What if humans were nerfed?

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TierZoo : Hi everyone! Thanks for watching. I also made another video about Patreon, which you can check out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H39SFzjsCUQ

Jerry Rupprecht : If you ask me, humans are already in the process of being nerfed, there’s already a large group of players whose intelligence stat has become so low that all their characters can do is attempt to prove that the meta is flat.

Small might : There's a virus called "Tik tok" that will lowered intelligence by 99%

DylanPickleGaming : squirrels’ speed stat need to be nerfed (this comment was made by the dog gang)

Rayhan Alam : Riot balance team: Marc Merrill: Guys humans have over 90% winrate I think it's time for a nerf Scott Gelb: Agreed let's nerf humans by 5 movement speed! Marc Merrill: BRILLIANT! Give this man a raise!

Siren : i hate this game so much and the only way to logout is to permanently delete my character which i spent 17 years grinding on

Memetastic : We need to buff plants (most importantly trees), they can't do anything and have horrible attack.

Saber : I hope human doesn't get nerfed, human is my main. God I still remember when my old main T. Rex was removed. Edit: I just realized there is a disease class called Ligma, that is said to be more deadly than the black plague and cancer combined. It was added in three fourths of the 2.1.8 patch. It also has no cure and can only be removed from another class by performing a ritual by combining all the ligma in the area, which is game-threatening pretty sure, because I think that if you die, you lose all your progress. I don't know why the devs added ligma.

Hyper SaxOrZ : What if humans were buffed?

Cuttlefish Captain : Is anyone else experiencing this glitch. I was playing as a human build and I wasn't able to eat any meat. It was pretty weird I think it might be some sort of nerf it's called "vegans" but I am losing a large amount of health and also my build occasionally screams at other human builds for eating meat. Let me know if you have a solution to this problem.

Combat Wombat : but if humans were nerfed, bastion would be op again

wtfwasthat16 : Some human class players are starting to spec into Animal Spirit, believing they are animals and acting accordingly. This is a shift in the meta the devs couldn't foresee, because its the first time a class has nerfed itself intentionally

SomeKid IgUess : Fortnite Players = -25 intelligence :Edit: Woah thanks for the likes my dudes(And no I do not care if my statement offended you by assuming your gender)

Saimir : its all fun and games untill you realize we live in a computer simulated game

Paul Lester : 2:38 Russia here I come

Johnsen T : If human were nerfed And human were the ones to nerf *then who nerfed the humans*

The Derp Chaos : Humans don’t need to be nerf, beer does the job already

itzsizahere 1 : Can't wait for patch 1.3.7 But the ww3 update will devastating

the enderstar : I am a human main but i also have an account as a tree,the gameplay isn't really interesting... Need a patch

WhatAreYouLookingAt ? : *NeRF BasTIoN*

jumpingr0pechannel : I thought humans were already nerfed with the release of the furries and liberals

24 Frames Of Nick : It’s nerf or nothing

Video Game Wizard : I'm a duck player so I'm good

fabio : I'm very noob cause i am level 15 and unranked i heard if i got level 18 i can have a rank

Artūrs Paizo : *PARROT HAS A LIFESPAN OF 50+ YEARS?????*

*CYKA* *BLYAT* : I wanna be Human! Im already human

Bryce McKenzie : Some human players are trying to Nerf themselves. Using substances, infighting, and certain server wrecking weapons.

dark slayer : It’s already happening just look at our president

Angjelo Plays : I'm training to increase my attack attribute and speed attribute.The problem is that I had a bee raiding my base,and I couldn't do anything

Cam : I hate those people who get the free trial of the game and are only able to play as a human build but act like an animal because they have no money. They're what we call 'furries', for new people who just bought the game.

Kaptain Snek : Just look at Africa to see nerfed humans

TierZoo : A few people have asked about why I suggested parrots as potential human successors but not corvids. Great question! While corvids and parrots do have similar a intelligence level, parrots have lifespans 5-10 times longer than corvids, and therefore have much more time to develop and refine their intelligence based skills.

