Los Angeles Homeless Man Shares the Harsh Reality of Skid Row

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Invisible People : People blame the homeless person instead of accepting that the leading cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. It's easy to point a finger and say "drug addict" and much harder to accept responsibility for the homeless crisis and do something about it. It's as if people believe homeless are the only ones that do drugs. Right down any street in America, people use drugs in apartments and houses. Prior to 1983, there was zero street homelessness, yet there has always been addiction and drug abuse. That's a very real statistic and it proves that drugs are not the cause of homelessness. Yes, in my personal situation drugs and bad decisions played a huge role in me destroying my social network that caused my homelessness. But if there were cheap rooms for rent like there used to be I would have never ended up on the streets, and my addiction may not have gotten so bad. People need to understand that homelessness makes it harder to get sober, not easier. Heroin overdose is one of the leading causes of death for homeless people. Drug addiction in this country is a crisis but instead of locking people up, we must start treating it as the health crisis that it is. To get sober, we need to treat the person and the reason they are abusing drugs. That brings me to this video on Housing First http://invisiblepeople.tv/housingfirst We cannot expect people to get sober while they are homeless. That's ridiculous. Plus, each homeless person on the street we as taxpayers pay huge money for them to be on the streets. Housing people saves lives and it saves money. To be really candid here, I knew when I posted this video lots of people would focus on the drugs more than the homelessness BUT I didn't think the response would be so great. The general public likes to blame homelessness on the person. It's easy to point a finger and say "you drug addict" because that allows us to remove any responsibility to end homelessness. The real truth is, HOMELESSNESS IS OUR FAULT - ALL OF OUR FAULT! SOBER OR ADDICTED - NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SLEEP OUTSIDE ON THE STREETS HOMELESS! I pray Luke's story messes you up like it did me. We cannot continue to look the other way and ignore the growing homeless crisis in America. Please watch and share this video with everyone you know and then take real tangible action to fight homelessness in your community.

Harrrgh : Why are people calling him an addict? I just saw a tired, defeated, and overwhelmed man. I'm praying for you and your wife, Luke.🙏🏼

VonDa in Wonderland : God bless Luke and his wife. In Jesus name Amen 🙏

Chuck Davis : I ended up homeless the day after graduating college. The house I had lined up to rent with 2 friends - suddenly the land lord cancelled the agreement. My other 2 friends had family they could go live with. I was a foster kid all my life - and no family. So when that deal cancelled I didn't have enough money to get my own house and was immediately homeless. I was working 2 jobs at the time - around 50 hours/weeks. I got fired from both. it's super hard to be focused at work when you're dirty, on no sleep and generally stressed out. And it is expensive to be homeless. Without a kitchen, you can't cook and store food - so you're forced to eat out all the time.

Wayne McLaughlin : This homeless man is more polite then any most hard working person out there. I am sure there are thousands of more sad story like this man's story about his life of living out on the streets. I am sorry for what he and his wife are going through, especially with his wife having brain cancer. 😟

rod powers : Man this is heartbreaking,Thank you Lord for what I have,and Please bless those on every street.I lived or survived the streets for 2years,not in Cali though,I got lucky.

Kenneth White : I think it's ironic that this wonderful man is telling his story all the while $70,000 cars are pulling up at the stop light behind him. The economic disparity in this country is at the greatest divide in the history of this country. I hate when I see people desensitized and walk right by needy individuals without evening stopping to talk/help. This channel has changed my life because I ALWAYS stop and help when I see them around my town. I can't be blind to these people. How do you get ahead when everyone's stealing the few things you accumulate? I feel for this man. Great reality check.

Ninjitzu22 : It is quite sad this mans situation. He has the classic heroin junky face though. He left that out. People often blame society and others for their problems. They often leave out important facts about horrible decisions they made that result in stuff like this. Him and his wife moved to LA and his wives family just didn't answer the phone? Chances are the family had to cut these 2 from their lives due to a heroin problem that was toxic to everyone else around. Of course my theory is just speculation but I would bet you my life, based on his nodding eyes and face structure that this man is spending all his money on heroin.

