Los Angeles Homeless Man Shares the Harsh Reality of Skid Row

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Invisible People : People blame the homeless person instead of accepting that the leading cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. It's easy to point a finger and say "drug addict" and much harder to accept responsibility for the homeless crisis and do something about it. It's as if people believe homeless are the only ones that do drugs. Right down any street in America, people use drugs in apartments and houses. Prior to 1983, there was zero street homelessness, yet there has always been addiction and drug abuse. That's a very real statistic and it proves that drugs are not the cause of homelessness. Yes, in my personal situation drugs and bad decisions played a huge role in me destroying my social network that caused my homelessness. But if there were cheap rooms for rent like there used to be I would have never ended up on the streets, and my addiction may not have gotten so bad. People need to understand that homelessness makes it harder to get sober, not easier. Heroin overdose is one of the leading causes of death for homeless people. Drug addiction in this country is a crisis but instead of locking people up, we must start treating it as the health crisis that it is. To get sober, we need to treat the person and the reason they are abusing drugs. That brings me to this video on Housing First http://invisiblepeople.tv/housingfirst We cannot expect people to get sober while they are homeless. That's ridiculous. Plus, each homeless person on the street we as taxpayers pay huge money for them to be on the streets. Housing people saves lives and it saves money. To be really candid here, I knew when I posted this video lots of people would focus on the drugs more than the homelessness BUT I didn't think the response would be so great. The general public likes to blame homelessness on the person. It's easy to point a finger and say "you drug addict" because that allows us to remove any responsibility to end homelessness. The real truth is, HOMELESSNESS IS OUR FAULT - ALL OF OUR FAULT! SOBER OR ADDICTED - NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SLEEP OUTSIDE ON THE STREETS HOMELESS! I pray Luke's story messes you up like it did me. We cannot continue to look the other way and ignore the growing homeless crisis in America. Please watch and share this video with everyone you know and then take real tangible action to fight homelessness in your community.

Harrrgh : Why are people calling him an addict? I just saw a tired, defeated, and overwhelmed man. I'm praying for you and your wife, Luke.🙏🏼

Brian Velez : I’m heart broken. I hope this man is able to find a way out of this situation. 😞

GamerDaddy : Why the f*** are we trying to help some caravan from central America when we could be helping this man?!

Artemis Arthur : Im sorry, but everytime I watch the Homeless Crisis in LA videos, i become enraged at what ISN'T being discussed. I was homeless in Los Angeles from April 2015 to April 2016, and 75% - 85% of the homeless population out there consume methamphetamine like candy. The drug makes people unbelievably sick mentally. They stop bathing and take up absolutely disgusting habits. Wealthy drug addicts exploit, sexually abuse and use these people and throw them back on the street. Prostitution amongst men AND women and transgender men / drag queens is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS. It has literally become a mental institution & prison environment OUTSIDE. People with the WORST substance abuse issues are housed FIRST, and use their new homes as drug trafficking hotspots immediately, and they return to the street. Women and children on the street are separated as DCFS seizes the child, selling them to the highest bidder and leaving the birth mothers to fall further into madness and addicition on the street. The street breaks down and injects women into a hellish lifestyle, and because NOBODY out there thinks about tomorrow, the hell grows. Teenage runaways are sexually abused and passed around to the older adults. It's a nightmare that remaims unseen for a reason. They dont care about your interviews, and they will feed you sympathy stories ALL DAY. Most of these people ARE drug addicts of the most disturbing degree... They are literally just shells of themselves. Until methamphetamine is eradicated from Los Angeles, all of these problems will intensify. If you put a meth addict in a house, he will turn it into a drug spot. There are addicts who aspire for housing for that SOLE REASON. Homelessness removes their want for a real job as they learn the quick payoff of criminal acts. The answer is to erradicate methamphetamine. The addicts will leave your city.

Soiled Sheets : He’s an addict. I have been homeless in Manhattan. I got a job within a week of being there. I saved up $800 after 3 months living in the shelter. I ate McDonald’s dollar menu. I got a roommate and found a place in New Jersey. I did all of these without food stamps or government assistance. I didn’t use drugs or smoke cigarettes. The only time I drank is when I got my first paycheck. I bought Chinese food and a beer. That was my only splurge when I was homeless. I’ve never been homeless since that time.

