Good Cop, Baby Cop

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valar : "You shot three people in the head execution-style. Sign the confession and let's turn this into a story we all laugh about years later." LOL!!!

jose gonzalez : I don't know who blackened your soul along time ago, but may God have mercy on it! Lol

Ryan : Will: "What are you doing?" Pearl: "Calling 911. Oh, wait. I'm a cop!" lol

Brandon Taylor : "Hi punk, welcome to my nightmare." I think I just came down with terminal d'aww.

Golden Gurl : anybody want a reunion video or something?

CrusaderZade : I AM THE LAW

Daniel Vasquez : "I get off on this", "You're going down ese" lmfao

otterlover95 : Bring back Pearl !

The Dee High : "You put that badge back on"

A Google User : lol...Hi Hell! I got someone coming to you! She is sooooo cute! I love Pearl...

Endless Summer : I'm losing....... MAH PATIENCE!   :-o

HighOnAesthetic : "I'm gonna bite your nose off!" xD

Bryan L : A criminal accused of third-degree homicide insists that he innocent, but when he is interrogated by one of the toughest cops in the world, all bets are off.

Domingo : 2:53 I LOST IT haha

Diana Sebastian : pearl i will miss you!! <3

Maggie Harte : hi hell I got someone coming for you

redzebra16 : She's adorable I could watch these all night

351cleavland : This is NOT a drama-this actually happened-for real.

Kitoto Howell : "I break bones & laugh."

Nichole : “If there had been a lawyer here, we would’ve all gone to jail.” 😆😆😆

Ayman Al-Hafeth : No, the best part when she calls 911 !!! hi hell !!! gotta someone's coming to you !!!

Alpha Delta : *game on holmes*

3 1 5 7 3 : Sooooo good! Happy Retirement Pearl :o)


Lightningstriker1 : After watching this little angel, I convinced my wife to have another baby. Pearl is adorable.

Tasha Evans : i can't get enough of pearl! hilarious

Sarah Shirley : MAKE MORE VIDS WITH PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!'

Suspiria10 : Hi Punk!

candido moreno : who is watching this in 2017

metalrave : I get off on this.. lolol

tsnl : Your going down ese! Lmfao

Drinks Made Easy : I am the law...Hilarious!

Jessica Reynolds : The book 😂

Jewbag998 : She needs to on the law force

Tamara Poulos : This never gets old. Gotta love Will and Pearl.

Marmy : I bet she had a great 401k.

Sage entertainment : so cute and mean

George Page : Pearl made this video.

Max Middleshirtz : It’s crazy that Adam McKay is now an Oscar winning screenwriter now

Levy Michaelis-Ackerman : OMRA, Really? I LOVE DIS VID SO MUCH! Will Ferrel is so funny.

L CT : Another certified classic!

Dave Lo : this would be a TV show on interdimensional cable

Brendan Sylva : it was absolutely precious when she said "I break bones and laugh."

Pikachu Squad : Hi punk welcome to my nightmare 10/10 I break bones and laugh. 100000000000000000000000/10

G Dogg : I AM THE LAW!

Emma Pierce : Hi hell! I got someone coming to you!

EJSFilms2K : No worries , Pearl will be back. Check anchorman 2.

Jewell McKee-Pannell : It's just you and me now!!!🤣🤣🤣

2795731 : Pearl, you are simply amazing...