12 hidden mechanics Horizon: Zero Dawn never tells you about
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Like the lumbering, robotic beasts that patrol its world, conquering Horizon: Zero Dawn is a massive undertaking. And while it does a pretty good job of teaching you the basic controls, it doesn’t fully explain trading, combat, or those little perks that end up being quite handy. So here are the 12 hidden mechanics Horizon never tells you about. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar


CrypticStaten : This video is ridiculous. They tell you most of these "NEVER TOLD" things in tutorials, loading screen tips, and even Aloy says these sometimes. I mean seriously Come'on. Talk about click bait. 1. "Pay attention to icons" This is a loading screen tip. Probably one of the most frequent ones too. Definitely not hidden.2. "Enemies will drop tons of loot when you take them out" Seriously? From the beginning of the game you're told to loot enemies because they have resources on them. Aloy will make comments about it. The Machine listing in your menu lists all the loot available from every machine you focus scan. There's a skill to get even more loot! SUPER not hidden.3. "Use override to get a friend in battle" It's part of the skills description, and you have a quest to override a machine. Yet again, Aloy will mention this throughout the ENTIRE game. 4. "Buy maps from the first vendor you meet" It's a merchant man. If you choose not to look at their wares than that's on you. Don't say something is "hidden" because you chose not to look. How did you make it to where you are now?5. "Make Lure and Silent Strike your first two skills" Genuinely concerned about your mental state. How is purchasing your two favorite skills first a hidden mechanic of the game? There's nothing hidden about this at all. It's a players choice to pick skills. F**K OFF.6. "Merchants have cool stuff" I seriously hate you. You are despicable. Chloroform yourself.7. "Items marked with Sell for Metal Shards are safe" So if they don't say trade with a merchant, craft items, craft ammo, or even fast travel, and only say Sell for metal shards, they must not be safe to SELL FOR METAL SHARDS. 8."Traps and Rolling" I've got nothing. Two in game mechanics that are very well described to you. Both have skills for them. Both have easily accessible information. Not hidden.9. "Status effects" REALLY?!?!? These are literally everywhere! Loading screen tips, description of the arrows, bombs, wires, and traps all have this information. Focusing on a machine elemental canister will tell you this. It's some weapon tutorial quests to do this. 10. "Merchants have free stuff" So they have free and cool stuff? and it's hidden? OMG! -_- No it's not hidden. Look through a merchants inventory. If you can see this in plain sight it's not a hidden mechanic. 11. "Always be tagging" The Focus will even show you which button to press to tag someone. IT TELLS YOU WHAT TO PRESS EVERYTIME. SO HIDDEN!12. "How to fast travel" I'm going out on a limb here to say maybe use the FAST TRAVEL PACK. That you can craft, or buy. and yet again. LOADING SCREEN TIP!!!I am truly surprised that GamesRadar let you post this. Not to mention that you are a SENIOR PRODUCER. Did you play the game at all before posting this? Perhaps you were just trying to use click bait and Horizon Zero Dawns popularity to get a quick high view video. This kind of crap is why people can't trust that GamesRadar even knows anything about video games in general. Not a single one of these mechanics are hidden. Ungodly disappointed in this video. I was hoping for new and interesting information, but it was just the tutorial and in game messages presented by some dude who hasn't played the game yet. Thanks.

Nathan Lamberth : Pro tip- shooting stuff has a chance to kill an enemy. Shoot them again for an increased chance

qwertzuiop1234 : wtf ??? next video should be about how to shoot an arrow

Mike Coombs : 'Hidden' mechanic Number 2 - Pick up Loot. -Are you serious?!

Pallad : hidden mechanic #2 enemies drop loot thanks?

Nyx : Here’s a good tip If you die to a powerful enemy, the loading screen will give you tips on how to better combat them

HWAK : It should be called "12 obvious things that everyone does in Horizon Zewo Dawn"

Anand S. : "You should always twy and gwab evewything you can and cwaft it in to useful items"

DuckSlice : I feel that this is a video of telling you things that you should learn naturally. Just seems like a click-bait... Also the fact that most of this is taught through missions and load screen tips....

ZyanHD : This channel wins by tricking viewers into thinking they are going to learn something. In the end this channel gets clicks and views

AngryRobotStudios : Misleading title. Click bait.

Paul G : Coming up next, "Three buttons your mouse probably has".

CGagnon5 : You don't need to go through a cauldron to get the first override.... Man this video is horrible. Anyone who has played the game for more than a few minutes will understand this stuff.

666soulreaperuk666 : Campfires aren't the only place you can fast travel to. You can go to the towns aswell.

Nathan waters : I've noticed that if you tag the ground once with the trip wire then the second time onto a machine it prematurely set's off whatever tripwire your using. Really useful when you're low on ammo in a boss tight. Such is my experience with a corrupted thunderjaw on ultra hard. Dodging and setting well placed tripwires in a fight with such an aggressive opponent is not easy and even planning ahead doesn't always work. So this inventive use of tripwires is something I came up with on the fly because I had to.

