What if humans were nerfed?
What if humans were nerfed

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Memetastic : We need to buff plants (most importantly trees), they can't do anything and have horrible attack.

zoinkie doinkie : This is a controversial opinion but if you actually buff the human intelligence they'll be granted the ability to leave the Earth server completely, which will in itself re balance the game.

Skrattar : Anti vaxxers are nerfed humans Their intelligence got nerfed hard

Li Casper : So god nerfed Hawking’s mobility and buffed his brainpower?

Combat Wombat : but if humans were nerfed, bastion would be op again

EpicBaconZ : Maybe I'll be dolphin Im already dolphin. What about crocodile? I wanna be crocodile. Then I'll be human. *N E R F H U M A N*

Artūrs Paizo : *PARROT HAS A LIFESPAN OF 50+ YEARS?????*

itzsizahereTM : Can't wait for patch 1.3.7 But the ww3 update will devastating

Rayhan Alam : Riot balance team: Marc Merrill: Guys humans have over 90% winrate I think it's time for a nerf Scott Gelb: Agreed let's nerf humans by 5 movement speed! Marc Merrill: BRILLIANT! Give this man a raise!

dmitri : Is there a way to revive another players?? I accidentally tk'd my friend

Pyriak : You overestimate Int. of horses, in the current meta, a lot of horse players are affraid of water, their own shadows, etc.

Sirius031 : Its so sad. The player that found a glitch to increase his INT by decreasing his MBL died a little time ago. His player name was Stephen Hawking i believe.

GamerFromJump : 4:30 - Technically, horses and camels both had North America as their initial spawn point, before being rendered non-viable in the Ice Age expansion. They were patched back in a mod by human players.

The Derp Chaos : Humans don’t need to be nerf, beer does the job already

badnip : I don't like this game its pay to win

Ugandan Life Challenge : They definitely need a nerf, humans just researched how to change gender....At this point no one can beat them

Video Game Wizard : I'm a duck player so I'm good

Autismo Calysmo : I think a nerf to humans has already happened. Some are starting to think that vaccines cause harm!

Mybackisinpain : This game has so much lore

77FantasyAngel77 : I don't care how improbable it is. I will never give up on my fantasies of underwater dolphin metropolises.

*CYKA* *BLYAT* : I wanna be Human! Im already human

Meao Gaming : Why not instead of nerfing humans, we buff other classes

dixievfd55 : It's rumored that humans got a few loot boxes from alien mains on the space servers.

TheSystemIsFlawed : Great stuff as usual <3 How about a "Worst builds, avoid at all costs!" video

WhatAreYouLookingAt ? : *NeRF BasTIoN*

LDH100 : Okay, what were you thinking when you put an Armadillo against a Hydrogen Bombs?

Corvus Morve : We already have a couple of intelligence nerfed human sub-builds. For example: flat earthers, most conspiracy theorists and crossfitters, just to name a few. 😉

Angjelo Plays : I'm training to increase my attack attribute and speed attribute.The problem is that I had a bee raiding my base,and I couldn't do anything

DylanPickleGaming : squirrels’ speed stat need to be nerfed (this comment was made by the dog gang)

Jae Boldir : The devs actually attempted to buff the human's armor capabilities using a new skill trait of obesity, but they didn't come into account of the negative side effects of such new skill tree, making it to merely more of a nerf to those who chose the skill tree, so the devs actually be devising a plan to buff the human class.

Andraž Guzaj : Heh, cow horns clashing with lightsaber sound effects over them, priceless

Patricio Hondagneu Roig : Plot twist: The armadillo survived. Now he goes by the name of Rammus.

validate my existence : I submit a request to any willing players to start a raid. We raid the egyptian temples, offer a sacrifice, consume dmt in the kings chamber and receive the blueprints for the holy grail.

24 Frames Of Nick : It’s nerf or nothing

Hydra : Please don't roll out this balance patch Made by the "I only use top tiers because I suck" team

Real Zawsze : There is this debuff called tiktok it lowers 90% of humans int Also debuff called Anime which lowers stamina and str but increases happiness.

Roma Channel : Later or sooner humans will become again the top build

Moangus PIckard : Have you talked about how humans might start buffing themselves with genetics skill tree?

Generic Username : Pigs would rise to power and and create a communist society.

The Schizophrenic Pyro : The thumbnail already is happening/happened

DerpMeetsTF2 : "to use them as a support class" when hes talking about horses is my favorite sentence in this video

Kermit Boi : This is spirit central, where you pick an animal and live as it. If you have questions, watch TierZoo on youtube. Now go, go on young spirit.

