Los Angeles Homeless Man Shares the Harsh Reality of Skid Row

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Invisible People : People blame the homeless person instead of accepting that the leading cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. It's easy to point a finger and say "drug addict" and much harder to accept responsibility for the homeless crisis and do something about it. It's as if people believe homeless are the only ones that do drugs. Right down any street in America, people use drugs in apartments and houses. Prior to 1983, there was zero street homelessness, yet there has always been addiction and drug abuse. That's a very real statistic and it proves that drugs are not the cause of homelessness. Yes, in my personal situation drugs and bad decisions played a huge role in me destroying my social network that caused my homelessness. But if there were cheap rooms for rent like there used to be I would have never ended up on the streets, and my addiction may not have gotten so bad. People need to understand that homelessness makes it harder to get sober, not easier. Heroin overdose is one of the leading causes of death for homeless people. Drug addiction in this country is a crisis but instead of locking people up, we must start treating it as the health crisis that it is. To get sober, we need to treat the person and the reason they are abusing drugs. That brings me to this video on Housing First http://invisiblepeople.tv/housingfirst We cannot expect people to get sober while they are homeless. That's ridiculous. Plus, each homeless person on the street we as taxpayers pay huge money for them to be on the streets. Housing people saves lives and it saves money. To be really candid here, I knew when I posted this video lots of people would focus on the drugs more than the homelessness BUT I didn't think the response would be so great. The general public likes to blame homelessness on the person. It's easy to point a finger and say "you drug addict" because that allows us to remove any responsibility to end homelessness. The real truth is, HOMELESSNESS IS OUR FAULT - ALL OF OUR FAULT! SOBER OR ADDICTED - NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SLEEP OUTSIDE ON THE STREETS HOMELESS! I pray Luke's story messes you up like it did me. We cannot continue to look the other way and ignore the growing homeless crisis in America. Please watch and share this video with everyone you know and then take real tangible action to fight homelessness in your community.

Harrrgh : Why are people calling him an addict? I just saw a tired, defeated, and overwhelmed man. I'm praying for you and your wife, Luke.🙏🏼

GamerDaddy : Why the f*** are we trying to help some caravan from central America when we could be helping this man?!

Hoeyann : Poor guy. Being homeless if so hard. It's hard to explain to someone that has never been homeless, what it's truly like to be homeless. The fear, the hopelessness. The only reason I got out of it is because I told a coworker, and they took me in.

Stephen Roberts : I just got off the streets after five years! I was homeless in Orange county California ( Santa Anna), Las Vegas, and last Denver Colorado. Oh and I forgot Dallas Texas. This problem is all over the country! I turned my life to God and started going to all these housing places and kept going to housing appointments! But after about 5 months of going to appointment after appointment I finally got the call saying they found me an apartment! I got on my knees and thanked God! The true loving Father! And I still thank him every day! But even if I have to go back to the streets one day, I will be stronger because God is definitely with me!

Artemis Arthur : Im sorry, but everytime I watch the Homeless Crisis in LA videos, i become enraged at what ISN'T being discussed. I was homeless in Los Angeles from April 2015 to April 2016, and 75% - 85% of the homeless population out there consume methamphetamine like candy. The drug makes people unbelievably sick mentally. They stop bathing and take up absolutely disgusting habits. Wealthy drug addicts exploit, sexually abuse and use these people and throw them back on the street. Prostitution amongst men AND women and transgender men / drag queens is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS. It has literally become a mental institution & prison environment OUTSIDE. People with the WORST substance abuse issues are housed FIRST, and use their new homes as drug trafficking hotspots immediately, and they return to the street. Women and children on the street are separated as DCFS seizes the child, selling them to the highest bidder and leaving the birth mothers to fall further into madness and addicition on the street. The street breaks down and injects women into a hellish lifestyle, and because NOBODY out there thinks about tomorrow, the hell grows. Teenage runaways are sexually abused and passed around to the older adults. It's a nightmare that remaims unseen for a reason. They dont care about your interviews, and they will feed you sympathy stories ALL DAY. Most of these people ARE drug addicts of the most disturbing degree... They are literally just shells of themselves. Until methamphetamine is eradicated from Los Angeles, all of these problems will intensify. If you put a meth addict in a house, he will turn it into a drug spot. There are addicts who aspire for housing for that SOLE REASON. Homelessness removes their want for a real job as they learn the quick payoff of criminal acts. The answer is to erradicate methamphetamine. The addicts will leave your city.