Charles Moore : I was homeless for over a decade in downtown LA and yes, I was a heroin addict. Nobody can judge a man or woman who hasn't walked a mile in their shoes. It's not as easy as some people commenting here make it out to be; to rise above all the BS and slowly but magically get your life together. Sure, it happens for some people but it takes what it takes for others. I'm not here to make excuses for myself or anyone else on the street. I will say that my self esteem and sense of self worth were at 0! That was in large part due to the fact that an overwhelming majority of stable and productive members of society living downtown or visiting went out of their way to be rude, hateful, disrespectful, just straight up mean as f#ck and I could go on and on... It took so long for me to grasp at a little bit of hope that I and others thought I was gonna die out there....but 1 lady who worked on 7th & Fig in the building with the fire & water sculpture out front never gave up on me. She was the 1 consistent part of my life that was positive and she took a chance on me by offering me work at her Russian Orthodox Catholic Church in Silver Lake renovating a womens restroom. That led to more work at the church and then work at her 90+yr old Mother's house on Coastline off of PCH in Malibu. Within 2yrs of this lady trusting and having faith in me I was able to change more than I ever thought possible given my circumstances and long story short I left LA and moved back to the East Coast in 2014 where I'm close to family again. Had this lady given up on me I know for a fact I'd be dead or in prison. I owe her more than I can ever repay. I owe her my life....

Ian Malcolm : I am from Skid Row....right there at 6th & San Pedro and at Gladys Park....15 years i lived out there....The only way I got out of there was through the California Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation, thats right, Prison saved my life....now I am at home with my Mom at 47, but I relate to that feeling of bottomlessness he described...the symptoms that cause one to end up down there are social...as he said family is the difference...if you have no family you will be on skid row....skid row is a blessing in disguise however...I survived for over decade because of the resources that are there...if you do the row corrctly, God is always present and you will learn a great deal about the true value of life and you will never take anything for granted ever again....We as a society and a nation must return to morality and community if we are going to have any kind of a National future....at the rate that things are going however, this entire country may turn into skid row....we have got to demonstrate compassion to each other as neighbors and stop putting entertainment and materialism before God and Love of our fellow beings. Be Blessed out there...this piece touched the heart.

ColorMeWithYou : beautiful blue eyes. He seems like a wonderful person with an amazing soul. I pray this man, his family, and other people that are struggling find peace.

Unicornix A. : So what if he’s on drugs. Listen to his story it’s the truth. Anybody can end up like this.

GrayCoat 1861 : See!? This is proof. Concrete evidence that the government doesn't give two shits about the citizens. Big business from people who make the green *Cash* is all it cares about. And disposes the ones who don't make enough to bring benefit to the elite.

bluebird2220 : you made ten thousand dollar with this vidio u beter find this man and gift him that

Aнастасия Романовой : i will pray for him.. You meet homeless daily! yes he's on drugs.. (no teeth? crack?) but anyway what he is, do something.. act like a christian! dont pass bye, react! i know a homeless.. in Moscow, i gave him 1 or 2 time the week food or small sums of money, i know he drinks.. is homeless.. but he is only 21 years old and looks like 45... i see his passport and i couldnt belive it what alcohol and drugs can do.. so people.. please - dont walk bye and ignore those people. be a real christian and act also like the bible says: Proverbs: 21 : 13 "Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered." Remember this when you see an homeless next time! God bless you!

Tiffany Holmex : I hate going downtown.. rich vs poor. It's just heartless.. I pray for him to get out of this circumstance..

TheOneGoodRoad : Step One. Get out of L.A.

Ruth T : some how this guy speaks better than our president.

World Peace : I’m in a similar situation, but not homeless at the moment. I have been homeless though and totally understand. My dream is to be able to help poor people rise out of poverty and give them healing and support. I have plans and dreams just no money, but someday I wish to make my/our dreams come true. Keep on doing what you can and keep loving. Much love to you bro

Matthew Lewis : The sad part is that you have all of these rich celebrities that want to adopt kids from other countries, raise awareness for other countries, allow all these illegal immigrants to cross our borders unchecked, but yet turn a blind eye to their fellow countrymen. I would much rather my dollars go to trying to help out the homeless in this country, than to the illegals crossing our borders getting free schooling, healthcare, drivers license, housing. In CA, they are trying to make it so the illegals get a seat on the school boards to better help their children cope in their new environment. I'm glad I don't have kids and never will, because I think the future of this country is looking pretty dim.

g68unit : But all the liberals can see is "White privilege", and "male privilege".