Camila Bertolini : "Lynx and wolves..." But that's a cougar- PS: Oh yeah yeah.

Mr blu Eagle : Its a stat bebuff Its called an extra chromosome

Pico Attomann : > 2:13 > sam o'nella in normal difficulty excuse me wot

Geeekoid : Easy: mercy Normal: cloud Tough: Pac-Man Impossible: avoiding demonetisation Nearly missed seeing quality humour there

The Theory : Well, actually... while unlocking agriculture, fire and tool use are good starts, anything that wants to reach the human level would then have to also pick the 'society' perk as a whole guild, or as a large majority of it. They would then have to organise in setups where they can be mostly uncontested by other builds, seeing as how agriculture requires certain spots to not be accessed by griefers, but also seeing as how one of the humans' greatest perks, philosophy, unlocks an ability that can only be used if the user is not under physical duress, and buffs their intelligence by an absolutely insane amount. Anything that would want to take up after humans would have to unlock all the three 'starter' intelligence perks, THEN make a guild-wide choice to upgrade to society, and then have enough individuals use the Free Thinking ability you get from the Philosophy perk to buff their own intelligence. But that's not enough -- they would also have to upgrade their communication capabilities, since otherwise they wouldn't have enough individuals benefitting from Free Thinking's intelligence buff, as intelligence's best characteristic is that it can be communicated to other players from one high INT player, to increase these players' intelligence. That's a whole lot of requirements; Unlock Fire, Agriculture, Tools > Upgrade GUILD-WIDE to use the Society perk > Set up large enough communities to be safe from predators and other griefing builds > Unlock Philosophy > Use Free Thinking +Upgrade communication to be able to communicate complex ideas to other players, I'm thinking Tier 3+ communication at LEAST, and that's just for a start Let's go over the Free Thinking tech requirements, and its possible upgrade paths; First you have to get Society, then upgrade into Philosophy, which grants you the ability Free Thinking. Afterwards, you may unlock, at some point in your playthrough, the single, most powerful ability/perk in the game, the one that allowed humans to gain access to their most powerful tools. Without that ability, your character is stuck using only basic tools like spears and the such. This ability/perk is called Scientific Thought, and requires the player's intelligence stat to be relatively high (think 75+) in order to unlock. The only way any build would grow to equal humans would be by unlocking that specific perk, which has pretty damn harsh requirements. For that reason, I don't think parrots stand much of a chance, given that to start with, they don't have the physical strength to build fortifications, which is a must have for the 'third' requirement in the intelligence tech tree (to build a community to be safe from predators). They would be relatively safe from ground-based predators if they kept their agriculture to high trees, however other flying characters would easily be able to swoop in and fight them, wreaking havoc on their harvests and setting them in a spot where they can't unlock higher perks, like Philosophy, due to the physical duress of either travelling to find new food sources, or of hunger itself. Elephants, however, are large enough that they wouldn't need a ton of fortifications ; their sheer size would be more than enough to scare off a lot of predators if they were to begin actively attacking as a group, and thinking as a community (three lions attacking a pack of elephants, suddenly the three lions have 8+ behemoths actively attempting to trample them). And even if they didn't need the fortifications, elephants have the physical strength to carry and place rudimentary fortifications like walls, as well as a grasping limb (their 'nose', in this case), and would only really have to worry about dexterity to develop tools that are much finer, such as smaller firearms that they could easily carry and shoot. The main issue for elephants would be protecting territories large enough to hold their agricultural plantations, as they are quite large and would need a lot of food. My main guess is that elephants' best bet to becoming the top build of the meta, should humans be nerfed, would be to nerf their sizes a little bit (like -20% max size. Their size is so massive that even that little bit of reduction would give them enough points to at least start up in the intelligence skill tree) to put the points into the intelligence skill tree, and as their communities would grow more solid, they could begin transitioning more and more from massive size to more intelligence, as they would rely less and less on raw power, and more on the tools and fortifications they would create.

TierZoo : A few people have asked about why I suggested parrots as potential human successors but not corvids. Great question! While corvids and parrots do have similar a intelligence level, parrots have lifespans 5-10 times longer than corvids, and therefore have much more time to develop and refine their intelligence based skills.

taras kreslavsky : For some reason i was expecting the sam o nella intro , i got surprised , but satisfied anyway