Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee PARODY! The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED

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The Key of Awesome : Links to donate to the Puerto Rico recovery efforts: United for Puerto Rico The Hispanic Federation

Kesang Yangshen : You guys are so sweet and funny... Thank you for helping my island.

Joel Pellot : I'm from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and there's a lot of mosquitoes everywhere

Rosella Gonzales : Because I'm Mexican so😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🙎🙎🙎

Amir Hamdy : I thought that was a acting parody video with actors where is the old parodies? !

Alanis Y. Diaz Alvarado : who ever donated to puelto rico god blessed thier hearts because my whole family lives there

Becky Walker : y'all are all stupid but the ending is true

Gabriel Thomas : The Original has 4b this needs 5 or 6 billion views

Weasleys Weezer : Huh, and I always assumed it was "desperate cheeto." lol

Practorks The Bunny : Wow the I can't believe the model only dates younger men btw that's just messed up


IddyBiddyDAB. D : I dunno this is clearly fake... 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Fireman 17 : Better then the Justin Bieber version lol

Marinho Marinho : Gran Torino you got to love Clint Eastwood best actor ever

Grace 12 : I live in Puerto Rico so I thank you for your help and things are better to any that's worried about that, they aren't perfect, but they are getting better quicker than some though, it's still a little difficult, but manageable

xRealZz Gaming : I posted this parody on my channel can you please uncopy right its ill give you the credits in desc ok?

Dominique Miller : Why do they do these unplugged vids why can't they just do their regular parodies....

Temizer : I love all the parodies you guys do, this is my favorite koa unplugged since Cheap Thrills!

KawaiiJennyy hihi : I have good news and bad news The good news is I donated 100$, bad news is I am broke for a while

Chiana Hurn : This was upload on my birthday

zerosthecool : Where's the karaoke version haha

Caleb Quiocho : Video starts at 0:49. Thank me later.

samzi bb6 : omg you guys are so fucking genius 😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂 I so love it

Alay Morales : Wow, the last time I watch Key if Awesome was like 2 years ago or more. Back when Todd's Pitbulls impression was on point. Hoping he'd do a collaboration with the actual Mr Worldwide.

Salman Shaikh : I loved that first chorus Too funny

Spino raptor650 : I am mexican and this parody is nowhere near how it is in English

Gotcha Productions : Is there one without the corny interruptions?

Theresa Nguyen : fake fake


Adrienne Crawford : your singing wrong

AsQaLLani : whoaw .. nice

Babytin D.F.P.L : I found this video from fb with description bars. I finally found the source!!

Raj kishore : Would have been better if you skipped the talking

Florian von Borstel : It's never too late for a great Parody!

Omar Carrero : thanks for the support and raising awearmess, with love from Puerto Rico

Blokesky : Ok hahahah this so got me to re sub after 4 years xD

Kira Ragged : Mark so you know another channel reuploaded this as though it were their own video

nagendra kumar : Hodor is dead.... hahahahaha

call me mzie :

girl gamer : Hey my friend asked if you could do a similar they to bts DNA

jaimedragon1 : JAJAJAJAJA!!! Thank you guys. As a Puerto Rican I could not stop laughing. I also appreciate the support to donate for the recovery efforts.

Adam Sepet : This is the best music ever💕 #thumbsup

I'm Catley : Much better than the crappy original.

HaSeeB MiR : This is the most funny parody i have ever seen keep making more this was funny 😁

ReallyDavid : This isnt right at all, not even close LMAO

Mualu Mombutshi : GENIUS!! Not only are you guys funny but you can really sing. Amazing and keep up the good work.

lakchili hatim : I'm surprised nobody said that the panish guy was a skinny fouseytube

Ilyas Akbari : 😂😂😂😂 Fuck i m dying of laughing

Kidd Changrath : it's because of the restraining order 😂

say5ss2 : Being a long term subscriber of your channel, all I can say is, Great Job! I haven't laughed so much in my miserable life in the longest time.