Jim Stafford Plays Classical Gas Branson, MO
Jim Stafford playing Classical Gas on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

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Jim Stafford plays Classical Gas on the Smothers Brothers Show! He also gets the audience giggling with some of his side-splitting jokes


ZinaD : That was hilarious when he gave the light guy the finger. lol

steven hewitt : I decided to check this out for the hell of it, glad I did!

Lorelei Hebdon : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½... They just don't do it like that anymore! ❀️

Mumblix Grumph : He's the Victor Borge of guitar.

Anthony Skellern : Brilliant and very funny! Like the great Victor Borge proved, you have to be a very good musician before you can take liberties like this !

Sam Farnsworth : Stafford certainly is an enigma. He could play and sing better than most, but he never became a big touring and recording artist. Damn, he could play and he could really entertain people. His 1971 album is a classic. Such diversity.

Necromancer : How come no one on TV is funny like that anymore?

Paul Ruff : did I catch a bit of the the flight of the bumble bee in that !? lol this is Awsome

SCLARK2112 : This man is an excellent guitarist!

Tina V. : Hilarious and brilliantly thought out, as well as played. WELL DONE, Jim!

John Doe : Jim Stafford - Yes Classical Gas - Sort of Branson, MO - NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Marilyn Stevenson : Bloody hell...what an incredible technique Jim Stafford has...and a most gentle touch at the start...!! I particularly liked it when he gave the lighting guy ""The "finger""..Wonderful talent~~

Raymond Baglari : That was hilarious and awesome at the same time, who digs it ? Give me a high five, Spanish guitar players are like God of all music genre.

Rex McComb : This guy is very good I wish they had more variety shows like the Smothers Brothers Donny and Marie Captain and Tennille those were good shows and I really enjoyed them most of TV shows they got now are crap

6828Lu : This is a blast, and I giggled myself silly and watched it three times. However, I agree the title should be changed. How about: "Jim Stafford on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"?

IamUncledeuce : Nelson Riddle was the musical director for the Smothers Brothers Show.Β  FYI.

BBoo Rideau : This guy is awesomely talented!And entirely lovable...

whitelx50 : He always put on a great show

Clarence Wooten : That was fantastic... I hadn't seen this one, If you're a guitarist.. (I am) you will appreciate this even more. Thanks for the laughs.

Travis Nunnally : Who knew he had it in him, channeling Roy Clarke with his guitar. I am thoroughly impressed.

Bruce Powell : Top flight guitar guy whenever he got serious. He was big then.

Graham Exton : That poor guitar! Incredible stuff.

Susan Bidmead : priceless!!amazing player and entertainer...pure magic Mr. Stafford!!!

SiglundR : There was a guy named Jim Stafford in my 8th grade math class who was always fooling around. The math teacher was a stodgy old gentleman with a nasal lisp who had no patience for the shenanigans. Can't count the number of times I heard him holler: "Thtafford! Go to the offith!" Rest in Peace, Mr. Hanson. You are respectfully remembered.

Survivrs : He actually plays Malaguena and then Flight of the Bumblebee before getting to Classical gas. He's a great musician as well as comedian. I remember seeing him on tv, probably Hee-Haw as an early teen and I fell in love with him.

Growler6t9 : With all due respect to Jim Stafford, that was anything but A Classical Gas (Mason Williams, 1968).

Timothy Issler : "Cats are like Baptists: you know they raise hell, but you can never catch them doing it." ~As a Baptist, I found that the best joke in there.

David Dorrell : Now I know where Pete Townsend learned the windmill strum. Classical Master, Jim Stafford

whitelx50 : One of the greatest guitarist

knightowl50 : Roy Clark and Stafford able to combine good humor AND unreal guitar skills.

leeoni24 : This guy is awesome

James Bracken : Some of you people are too critical, its labeled Classical Gas, there isn't enough room to add Flight of the Bumble Bee and whatever else he plays, its a medley and very well done and funny to.

Flynnzer89 : Cats are like Baptists... you know they raise Hell, you just can't catch em at it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nikki Sokol : Hot dog! It's a wonder that guitara doesn't catch fire. Love the way he goes from classical to contemporary.

Ruth Lewis : I love it when a musician can have fun while playing their instrument. Bet that encourages many a young want to be musician to keep learning. Music doesn't have to be so deadly serious.

Adrian N : what a great entertainer! Thank you so much for the video. I feel sad for the poor people who posted the the 500 dislikes.

Sigh Phi Guy : i love him giving the finger to the lighting guy near the end. that sort of thing was unheard of back then on tv. awesome stuff!

PJ mush : that was freakin' priceless :)

FxnWaySheGoes : Man im so glad i clicked on this video. Was laughing out loud

Mike Beavers : Glad to see he really didn't play much of Classical Gas. That would have been odd considering Mason Williams was a writer for The Smothers Brothers Hour.

boyd jobe : If you were country and truly grew up on country, Jim Stafford was a household name. This is called talent, take a good look, because it doesn’t exist anymore. Great musician, clever and flat out funny comedian. Today, a comedians ability is judged on how many times they can say the f-word. These idiots today need a row of cotton to hoe.

badad0166 : "My Girl Bill" and "Spiders and Snakes" are Jim Stafford originals to look up.

Michael Henri James. Etherton : Kick the Guitar 50yrds. Brilliant

Marius Video : What a nice discover for me 😊

grandfathergeek : β€œ...cats are like Baptists.” I laugh....wait I’m baptist!

athodyd : Mr. Stafford, you were absolutely the best part of "Riding With Death"

ROGER2095 : "Guitar" is the Spanish word for "Guitar."

Bill white : The Victor Borge of the guitar.

Lee Mac : I had no idea Stafford could play like that. I was a big fan way back since "Spiders and Snakes", but I never caught that particular performance on The Smothers Brothers show. He's is indeed awesome!