Jim Stafford Plays Classical Gas Branson, MO

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Keith Purdue : Applause to this genius who is so good he can inject comedy and make it work with the music. I play the guitar also. And It is also comedy. Not intentionally.

boyd jobe : If you were country and truly grew up on country, Jim Stafford was a household name. This is called talent, take a good look, because it doesn’t exist anymore. Great musician, clever and flat out funny comedian. Today, a comedians ability is judged on how many times they can say the f-word. These idiots today need a row of cotton to hoe.

Necromancer : How come no one on TV is funny like that anymore?

TheScunion : I had no Idea Jim Stafford was that talented I just knew him from spiders and snakes So cool to see somebody with that much talent who doesn't have their head up their own pompous ass

Mumblix Grumph : He's the Victor Borge of guitar.

Raymond Baglari : That was hilarious and awesome at the same time, who digs it ? Give me a high five, Spanish guitar players are like God of all music genre.

steven hewitt : I decided to check this out for the hell of it, glad I did!

ZinaD : That was hilarious when he gave the light guy the finger. lol

jimmie williams : I don't care if Classical Gas had a cameo part, that guy plays the hell out of that guitar.  Glad I ran across this, now I'm going to check some of his other works. Great guitarist!

theruffedge94 RUFF : did I catch a bit of the the flight of the bumble bee in that !? lol this is Awsome

Tina V. : Hilarious and brilliantly thought out, as well as played. WELL DONE, Jim!

Clarence Wooten : That was fantastic... I hadn't seen this one, If you're a guitarist.. (I am) you will appreciate this even more. Thanks for the laughs.

Rex McComb : This guy is very good I wish they had more variety shows like the Smothers Brothers Donny and Marie Captain and Tennille those were good shows and I really enjoyed them most of TV shows they got now are crap

David Boyer : At 3:29 he "flips the bird" and gets away with it on live network TV. That was really a big deal back in 1989.

whitelx50 : He always put on a great show

6828Lu : This is a blast, and I giggled myself silly and watched it three times. However, I agree the title should be changed. How about: "Jim Stafford on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"?

John Doe : Jim Stafford - Yes Classical Gas - Sort of Branson, MO - NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Dani Skylark : Cat got your tounge

hungfao : This is the type of stuff that helped CBS cancel their show --- when he flips off the lighting guy but they cut it close.

Regina Shrewsbury : I saw Jim Stafford in concert many years ago. He opened for Charlie Rich. He was so funny and really put on a great show. There are probably many entertainers out there that can play better than you think. It is kind of like Jerry Reed, he had some of the funniest songs, but he was also a fantastic guitar player. I saw him when he opened for one of my all time favorites, Glen Campbell. They played together that night too. Such a shame that Glen Campbell is gone, so much talent and Jerry Reed too. Jim Stafford is still performing.

Patricia F. : Had no idea Jim Stafford could play classical, Spanish, etc. - so accomplished! This is the same guy who put out 'odd' music like "Spiders and Snakes" and "Virginia"...? What gives? Seems classical players unfortunately not as successful.

Vishal Yadav : Talent with a lot of humor

Anthony Skellern : Brilliant and very funny! Like the great Victor Borge proved, you have to be a very good musician before you can take liberties like this !

Dani Skylark : Damm that’s a Devil s twang

Sam Farnsworth : Stafford certainly is an enigma. He could play and sing better than most, but he never became a big touring and recording artist. Damn, he could play and he could really entertain people. His 1971 album is a classic. Such diversity.

Muamin Al-Bazaz : This guy cracked me up "kick this guitar 60 yard" lost it XD

texascommtech : AMAZING song writer, guitarist, performer and comedian. My favorite song: NONE OF US ARE HERE. Find it, LISTEN to it!

SCLARK2112 : This man is an excellent guitarist!

Alex Fh : Playing the guitar one handed is very difficult. I know few people who can manage it. Props for managing to flip the bird in such a way that he could get away with it too!

IamUncledeuce : Nelson Riddle was the musical director for the Smothers Brothers Show.  FYI.

jon lennon : Jim you always amazed me with your extreme talent. Come to Rochester some time in new York.

phxxr650r : Theres a good reason why he was on everyones show in the 60s and 70s. He was that good.

Jerry Brownell : Jim was once married to Bobbie Gentry ( Ode To Billy Joe ).

ROGER2095 : "Guitar" is the Spanish word for "Guitar."

Raine Carosin : aWESOME!

Joey Figueroa : holy sh** I'm speachless

Leah Shannon : I LOVE Jim Stafford.........I have for years!!!!! He is SO talented!

sisounthone thongthep : guitarist and comedian

Hubert Vale : It’s a damn shame someone this talented has to clown for the audience to get them to appreciate it! 😟

mark swyayo : Now that was entertainment.

leeoni24 : This guy is awesome

Mark Foor : The man is a virtuoso guitarist....much of what he played was actually classical music written for the guitar with some blues and fooling around on the side. The difference between the version of "Classical Gas" that he plays is that it is mostly strummed. Check out the original artist, Mason Williams perform it and you will be very impressed as Williams IS a classically trained classical guitar player.....

Gary Brice : I never knew he was a comedian as well. Good suff!

Susan Bidmead : priceless!!amazing player and entertainer...pure magic Mr. Stafford!!!

Bruce Powell : Top flight guitar guy whenever he got serious. He was big then.

Miracle Baba : Awesome!!!!

usmcbrat2 : That was awesome!!!

kal Desjarlais : quite the joker

RetSquid : Not Classical Gas, it's Malaguana.

JASCOBAR : Smothers in Branson? WOW!