or not...for he is our father, and we are his children! /

Garret Simpson : Secretly Greg Bryk's audition for FC5 xD

Callum Murphy : hello, guys. i am callum, i am 21 years old. i clicked on this video a few days back but left it unopened. i am dealing with depression and substance abuse. i am an actor. i saw my therapist today and we discussed the ways in which i am going to achieve the things i want in my life and how i am going to manifest them. as i was leaving she told me she wanted me to go home and write out the story of my life. i came home and did so. i then opened my laptop and saw this tab lingering, and clicked play. i feel blessed with a forceful omen, and i feel as though this gentleman was here for me. i panicked slightly as i knew the speech was coming to an end. i cried for a while and as my breathing steadied and the room i'm in became silent i noticed the ticking of the clock. it was a very important moment for me. wanted to share this. i hope whoever else is watching writes their hero just as they had hoped. bless.

November_ Victor : Man he just has this magnetism and charm to him. He would be a great cult leader.

anthony wiltherson : A seal has been broken

BinCosby : What's The Father is doing here?

Virtual Media : I am I One of the most inspiring, life changing talks I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This will be the approach to my life starting now.. Thanks Greg!

doovie101 : Get him a glass of water for fuck's sake!

Broke Bean : Low-key if he was actually part of a cult id join (I know theres already a comment saying that) but he's really charismatic and his voice is almost soothing and he just sounds like he always knows what he's talking about

Pyrochyde : Father, what are you doing outside of Hope county?

Derek C. : I was the dresser on Hamlet I remember him getting in to character by laying backstage in the dark... He would scare me when I went to preset the costumes.... I remember someone telling me he was a method actor... I thought it was crazy as a very impressionable young boy... Lol Wow... thanks for the flashback!

Lord LoveBringer : Hail The Father! Thanks.