Toran Hansen : I have a real tip for this game. There's no limit to the amount of reward boxes you can carry, so you can use them to hoard extra resources, and only take out its contents if you need them. You can even open them to check what's inside, without taking it. This saves inventory space, since your resources would otherwise take up slots.

Steve Shaw : Most of this is literally tutorialised in the opening section of the game

Grim Revan : You guys do know what Hidden Mechanics means, right? Picking up all the loot is a habit, not a mechnic. Who is editing these videos?

chrisberg2 : I don't agree on the "pick every herb you see" - I would say herbs that is not going into your health bar is kind of useless

Tourick : Merchants have fwee stuff

BH Ramsay : 1. Once you have a Golden Fast Travel Pack you can sell the regular ones for shards if you need them 2. Sell your resistance potions, a well modded armor effectively counters the effects if fire, cokd, electricity or corruption meaning the resistance potions you can craft can be sold for shards. 3. Clear Corruption Zones, you'll find more and more corrupt machines as the story advances. Corruption Zones are great training grounds teaching you how to take these machines out quickly and effectively. You'll thank yourself later 4. Hunting Grounds essentially teach you how to beat the game and reward you for that knowledge with arguably the best gear you can find outside Banuk Country 5. Speaking of Banuk Country, There's mods available to find during Frozen Wilds that can turn your standard armor into something arguably tougher then the infamous Shield-Weaver suit. The weapon mods are practically game breaking turning your favorite bow into a onehitKill generator. 6. Keep all three tiers of Ropecaster in your inventory. Each requires slightly different ammo so when one runs dry quickly switch to another. The game doesn't mention this so I was shocked when I discovered I was buying Ropecaster ammo when I had plenty of the lower tier types. Properly modded, even the basic Ropecaster can tie down the game'sdeadliest machines (Scorcher) 7. Your treasure box inventory is infinite. Aloy can hold an infinite amount of treasure boxes which can be convenient if you're running low on necessities. I've literally maxed out my carrying capacity with just the stuff in the many many treasure boxes you can pick up in the game world. Even the ones filled with rocks have their uses.

ShadovvWolfie : This is more of a beginners guide than "12 mechanics the game never tells you." Maps aren't mechanics, mobs dropping loot isn't mechanics. They tell you about everything you mentioned if you pay attention and listen to what the NPC say to you, particularly Rost.

MaseMo Gaming : Click bait No hidden mechanics in this video whatsoever

Jon Dowe : Howizon Zewo Dawn

QUEENDOM : “12” “hidden” mechanics horizon zero dawn “never” tells you about.

MonkeySocks : you can kill a goose when its flying. just watch out for maverick

Duncan Kruz : What do you people have against the letter “R” Its not pronounced “w” You guys invented the language.......

Mufrad Aditya : I'm only able to carry 4 weapons at once How do i carry more weapons?

Daniel Rübenacker : Remember that pushing the joystick forward will make you move forward. Also don't forget that you need a controller to do so

Cold -CreeperYT : I knew all of it, I just want to watch this video becasue I havent played Horizon Zero Dawn for a very long time... 😁

Reggie Vdz : 13: you cannot play if you don't turn on your console You guys will thank me later

Michael Christensen : Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wobots

Dogon Backwards : This wascerly wabbit is whack. He must be SO wonewy!

niTr0 stealth : Next Video: 10 secrets YouTube doesn’t tell you. 1: You can actually watch videos on it.

reynaldo echaluce : this is more like a tip than a hidden mechanics

Vinícius Couto : 12 obvious mechanics no one needs to tell you about

Naiko : im sorry but what is this, how is "merchants have cool stuff" a hidden mechanic, how is "rolling" a hidden mechanic, how is "enemies drop a lot of loot" a hidden mechanic? im not even bashing the game, those are literally normal mechanics that every game has.

amateur match : when does the golden fast travel pack become available to purchase?

Jenny Hart : 13th hidden tip, you can use your spear in combat.

Gábor Földes : Hidden mechanic #13 Supplies! Always aim for supplies attack on an enemy

Adriana Kuzmikova : HOW are those "hidden" when I know ALL of those?

SoppyBottomBoys : when the f*** did checking out vendors become a game mechanic. it should be called 12 tips not 12 hidden mechanics

DanoRiaz : Okay yeah, The game already tells everything to do

MiningWarrior Struggler : Very useful thank you!

A A : CORRUPTION ARROWS are amazing.

baguitosPT : "Wabbits", you said? Is it wabbit season again?

Ole Hornsby : Well everything you just said is kinda self explanatory and not really hidden. You just wasted my time. Good job!

TravisFebruary : Well, I didnt know about the Golden Fast Travel Pack, so thank you.

Cableson : *12 HIDDEN MECHANICS HORIZON: ZERO DAWN NEVER TELLS YOU ABOUT* .... because they're extremely self explanatory.