Malka Ringel : Mark, this person Luke? Is in a really bad way. He looks exhausted from lack of sleep n he looks as if he could enjoy a bath/shower. Most of all.....in survival mode n nothing more is 💙 breaking. Also the wife if she is in hospital for brain cancer I wonder how that works? Re: payment. I just feel awful for thr reality he is living. We are all human. What have we done to each other???? 🍁

IceSun : cried when he said he'd give the third wish away.

Wyllshaun Gipson : I pray for the best for this man.

synth505 : I've worked for a couple of homeless ministries. One was in downtown Atlanta. The most valuable thing I learned was that you cant help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. People scoff at me for saying that most homeless choose to be homeless but I've seen it for myself. There are some legit cases where we helped someone get off the street that lost everything and those experiences were very rewarding. However, there are those who have no ambition to better themselves and would rather panhandle and take advantage of others than to even try. The last straw for me was when a local housing project and Waffle House teamed up to offer a job and housing opportunity for anyone willing. A lot of the same people showed up every day for breakfast and lunch where you would talk and minister to them. When the announcement was made, everyone in this group turned around and walked away once they got their food. I was shocked... if it were me, I would have done anything I could to get off the street. It was at this point that I refused to volunteer anymore of my time trying to help people who were too worthless to help themselves. There are genuine cases.. but its few and far between from my experience. In my opinion... giving handouts only encourages them to stay where they are. If they were forced to choose between starving to death and actually doing something about their situation, there would be a lot less homeless. Drug use is rampant also. I remember having to sort out hygiene care packages and removing the mouthwash (they would drink for the alcohol) and the razors so they wouldn't try to mug someone.

John P M : I have been down and out with no family and what i thought were no choices. To take drugs or alcohol is a choice. To do nothing or to choose to live a life of crime is a choice. There is help ,you just have to want it more than that next feel good fix. I lost everything in my life twice , never knew my father and my mom died when i was 15. Married 20 years until my wife cheated on me and my son died at the age of 19. My son was born with muscular dystrophy and life for him was pain. All of the tragedies I just told you happened to my loved one , not me. To use them as an excuse to throw my life away would be just the most disrespectful thing i could ever do. My life now is much better , o i forgot to tell you about the brain infection i had in 2012 that left me disabled and on meds for life just so i can stay alive. If you wake up and are able to get out of bed there is hope. God bless .

Christian : He's smart, hits the crosswalk button. forces people to stop and read his sign and hopefully give him money

Donald J. Trump MAGA : I can't afford to live in LA either. So I don't. I migrated. I moved to where cost of living is astronomically lower, and found opportunity. Sure. Some a truly unlucky, and no matter what they do, fail. But man... The main thing is MIGRATE. Move around. Cali in general has an unrealistic cost of living.

Idiot Savant : Perhaps if this guy didn’t start with the heroin or meth? His story is extremely sad, but his eyes tell a different story. He is nodding out during this interview and this moron is blaming the “high cost of living.” If people don’t have a degree or skill, why would they jump on a greyhound and move to LA where EVERYONE knows it is an expensive area to live? They are talking to this guy as if drugs aren’t the root cause of all this misery and that is outright BS.

PineKushDude : I always knew Kurt Cobain faked his suicide so he could be a junkie in peace

CVetteMan1111 : The wealthiest country in the world having more millionaires and billionaires than almost every other country on earth. We can't build some high rise apartments on Skid Row,? Then set some rules, standards, and requirements... and employ ex military veterans, the homeless, and habitat for humanity volunteers to maintain these facilities? Just adjust the mayor's paycheck, a few high ranking city officials paychecks, and maybe get some grants and some support from the states wealthiest celebrities and sports teams and it would become a truly wonderful place for second chances and rehabilitation. Don't give the "that's impossible speech." Just listening to their stories doesn't do dick to help these people. We can do better than that!

Hollyann Rose : Poor guy. Being homeless if so hard. It's hard to explain to someone that has never been homeless, what it's truly like to be homeless. The fear, the hopelessness. The only reason I got out of it is because I told a coworker, and they took me in.

