Whisper Mode

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Alexa Whisper Mode


Alex Gwynne : Now make it say dirty things to me please

JohnnyReiTV : "Alexa, what kind of people do you see?" 'I see dead people.'

jimbobthedog : Yell Mode?

Chiradori : Now it's time for some alexa ASMR

Nothaut : I want to whisper sweet nothings into my Alexa all day. I will keep her close to my ear as we cuddle, tickling me into a gentle slumber. When we make beautiful love together, I will have her whisper into my butthole the latest news about Trump.

PanzerFaustFurious : Thanks NSA

eerereps : *_Whispers_* "Alexa, do you like that?" "Yeah, right there..."

Imagine Wagons : I WANT A SHOUT MODE

B B : To enable Whisper mode you have to enable it first. Alexa App under Settings → Alexa Account → Alexa Voice Responses → Whispered Responses. "Or you can say Alexa turn on whisper mode"

Jnaathra : Thanks wiretap!

xxxx85 : *whispers* Alexa.. Talk dirty to me!

ChillCosmos : Let me know when the Chewbacca update comes out

JyEm : I think I'm gonna get this Alexa gadget just so I can hear a woman's voice whispering in my ear...I'm so lonely.

Hellefleur : Is there a "Scream Mode" available? My grandma needs it.

ChrisMC : Now I can use Alexa when my house is being robbed!

Phatcat09 : The response to "alexa why are we whispering?" better be "I don't know"

saloei : This shows Alexa can listen in on our conversations even when we don't want someone listening in on our conversations

DesTmoR : Idk why but it made me laugh so hard X)

Alx Acker : OwO hahaha my name is Alexa as the device xd

Rinesh Andrews : Thanks for this video.

Dan Nuttle : I want Morbo Mode, where every statement ends with, "I WILL DESTROY YOU"

Jeff Baker : Still no flying cars.

Esti : Is there a "voice" between normal and whisper? weird.

I'mposs ible : 0 45 90 180. its a PUZZLE

Yusri Maggot : Remind me of Chappie

kumquatninja : that is so smart

mlim8 : Doesn't work for news flash.

eNaRDe : I like how they are showing the consumer that even when you whisper the mics can clearly pick up what you say and people are just totally annoying that part and are excited about the upgraded feature mode. Its scary how easily people can be spied on without them even caring.

Ismail Jon101Smith Ersoy : Absolutely cool

mothbazooka : Wow it's really good

Jack Kraken : Alexa play digger digger.

matthew ratilainen : Why can’t I see whisper mode ? Is it geofenced?

Brandon Abbott : I told her "turn on whisper mode" but she still speaks normally when I whisper to her

Furness Prime : creeeppy

Elijah Orozco : Ellen DeGeneres?

Chicks Build It : lol!

Goob the Noob : Awesome