Kenneth White : I think it's ironic that this wonderful man is telling his story all the while $70,000 cars are pulling up at the stop light behind him. The economic disparity in this country is at the greatest divide in the history of this country. I hate when I see people desensitized and walk right by needy individuals without evening stopping to talk/help. This channel has changed my life because I ALWAYS stop and help when I see them around my town. I can't be blind to these people. How do you get ahead when everyone's stealing the few things you accumulate? I feel for this man. Great reality check.

VonDa in Wonderland : God bless Luke and his wife. In Jesus name Amen 🙏

Soiled Sheets : He’s an addict. I have been homeless in Manhattan. I got a job within a week of being there. I saved up $800 after 3 months living in the shelter. I ate McDonald’s dollar menu. I got a roommate and found a place in New Jersey. I did all of these without food stamps or government assistance. I didn’t use drugs or smoke cigarettes. The only time I drank is when I got my first paycheck. I bought Chinese food and a beer. That was my only splurge when I was homeless. I’ve never been homeless since that time.

Aнастасия Романовой : i will pray for him.. You meet homeless daily! yes he's on drugs.. (no teeth? crack?) but anyway what he is, do something.. act like a christian! dont pass bye, react! i know a homeless.. in Moscow, i gave him 1 or 2 time the week food or small sums of money, i know he drinks.. is homeless.. but he is only 21 years old and looks like 45... i see his passport and i couldnt belive it what alcohol and drugs can do.. so people.. please - dont walk bye and ignore those people. be a real christian and act also like the bible says: Proverbs: 21 : 13 "Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered." Remember this when you see an homeless next time! God bless you!

rod powers : Man this is heartbreaking,Thank you Lord for what I have,and Please bless those on every street.I lived or survived the streets for 2years,not in Cali though,I got lucky.

Diamond Logistics : I was homeless. Messed up on drugs. Lived in a burned out building in Detroit for over a year. I thought I was gonna die there. Its alot harder to get your life back than people think.

World Peace : I’m in a similar situation, but not homeless at the moment. I have been homeless though and totally understand. My dream is to be able to help poor people rise out of poverty and give them healing and support. I have plans and dreams just no money, but someday I wish to make my/our dreams come true. Keep on doing what you can and keep loving. Much love to you bro

Jerry : He's nodding out at 5:10...............This guy is hustling for Heroin money.

BlueCoat 1861 : See!? This is proof. Concrete evidence that the government doesn't give two shits about the citizens. Big business from people who make the green *Cash* is all it cares about. And disposes the ones who don't make enough to bring benefit to the elite.

Christian : He's smart, hits the crosswalk button. forces people to stop and read his sign and hopefully give him money

blooneyful : I work with the homeless in Salt Lake City (and there is a huge number of homeless here). Everyones going to comment to me about my remarks here, saying I don't understand etc, etc.....Sorry but I have a sound and truthful understanding of homelessness. 90% of homeless individuals are homeless by choice. Period. Salt Lake City has a lot of money and we put big budgets together to attempt to bring people out of homelessness, not maintain it but bring them out of it. We have interviewed thousands over the course of five years that i have been doing this, they have been presented with unprecedented financial, (job), Shelter (apartment) and Medical (healthcare) opportunities given to them on a silver platter. They want all of the help but want absolutely none of the responsibility to help themselves. Over and over again, we do it, and the outcome is always the same....They love the free stuff but refuse to work in order to have a normal life. Btw, all of the people we offer these things to, are of sound mind and body. So no!! don't believe everything you hear when a homeless person talks to you.