Rob D : You can give Luke a mansion in the Hills, and he would still continue to use heroin.. only way Luke will stop using drugs, is when Luke decides that enough is enough, and he's ready to change his lifestyle.. no amount of money or free housing is going to deter Luke from using drugs.. other than that, there is no hope for Luke..

Aaron K : As someone who was homeless for quite a few years I can honestly say 80% of homeless people are drug addicts. Theres millions of people out there who have gone through much worse things in this country and dont end up being homeless drug addicts. Once i stopped making excuses for myself and people around me stopped enabling me is when i was able to pull myself out of the hole I dug. Im sorry but unless you have a straight up debilitating mental illness or physical issue I have no sympathy for someone who uses drugs and drinks so much they cant hold down a job. Once I quit using drugs i was able to get off the streets in about a month. I went to the temp agency every damn day of the week at 5am and worked my ass off to get off the streets. There is honestly NO excuse unless your out of your mind or physically unable to work. Sometimes tough love is the best medicine, at least it was for me.

Peter Michael : Skid row is where the druggies hang out. There is more to his story he is isn't telling you. Lots of people are homeless in LA and they dont all live on skid row. I was homeless for a year when I was young and never went to skid row. You can go to the beach, you can travel alone and in secret. You don't go where all the other homeless go. You go to the places the homeless are not. Nobody ever stole my shoes or messed with me because I stayed to myself and was very streetwise and slept in places where other homeless people didnt sleep. If you go to where other homeless people are, naturally you will have issues. People that have a bunch of dramas living on the street do not know how to live on the street correctly.

Xochitl Paige : Homelessness is complicated. Drugs, poverty and mental health.

blooneyful : I work with the homeless in Salt Lake City (and there is a huge number of homeless here). Everyones going to comment to me about my remarks here, saying I don't understand etc, etc.....Sorry but I have a sound and truthful understanding of homelessness. 90% of homeless individuals are homeless by choice. Period. Salt Lake City has a lot of money and we put big budgets together to attempt to bring people out of homelessness, not maintain it but bring them out of it. We have interviewed thousands over the course of five years that i have been doing this, they have been presented with unprecedented financial, (job), Shelter (apartment) and Medical (healthcare) opportunities given to them on a silver platter. They want all of the help but want absolutely none of the responsibility to help themselves. Over and over again, we do it, and the outcome is always the same....They love the free stuff but refuse to work in order to have a normal life. Btw, all of the people we offer these things to, are of sound mind and body. So no!! don't believe everything you hear when a homeless person talks to you.

closinginonclosure : Funny how he fails to mention the money he spends on drugs and how much of a factor drugs are in his situation.

h0llywoodundead barbiex : heroin addict ,, i was one in las vegas for 8 years i can smell one when i see it

TheOneGoodRoad : Step One. Get out of L.A.

Gaj : Most his money goes on drugs, pretty obvious.

vidform : I think some major details are left out of his story. At the beginning of his story, he says his wife's parents said he and his wife can come to LA. So they left their home and came to LA even though the parents didn't answer the phone. Why were they coming to LA to see the parents and no longer have a home in their city of origin? This sounds fishy. Why didn't they just go back home? If the parents didn't answer the phone, did they show up at the parents' home and no one was there? Wouldn't that cause them some concern as where the parents might be? Why did his wife turn to prostitution so easily after her parents didn't answer the phone when they were expected to arrive in LA soon? Did they have jobs before they left for LA? If they arrived on a train, then it sounds like their visit was meant to be temporary like just visiting family. Again, I think he left some major details out of how he beceame homeless. People can't effectively help him if we don't have the whole story. Also, what are his parents like? If they are crappy people, then that could affect their adult son and daughter-in-law.

JOHN CENA : Meanwhile leftist care more about giving free money to foreigners and minorities. Makes you really think.