TheDragonflyDoji : if i was homeless i would not stay in an urban environment.

portal2passion : Layne Staley's long lost brother.

M Soda : People that harass the homeless are the worst of the worst. When ever I see someone that is homeless or down on their luck I try to help. We never know what can happen to us also we are all part of this human family and should help each other.

Susan Raezer : When you set the minimum wage, you need to provide housing that equals 1 weeks pay at that level. It doesn't have to be special, but it should at least consist of an 8'x12' room, with shared bathroom on a bus route. In other words, if minimum wage is $15/an hour, than there should be rooms available for $600/month.

C G676 : I feel bad for you,get off drugs and maybe you can start a new life

Steven Hopkins : His wife is a prostitute he prob pimps her out 4 drugs awww

brucesterz : He literally says it himself. The solution is to leave the area but guess why he doesnt leave ? His plugs are there. He doesnt want to leave because he doesnt want to leave his drugs

Scott McClure McClure : I'm with the homeless every day, drugs are the problem!!! But it is also mental illness and low intelligence the drug addicts take a lot of resources away from the ones that legitimately need help. I wish I new a solution. But my best advice is don't do drugs people always say it won't happen to me

miKE reaction : If alot of us didnt have family ....u would be right there with him.

Lance Rexington : Immigrants steal this mans benifits

Grant Albright : It’s really not that hard to become a drug addict, if you have tried meth or know what is in it then you might understand the power it holds. It can control a persons life after one use. Until you feel empty and helpless you can’t understand the pain and suffering from someone who is broken. Certain individuals can overcome depression, and find a reason to live, love the Holy Father, and find internal peace of mind without money or materials, but most turn to escaping a cruel reality. This cruel reality is created by the wealthy individuals who have the capability of being joyful beautiful spirits but instead mock the Holy Father, laugh at pain and suffering to feel better about themselves, and indulge in selfish greed and pleasure. Any human has the capability of finding out the truth and being happy regardless of needs through The Bible. Individuals can gain something more valuable then any wealth in this Earth but most not be willing to bow down to a superior and humbly accept out position on this planet. This man has found the Holy Spirit I can see it right in his eyes and that means he is more valuable then most humans. Why is it the homeless that find this Holy Father? Why is it that a traumatic experience showed you the light? This man is a prime example of why you should be praising on your hands and knees right now thanking for anything you have, wether it’s a crumb of bread or a 5 story house we are his children and we WILL be the “rich” for all of eternity, while the “rich” will become the “poor.”

Tom P : God bless u Luke this is a genocide of males millions of men are put in the streets buy the fing courts divorce kills men but I will not break bless u Luke I pray for u ✝️✝️✝️✝️

S Eichorn : to summarize, drugs will completely ruin your life.

KF Invertebrates : Damn he said people are 2 missed paychecks away from the same fate he’s so right

Gon 38 : Why do we call ghosts horrible when us humans are worse smh hope this man gets out his situation

HardRockMiner : He can't be homeless,he's white. He just needs to use his "white Previlage" He will be a millionaire in no time. Smfh!

Adam Wilkinson : The world needs changing. If everyone in the world was to give, who could possibly go without?

Jennifer Darnell : Breaks my heart. Praying for you and your family Luke

Candida Crusher : I spoke with many homeless in LA on my last visit and can really feel for many of these folks, I was shocked at what I saw and heard. Not all people on the streets are smacked-out junkies selling their bodies according to popular belief, in fact many respectable citizens today in the USA are only one pay-check away from being on the streets themselves, people who have never touched drugs or booze. Luke is a sad indictment of out "advanced" times. I wish there was more support for these folks. We are ALL human beings regardless of our religious beliefs or political inclination. How would you feel if this was your son, your views on homelessness may well change under these circumstances. Luke, power to you man, I hope things get better for you. Maybe somebody watching this video could just well give this young man the break he so desperately needs.

Anonymous : Hes an addict and hes burned his life to the ground. Hes still using in this video. I love the 3 wishes questioned! If he was not an addict that was an easy answer. They want the drug. The end. They are liars, cheat and thieves, and some are pedophiles and some are murders. These types are not good humans makjng good choices. They are self centered manipulative assholes. Do not take them home. You will see how wonderfully sad and broken these people are after they destroy your home and family.