Tadokat : To be honest, I think that the devs are taking the Blizzard approach by introducing new characters that nerf the previous ones. At the moment, the worst match-up for humans is bacteria. They keep appearing so quickly and overcoming human strats to overcome them that It seems they just get added into the game during regular downtime. Humans can't even complain considering that they were warned by the devs long ago that disease and pestilence were going to be buffed back in the Abrahamic expansion. All and all, I think humans have a ways to go before they can dominate the servers entirely uncontested.

hi itsme : The internet is the kryptonite of human intelligence

Blackout : Imagine if in the future, a fan of TierZoo will make a giant game based on all these videos. That's actually sounds cool when you say it in your head XD

JOBO : *(I originally wrote this towards TierZoo but I also want to know what everyone else thinks about this issue)* When are you going to discuss the alleged expansion? The expansion I am referring to is, obviously, the Extraterrestrial expansion pack also known as the Alien update. Sure the devs keep on ensuring that we are not yet prepared for this game changing expansion *(and that when created we either may not have survived to this late in the game or have a low chance of encountering them)*, claiming that we don't even know enough about our water biome to proceed, but at least a teaser of this upcoming expansion would be enough. I guess my point is, if the devs refuse to provide us with even a sneak peak of this expansion pack our only hope is to ask you to hack the game files and tell us about what you see within them. Even if you don't find much, even if you think the files you found may be a red herring I urge you to report back to us and give us the information we need to continue being solid contenders in this game. P.S. Also what's up with this Bermuda Triangle biome? Some think it may be related to the Extraterrestrial expansion pack but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Silver Red : Please do a video about viruses. I'm a virus main in need of some help!

Jae Boldir : The devs actually attempted to buff the human's armor capabilities using a new skill trait of obesity, but they didn't come into account of the negative side effects of such new skill tree, making it to merely more of a nerf to those who chose the skill tree, so the devs actually be devising a plan to buff the human class.

Blaze Boi : This video is amazing!

Clorx Bleach : I got human cheats who wants

Hydra : Please don't roll out this balance patch Made by the "I only use top tiers because I suck" team

AverageJ_O : Mushroom tier list? You can categorize them by how well spore spreading methods are or how efficient their nutrient gathering techniques. Possible S tiers like the honey mushroom with one being 22,000 acres large, Cordiceps making zombie ants and inspiring The Last of Us, or psilocybin mushrooms being able to spread spores by peaking human interest with psychedelic effects

Dawson Stanton : I am a human. BUT NOT A NERF GUN.

Moscow Buddyfight : Is cancer a good anti-meta? Or viruses? Would be nice to know what kind of playable anti-meta builds are out there to compete with op human trash.

Pringles Taste good : Who else remembers when he had 70k subs

Daishi Mauo7 : Actually a new patch will be updated soon (1.3.9) to help nerf the humans. With the addition of leaders i.e governments, presidents, etc.. I believe that they will bring humans down to near extinction from humans such as Trump, humans could almost bomb each other to death. I think this is what the Devs are hoping for in order to restore balance, and overall, see a much more interesting development in-game.Actually a new patch will be updated soon to help nerf the humans. With the addition of leaders i.e. governments, presidents, etc.. I believe that they will bring humans down to near extinction from humans such as Trump, humans could almost bomb each other to death. I think this is what the Devs are hoping for in order to restore balance, and overall, see a much more interesting development in-game.

Rustybits : This is the best channel on youtube. Don't @ me.

fireball channel : Well, I think humans have been nerfed by themselves already, when some of them gained self-harm trait. It's a negative trait that makes you gain permanent debufs and lose skill points over time. It spreads in groups and between builds that have enough base int value to learn complex communication, so it's more effective against humans. I'm lucky to have a "lone ranger" trait. It's a rare trait (especially when communication is a main plus), it makes build much less affected by events that happen in groups(it doesn't matter good or bad). Plus, it makes build much more independent of other builds.

BubnuG : We would die.

doggo : Actually before the ice age horses lived in America and had to move to were it wasn't as cold also in the wild cats out hunt dogs having killed off many dog players and completely making some builds impossible to play anymore