Blue Collar Logic : The kindness of strangers gives this guy just enough to continue living in the state of 'STUCK' that he mentions multiple times. He's ASKING for a bottom. He knows he needs to hit it and hit it solidly. But nice people give him just enough to forestall the inevitable.

portal2passion : Layne Staley's long lost brother.

John P M : I have been down and out with no family and what i thought were no choices. To take drugs or alcohol is a choice. To do nothing or to choose to live a life of crime is a choice. There is help ,you just have to want it more than that next feel good fix. I lost everything in my life twice , never knew my father and my mom died when i was 15. Married 20 years until my wife cheated on me and my son died at the age of 19. My son was born with muscular dystrophy and life for him was pain. All of the tragedies I just told you happened to my loved one , not me. To use them as an excuse to throw my life away would be just the most disrespectful thing i could ever do. My life now is much better , o i forgot to tell you about the brain infection i had in 2012 that left me disabled and on meds for life just so i can stay alive. If you wake up and are able to get out of bed there is hope. God bless .

Malka Ringel : Mark, this person Luke? Is in a really bad way. He looks exhausted from lack of sleep n he looks as if he could enjoy a bath/shower. Most of all.....in survival mode n nothing more is 💙 breaking. Also the wife if she is in hospital for brain cancer I wonder how that works? Re: payment. I just feel awful for thr reality he is living. We are all human. What have we done to each other???? 🍁

J o n a t h a n : his wife dumped him for a guy with shoes she's working up the social ladder.

Gaj : Most his money goes on drugs, pretty obvious.

ColorMeWithYou : beautiful blue eyes. He seems like a wonderful person with an amazing soul. I pray this man, his family, and other people that are struggling find peace.

wraith3845 : the leading cause of homelessness is POOR LIFE CHOICES... i cant wait until personal responsibility becomes trendy........

TheOneGoodRoad : Step One. Get out of L.A.

DayDr3ams : Sorry but I don’t believe a word he says. His story doesn’t add up. They all want a sob story and to make it seem like their own choices didn’t put them in this place

Mike Allen : Billions of dollars are being wasted on illegals.... Instead of those dollars being thrown away, they could be utilized for citizen homeless, veterans, our children's schools having security measures installed to help prevent school shootings... so many other priorities in the best interests of citizens.

Micaela G : I feel like none of you been through skid row or even LA. I’ve seen people slam drugs and recently saw a woman wash her ass with a broken fire hydrant... being homeless is not always because you’re a drug addict but if you’re living on skid row that was your choice. homeless people in LA are the most entitled people ever don’t let this video fool you

Tiago F : I feel bad for the guy.. i really do! BUT stop using heroin.. maybe then you can afford a motel/shower and maybe then you'll get a better chance at landing a job! It's hard i know.. but go "cold turky" !! After 3/4days pain/chills/vomit goes away, after a week/2 weeks your mind/depression starts to get better.. and you'll start to smile and laugh here and there! After 6months/1year the cravings will be almost non-existing :) time to climb outta that hole! Pay bills, get a house, get a car, get a wife and enjoy life :) hope he makes it :) Signed: ex-heroin user, clean for 8+ years!

David Tran : Do you know how many restaurants need dishwashers with no experience paying $13 an hour? That can almost buy you two hotdogs! Just sayin...

Roen : i have been homeless... the only way to get out of such live is to find Jesus Christ. you got to get yourself together if you got stuck for a moment and you cant get out of it. only Christ can heal a broken heart. only the Love of God can fill that empty dark space inside you. look for Him, and you will find a better future. besides that, you can just get out of homelessness by just fighting hard and get a job so you can pay a house..... problem with most homeless people is that they just lost their spirit and dont have any motivation left to make something out of their lives, those turn to drinking or other drugs....... you can get out of this life without the help of Christ, but for that you have to stop doing hard drugs (including alcohol), weed is the only safe drugs. use that instead to get rid of all your other addictions, and then you can also in the end stop with the weed, weed doesnt kill you... alcohol does. (and makes you homeless) but i promise you, if you let Jesus help you, everything will go much easier :) when you receive Gods love in your heart, you dont need any of those drugs anymore, Gods love is enough. btw there are homes from Victory Outreach over all the world, if you are homeless and need a place to stay, like he says you need a nice warm bed to sleep before you can go to work right.... Victory Outreach is offering that for everyone that is homeless. google them for a home near your area, please if you see a homeless man, tell him about this place he can go. i have been saved from the streets thanks to the victory outreach homes. i now have a nice house and more than i ever wanted. bless you