WorkshopPops : so nobody wants to mention the cost of drugs

Malka Ringel : Mark, this person Luke? Is in a really bad way. He looks exhausted from lack of sleep n he looks as if he could enjoy a bath/shower. Most of all.....in survival mode n nothing more is 💙 breaking. Also the wife if she is in hospital for brain cancer I wonder how that works? Re: payment. I just feel awful for thr reality he is living. We are all human. What have we done to each other???? 🍁

Simple Stimpy : Youtubers making money off the homeless, that's the real problem here.

Eduardo Castaneda : I know men and women who have fled their foreign countries with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Women wash the clothes and clean the houses of the wealthy. The men work construction or do landscaping. My family was this case. My mother would make food to sell for $7 a plate to the construction workers. My father would work late night hours. Starvation? Survival mode? Here in the USA? Not to mention the man is white he’s got papers. He’s legal. This man doesn’t know survival mode. If he knew survival mode he would be out there hustling washing dishes, working the fields picking strawberries, mopping floors. In LA? Had a cousin who just got to LA and the first thing he did was work the cherry fields getting paid $1 a basket. Makes 100 bucks a day and saves it all. Rents a place with 8 others. In survival mode you work the system. In this case the system is working this man to where his survival mode is to get free food and shelter. Nothing is free in this world my good sir! You have to make those hands bleed. I feel for this man but in this land of opportunity society isn’t the problem. It’s the people who inhabit it.


sobekflakmonkey : just leave the city, theres nothing for you there anymore, if you're not addicted to anything, just leave the city, go fishing and camping, you're ultimately better off leaving the city and going elsewhere. Any money made pan handling or whatever should be spent on tools to get you out of the city...you have legs, just walk out...I know that sounds harsh, but really, if you think about it, humans thrived in the wilderness for so long, if you have nothing and you truly aren't addicted to anything, you should just leave...realistically the city is far more disgusting than the wilderness...on top of that, food and showers are essentially free if you leave the city.

Christian : He's smart, hits the crosswalk button. forces people to stop and read his sign and hopefully give him money

David Tran : Do you know how many restaurants need dishwashers with no experience paying $13 an hour? That can almost buy you two hotdogs! Just sayin...

Al Caholik : He shoulda use his white privilege...oh yeah it doesnt exist. Poor guy

Move_I_Got_This : I had a midlife crisis and I spent years with the homeless.........they are LIARS! 1 in 100 are trying to do the right thing. I keep in touch with a homeless guy, he's young and a drunk and to me he's honest about it but to you it's a "I'm just down on my luck" sad story. The police, the homeless shelters all will tell you to NEVER give them money, the next hit could kill them.

KaptKan1 : Those people are NOT "homeless"; they are junkies and every one has a fictional tale of woe made to excuse their failures and stupid decisions. The cure is NOT to rob the taxpayers even more but to insist that the addicts take personal responsibility for their situations. "...the leading cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing" is a deliberate, intentional lie which is pushed by the Marxists who wish to totally destroy society.

miKE reaction : If alot of us didnt have family ....u would be right there with him.

Chris Mully : That dude is on heroin. Just a drug addict.

Dragons Life : leading cause of homelessness in people that claim a situation is holding them back is lack of wanting to do something about your situation. can be as simple as joining one of the many unions that will allow you to afford an apartment, even in expensive places like the bay area. unless you legitimately can't lift something,walk, or are born with a mental illness there really is no excuse, they even accept felons. The real problem is we have nowhere or not enough places that will take in and give the mentally ill housing and care.

