Harmontown - Dan Harmon talks to fan about creativity

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popofabulous : The fan has a great cartoon voice.

Rossi Motilal : Did anyone else try the exercise at the end? There's dust and onions in my room

BrunyMars : I didn't expect to have a "Good Will Hunting"- esque therapy session via a Harmontown clip, but here I am bawling* my eyes out.

Social Experiment : title of this video should be "dan harmon makes fan cry"

Tous : She's incredible. I think she mirrors a lot of what me and most people I've known as aspiring artists think this way :( due to geologically upbringing culture whatever.

Vilesentry : i thought I was weird for holding my breath during those scenes.

Brandon Louis : Man, I will never go to a therapist, I'll be on the floor in a ball.

Daily Rap Show : Dan Harmon is a wizard. Wtf.

Anger powered : Things are about to get a lot harder, little-me. You're naive, but it's better to mean well than otherwise. Don't listen to your dad, you had nothing to do with the divorce. The real world is so profoundly difficult, but you'll be alright; you're going to get tougher and stronger. You can't outrun the past, so maybe don't grow up so fast. For if you don't give your heart time to grow, you'll only feel all the more alone. Season's greetings everyone!

Chris Logan : the PISTON metaphor just made me VROOM VROOM in my metaphorical pants

Olive Oil : i'm crying rn god damn harmon u really hit home

Billy Alarie : oh my god 1:25 she doesn't want to say it because Dan Harmon is right there, and his profession is, in part, writing for a cartoon, but you can just TELL she's gotten sooooo much lowkey flack for being a cartoonist, and she feels an IMMENSE amount of undue shame and i just THE POOR KID IS jUST TRYING TO LIVE AND WHY WON'T PEOPLE LET HER :'(

LE0NSKA : well that went deep

Nitzan Gelbard : I wanna buy her art? give us a link

Dervins Moise : You just saved me a therapist bill

Jacob Morin : I have Bi-Polar Type 1 and I am an aspiring writer and I must say, he made a great analogy.

Cameron Evans : Hey everyone! For those who asked, this is from Episode 175 - Princess Spencer Crittenden Nipples

DErde : what is this episode title?

Scififan9000 :P : Ha! I always hold my breath in an underwater scene in any movie that I watch as well, just to gauge what the character is feeling. The ending to San Andreas was fun. XD

River Run : I hope she is doing a career in cartoons!

Some Person : this got me crying and then i read the comments and now i'm both laughing and crying harder. goddammit X'D

ComaKomaedaNagito : At 10 i see myself as like. a concentration of all my best aspects? Like a pure person, and ive just slowly been corrupted and corroded into this gross mess of a person. I'm not as smart or gifted or generous or loving as i was then and i know its like "dont judge a little kid to an adult" but like, at three my parents tell me i was saying things like precocious and i taught myself to read and like. that same level of progress doesnt hold up. its plateaued and im just some clumsy 21 year old drinking a whole bottle of wine a night thousands of miles away from the only people to give a shit about me

Travis Musser : i love dan holds his breathe, i;ve done that since i was a kid.

Tad Lake : Wow she seems so interesting and smart. I would date her...

Jackson O. : How could you not enjoy this? This was so overwhelmingly positive and genuinely cool, and I don't see how it could get dislikes.

UniverseOfAtoms : What a cool lady. She's stronger than she realizes.

Ricky Carrillo : This was before cruise held his breath for five minutes in rogue nation

EmperorSmith : I'm not crying - YOU'RE CRYING!

LordPhill Project : I do that too everytime an actor goes underwater, I hold my breath.

Jake Davies : YouTube auto played this, having not read the title I was expecting a crazy rant as usual but that was really touching.


Seán O'Nilbud : Kevin Smith should never have grown his hair that long.

MrKaje72 : I'm driving, and like an idiot...I actually closed my eyes...I'm supposed to be a physics major

Gauge Wiley : My name is gauge and this scared me in the beginning

Taylor Adams : anyone know the name of that song? the one he plays pretty much right at the start?

North American YouTuber : Mine sucked. My sister was beating me up.

CJ The X : i reeeeally need to know the episode number on this one

notorius flame : I didnt really feel anything, did I do it wrong? The me that was there was just playing with a few toys and that was basically it. There was literally no emotion from me except apathy and a tiny bit of confusion? Can anyone help?

rakkatytam : first world problems