Dental Talk Episode 1: What Causes Cavities

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Lindsay Hill : That bark at the end, tho!

Hashtag_Aliens : I drink diluted organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother about 2x a day for my acid reflux. I always add a bit of it (maybe 2-4 tablespoons) to a cold bottle of water and never drink it straight. Will this damage my teeth? I've read that you shouldn't brush your teeth after consuming anything acidic, for at least an hour. How can I continue to drink this, but also protect my teeth in the process? Baking soda rinse afterward?

Diego Ficagna : Hi, regards from Italy! That face at the end was priceless! Really informative video, thank you for the explanation and keep up the good work! Subscribed :)

Monica Eisinger : This was great! Please post more videos :)

Eytan Schiowitz : Bodie is sleeping on the job. I wish i had major dental problems just to hug him!