Tony Tweedie : I'm homeless and I don't do any drugs with a family what u say bout that and have a diploma in medical care and my wife is billing and coding and don't have a record In no crime and not in no GANGS just a father oh is doing the rite things. But God is changing that now and I'm grateful for the experience of it to help ppl when I'm in the same thing and they tell me u a real man of GOD and I cry cause I know the fight and what it drains from u it hurts ppl don't know that pain of lack of care or respect to even try to help u

Brett Azevedo : This is BS. Lived in LA for years and volunteered and donated and even took a guy in. They want a hand out and drugs. The ones who actually want to do better go to the shelters outside of the dump that is downtown LA. And it wasnt just one guy who helped me build my opinion, it was YEARS of volunteering to help the homeless in LA. The last straw was when I literally took someone into my home and gave him my couch to sleep on, my last 12 bucks I had to my name (broke college student who wanted to help others), and half of the food I had left. Long story short he said fuck this guy I want meth. DONT LET THESE PEOPLE FOOL YOU. I know its harsh but its reality, I learned the hard way and I hope others dont have to deal with it.

KF Invertebrates : Damn he said people are 2 missed paychecks away from the same fate he’s so right

barnbersonol : At least he's homeless somewhere warm,. Try Chicago.

TheNextStepp : I would be in this guys place if I hadn't had my in-laws. I had a promising career and was moving up the ladder pretty quick until I did a favor for someone and ended up herniating a couple of discs in my back. It left me with permanent nerve damage so I was in constant pain, I continued to work but eventually lost my job so I applied for disability thinking I'd be a shoe in. Boy was I wrong!!! I had paid in all these years and had multiple doctors on my side and the government jerked me around for 3 straight years. My wife returned to work and we trimmed the budget, cut out everything and still each month we fell further into the hole. At the worst point we were borrowing over $1000 a month from family, we would have been homeless in a matter of a couple months if we didn't have someone to fall back on. It can happen to anyone.

Micaela G : I feel like none of you been through skid row or even LA. I’ve seen people slam drugs and recently saw a woman wash her ass with a broken fire hydrant... being homeless is not always because you’re a drug addict but if you’re living on skid row that was your choice. homeless people in LA are the most entitled people ever don’t let this video fool you

Andrew Duhaime : How about stay away from drugs!

Leon Wanderi : Man is in survival mode, all the while expensive cars pass by. We are in the age of kali yuga. Greatest human problem is lack of empathy, due to not having self knowledge.

Megan Lopez : I want to know his TRUE story like I high key doubt him and his wife came out to live with family and they never answered the phone... granted I'm not judging I'm just hella interested lol

Richard Cranium : The further down you fall the more like prison it is. You can't trust other people, you can't let others disrespect you, you don't pay anyone tax. This guy is a victim, a straight mark, he broadcasts it. Best thing he can do is get out of LA to a small town and go to churches for help. Kicking the heroin would be a good start too.

Mark GP Atherton : And the progressive left wants to have open borders for immigrants from every third world country. Pushing disadvantaged Americans further down the rathole of disparity. And is turning our nation into the world’s toilet paper.

Nathan Faust : Democrats on positions of power politically is what"s wrong. I pray that God helps those people too. That they can get out of the pit they are in. Democrats care more for illegal Hispanics then their own homeless people.

Kevin Jimenez : I live in Orange County but venture to downtown Los Angeles a few times a month for the night life. I always find myself speaking to homeless people and trying to find ways to help them by either buying them a meal or giving them money. My friends and others seem to always comment about my actions and why I ‘bother’ with helping them. I find their comments so hypocritical. They’re ok with spending $15 on a cocktail or hundreds of dollars on dinner, but can’t find it in their hearts to help someone in need?! It warms my heart when I can help someone less fortunate and I hope the positive energy I’m putting into the Universe will find it’s way back to me or to those I love.

KANE Onyx : Most of these people I feel for. This guy is clearly on drugs he was nodding out couple of times. I know it’s not easy saying “I’m gonna get clean” when everything is horrible but more then likely that is his reason for being there.

imagine treehouses everywhere. : Never judge a man intill you've walked a mile in his shoes or without shoes assume a ND you make an assignment out of you and me ASSUME!

North Georgia : You could make better life choices if you weren't high and drunk all day long.

Suh Cars : Probably uses his white privilege to cut in line at the soup kitchen.