Freeway Shark : "I do choose what i do". AKA he is a druggie. There you go.

Idiot Savant : Perhaps if this guy didn’t start with the heroin or meth? His story is extremely sad, but his eyes tell a different story. He is nodding out during this interview and this moron is blaming the “high cost of living.” If people don’t have a degree or skill, why would they jump on a greyhound and move to LA where EVERYONE knows it is an expensive area to live? They are talking to this guy as if drugs aren’t the root cause of all this misery and that is outright BS.

oldmangranny5 oldmangranny5 : I love hobo wisdom.

Steven Hopkins : His wife is a prostitute he prob pimps her out 4 drugs awww

ThaVoices TV : Just thank all of the #Demoncrats/#DummyCrats for all of the homelessness there! #MaxineWaters should share some of her $4.5 million dollar home w/ some of these people!

robert howard : Heard all the b s before, always a good story, 90% are liars

KF Invertebrates : Damn he said people are 2 missed paychecks away from the same fate he’s so right

dertn bertn : dont do drugs kids

Steve GG : This is unrelated... Some "homeless" make more money asking for handouts here in La than an employed kid flipping burgers for minimum wage in some states like Dakota.

Tee'mon Norris : “If you had three wishes what would they be” Homeless man-“That’s hard” Really ?????? I can think of three right off the bat. To be financially stable To have a family For his wife to be healed

IRL Hot Guy 69 : not an addict, but no teeth and a shrunken jaw, ya sure no meth or crack smoked at all! im sure! not an addict!

miKE reaction : If alot of us didnt have family ....u would be right there with him.

wildbillo68 : One thing he mentioned about being "2 Missed paychecks away from skid row" is true in California because (Mainly but not exclusively) the Liberals set up a system that only the rich survive. Ultra High Taxes and High COL make it so that no one else can join their lil cabal of money people. The pesants only clean their houses and cut their grass.... People play their part as well by re-electing people like Nancy Pelosi over and over again hoping that This time she'll actually do something . Aint gonna happen. People better themselves when they leave that cesspool called Californication... The problem is that they bring their Liberal leanings to other free states like Texas and Florida and screw that up too... You need to rethink who your leaders are and what there all about... And don't vote DEM thinking that Liberalism is the answer... They all talk the shit but it's fake... Walk away People...walk away...

Jose Martinez : People come from south of the border with nothing because they know they can make it in America. Almost all don't speak English or aren't educated. Are these the people who are taking the jobs Americans don't want to do? I've never seen a white guy out in the fields working... they must too good for that type of job... shameful

scheis123 : These red states need to take care of their homeless problem and stop sending them to SF and LA. Then turn around and blame California for "creating" a huge homeless problem! I cannot tell you how many homeless people I've met in California who are not from California.

g68unit : But all the liberals can see is "White privilege", and "male privilege".

Chuck Davis : I ended up homeless the day after graduating college. The house I had lined up to rent with 2 friends - suddenly the land lord cancelled the agreement. My other 2 friends had family they could go live with. I was a foster kid all my life - and no family. So when that deal cancelled I didn't have enough money to get my own house and was immediately homeless. I was working 2 jobs at the time - around 50 hours/weeks. I got fired from both. it's super hard to be focused at work when you're dirty, on no sleep and generally stressed out. And it is expensive to be homeless. Without a kitchen, you can't cook and store food - so you're forced to eat out all the time.

marzeniem moim : SAVE WHITE RACE FIRST