Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee PARODY! The Key of Awesome UNPLUGGED

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The Key of Awesome : Links to donate to the Puerto Rico recovery efforts: United for Puerto Rico The Hispanic Federation

Isagail : Impossible to only tan your torso? Oh ye of little faith. Anything is possible with enough duct tape.

Taro Yamada : Despacito =Disburrito

EramVEVO : You keep your promise bro

Patrick Star The not so Smooth criminal : This is late but great

Corinne Fabulous : This is how I sing the song anyway. Despacito I love a spicey burrito, pet a sweet puppito Babbbah Abbas Abbas Ahhhhhhh bambito.

Wifi :D : I've been waiting for this!!!

Corinne Fabulous : It's how Bieber sings it anyways.

Casandra Fraire : "This mosquito tried to suck my blood like Señor Draculito Dracula's brother who lives in Puerto Rico When I'm making love I whimper like a Beagle" OML I'm dying 😂

Niel's World : His Spanish accent tho😂🙄

EramVEVO : Can you remember me?

EramVEVO : I told you to make despacito in your last vide9

Pepe Le Pew : This is amazing. It is a parody with a parody in it.

Saiyan : "I'm magneto" I'm dead😂😂😂😂

EramVEVO : Thabkssss

BarbERICan : That was EX-CELL-ENTO!

The ZX : It's never too late to do any parody! I wish you guys would do more parodies of older songs

Shuvo Khan : Better than original one 😆😆😆😆

Kiwi_ Dont_fly : Still a better song then twilight

Sydney Fox : Don't have much but I donated $20, thanks for posting the links

HeyHeyChey : Holy crap. You are guys are good at this. This might be my second favourite youtube video after the kid that says 'apparently' a lot

Kïnğ Dånïełłiå : "This Mosquito"😂😂😂

opuer2 : i've donated 10 dollars its not much but it's all i can afford

Athul K Asok : PARADITO...wait its feminine so its paradita??...LOL

BECCA MATHEWS : KOA Is getting better and better

Guns of boom with nick : how to make people like your comment.write sething stupid

karthik karthyk : I like how it's pointing at you while you're singing "desperate people" :p .

Mr Owl : "lol hordor dead" lol.

ebbryant : Interesting, this is the 1st time I actually donated to relief for PuertoRico/disaster...of ALL the different outlets Ive seen asking people to donate in really wonderful heartfelt ways, this video was what i watched right before I finally chose to do it... idk what about this moved me to donate.. Awesome :) but surprising. Slow clap for Key.O.A.

Savannah Duncan : The middle guy in the back looks like he was high AF in the beginning

Guns of boom with nick : scrolling down comments my favourite past time

The Life Of Me : 'Make sour cream squirt out my burrito' Yeah that's not dirty


Sara Ferguson : It feels good to be early 1:15 I'm dead 😭😭


Kitty Kat :

HRH Princess Tricia : Why does Mark look dead inside?

Nang Seakheng : Good jobs bro

foxy cat : 6 comments 7 veiws 31 likes 0 dislikes Youtube your drunk

3rd splash bro : How come this man never blinks

Maggie The Space Whale : Why do I like this better than the actual song? 😂

2011zeldafan : He's magneto but he only makes people's hips slam into each other. Great parody.

Kirisaki Chitoge : i always hated this song so annoying better than the original

CyfXr : #notificationsquad WHERE YOU AT??

ItsNibbles : Yess I always wanted this to happen

Oh Okay d00d : *despacito parody* by- The Key Of Awesome!!!

Suzanne Melbourne : I thought this was a translation of the song and was so confused but then realized it was a parody, and not a translation

Wolfzat Adaemus : I'm magneto..... Lol

CAMDYN DERPCAT15 : hey guys you should demi lavato not sorry

cannedbread2 : 3:28 is the best part