Creating Your Identity Through the Method Acting Approach | Greg Bryk | TEDxQueensU

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Marco Marks : Blessed is thy Father.

Master Of Recipe : He is our father and we are his children.

Will Coppock : So Joseph Seed is doing a TED talk. Interesting.

John Seed : The power of yes.

PsychoPhysics46 : Why does it sound like he is a cult leader

Zain Rayza : If Greg Bryk start a cult, I will join him. 🙏

Mojo Pin : "I shaved my head and mailed that hair to my mother" Now I understand why HE was chosen to portray the Father

ronnythe goat : Even in real life, he is the best preacher we have!

NAAH Just NAAH. : So many peggies in the audience

Sendo Tiago : Why did they cut the part of the video where he lifts a rifle and starts to sing amazing grace???

Ryan Xenios : Who came here from Farcry 5?

Chad Grimgravy : It's no wonder he got the roll of Joseph Seed. His normal mannerisms and speech have such a powerful presence.

Scathing Lemon : Well...the Far Cry guys really didn’t do much at all with guy did they. Just added sunglasses and removed shirt, lol.

Scarecrow Fearlive : He didn't asked for this, he was chosen

PulpFictionized : When your acting is true, sincere and raw, there is no character. Only you.

Sylvester Scw : Baptise me, Father.

Snooper : We could make a religion out of this

TheShadowfire204 : Little did they know he was secretly brainwashing them into joining his cult

Arthur Morgan : Father...It is you ! Farcry 5

Kyle Soler : I came because of the fact he is going to play a character in a Video Game that I am interested in, stayed for the speech.

Travis Walsh : No wonder he got the job as Joseph Seed he’s an awesome speaker

Revolutionary Gaming69 : "Who am I?" Joseph Seed, thats who, you beautifully creepy man

The BakingSoda : He could be a good cult leader man!

Jerry Cornelius : Am I alone in the dawning realisation that this is one of the best speeches ever on YouTube?

Mason : Praise be to you Father...

Scarecrow Fearlive : We will not let their Greed, their Immorality, their Depravity to hurt us anymore. The Father

Orville Heschuk : Impressive. Not only for the message but also the delivery - done without script and teleprompter. I guess it was most effective for that reason. It gave one the feeling of living the part and being captivated by Greg's life experience.

God From The Machine : So this guy assimilates characteristics of his roles, and uses them to build and improve upon his own personality. And the last major role he had, was of a psychopathic yet very charismatic cult leader. What could go wrong?

pemaanso100 (@BATBVINCATfan) : What a fabulous and truly inspirational speech!!! I wish I could have watched this when I was still in my prime & planning my work & life in general. I know I would have done a lot of things differently! Even now at 50, I am still trying to find myself, outside of all the expectations & limitations of family & of life in general. I will definitely be getting my kids to watch this!

Juan David Rodriguez : I discover Greg Bryk on the Netflix series Frontier, this guy is just amazing and inspiring.

Mr. Leeds : Yes, Father. Praise be to you.

BinCosby : What's The Father is doing here?

Joseph kush : never thought the father would do a TEDx

Seán Downey : He will take us, willingly or not...for he is our father, and we are his children! /

ketoh : People who are interested in this topic should really check out the "Godfather" behind method acting, Konstantin Stanislavskij

Virtual Media : I am I One of the most inspiring, life changing talks I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This will be the approach to my life starting now.. Thanks Greg!

Maxime Faure : I'm 22 getting out of a depression, and honestly I know what I want to do know.

Garret Simpson : Secretly Greg Bryk's audition for FC5 xD

Trojann Perez : he has that creepy calm hipster vibe.... he should portray a cult leader someday

Broke Bean : Low-key if he was actually part of a cult id join (I know theres already a comment saying that) but he's really charismatic and his voice is almost soothing and he just sounds like he always knows what he's talking about

ScorpioTitan : Joseph Seed is trying to indoctrinate people into Eden’s Gate through TEDx Talks.

Necro 265 : Judging by the comments I’d say Ubisoft accidentally made an actual real life cult.

Lord LoveBringer : Hail The Father! Thanks.

Reid Reynolds : Far Cry 5

Derek C. : I was the dresser on Hamlet I remember him getting in to character by laying backstage in the dark... He would scare me when I went to preset the costumes.... I remember someone telling me he was a method actor... I thought it was crazy as a very impressionable young boy... Lol Wow... thanks for the flashback!

Jason Ghent : This speech is the most real thing I've ever heard

anthony wiltherson : A seal has been broken

Zack McMillan : Man he just has this magnetism and charm to him. He would be a great cult leader.

Rob Floret : Mark my comment. He is a future Academy Award winner. I am going to check that comments after he won^^

Free Dining Project : He's spooky, can't watch this.